Boloni | Low-key and lazy? Silent wind, restore the true state of life

Boloni | Low-key and lazy? Silent wind, restore the true state of life

Stepping into this house, the low-key and lazy? The comfort brought by the quiet wind will sweep you away in an instant. The high-grade gray color scheme presents a full industrial temperament, but incorporates a warm living atmosphere into the details, and restores the true state of life with minimalist design techniques.

The brown sofa is versatile for gentlemen, leading the temperament of the living room space from ordinary to luxurious in the most elegant state. The space layout is neat and orderly, and the delicate materials are harmonious and unified, creating a comfortable and relaxing space under the embellishment of green plants.

Simplify the complexity and present the natural and simple beauty. The natural texture, the elegant view outside the window, and the design based on life create a high-level sense of atmosphere, incorporating the warmth of a modern family, with a stylish personality and warmth at the same time.

The integration of the restaurant and guest room breaks the barriers in the space, outlines a rigorous and restrained structure with square lines, and reflects the unique modern design aesthetics.

The L-shaped kitchen layout reflects the living conditions with a minimalist design. The transparent and good lighting adds a lot of color to the kitchen. The matching of wooden kitchen cabinets brings a simple texture and also has a thoughtful storage function.

Coordinated and smooth visual effects and pure light and shadow flow, the layout of the bedroom focuses on adjusting the sleeping state of the occupants. The design of the blank space provides more emotional value to the residents and highlights the elegant living environment. The unique art and avant-garde temperament reflect the deep minimalist core.

The minimalist Japanese-style low bed and irregular cabinet combination form a rich sense of layering in visual effects, break the pattern design, and present a different kind of beauty. The light of the light strip above the desk changes, interpreting the quiet atmosphere between light and dark.

The layout of the bathroom is clean and tidy, seemingly random but with a sense of meticulous design, the beauty of the quiet wind is brought to the extreme. The unadorned and authentic environment, the crisp and neat state, awakens the comfortable feeling of home, endows the space with the most appropriate resonance with people, feels the depth in simplicity, and enjoys the delicacy in nature.




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