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Bohai Bank’s multi-level financial service system assists the construction and development of Tiankai Park to create a growth pole for science and technology intelligence in Tianjin

Bohai Bank’s multi-level financial service system assists the construction and development of Tiankai Park to create a growth pole for science and technology intelligence in Tianjin

The 2023 Central Financial Work Conference clearly proposed to “do five major articles on technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance.” Among them, science and technology finance is given an important mission as the first of the five major articles. Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) closely follows the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, puts financial empowerment technology enterprises in a prominent position, and steadily moves forward on the road to assist high-quality development.

As one of the “Ten Actions” important measures related to the long-term development of Tianjin in the next five years, Tianjin Tiankai Higher Education Science and Innovation Park (hereinafter referred to as “Tiankai Park”) plays a key support and main platform role in promoting independent innovation. It officially opened in May this year. Bohai Bank insists on being based in Tianjin and serving Tianjin, conducts in-depth research on the financial service needs of science and technology innovation enterprises in the park, does everything possible to enrich science and technology innovation financial products, improve service quality, and build a multi-level financial service system. So far, it has granted Tiankai Park a total of more than 110 million yuan in credit , provided financial services to more than 10 science and technology innovation companies and more than 50 science and technology innovation talents, highlighting the political responsibility of Tianjin-based financial state-owned enterprises and the effectiveness of efficient and agile science and technology innovation services.

A multi-level service system nourishes the “seedlings” of science and technology innovation with “living water”

Relying on more than 50 higher education institutions in Tianjin such as Nankai University and Tianjin University, Tianjin Tiankai Higher Education Science and Innovation Park uses the innovative development model of “discipline + talent + industry” to continuously improve the level of transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. At present, More and more innovative companies with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness have gathered here.

Faced with the differentiated needs of technology companies of different types and at different stages of development, Bohai Bank has given full play to the advantages of local legal entities and national financial institutions, leading branches in various regions to provide a wide range of channels and multiple services to technology and innovation enterprises with a full life cycle service model. Level, full coverage and sustainable financial services.

In order to vigorously support the innovation and entrepreneurship of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, Bohai Bank uses its Tianjin branch as a key fulcrum to strengthen investment and loan linkage with a number of fund companies, increase financial support for scientific and technological innovation enterprises settled in Tiankai Park, and target key areas, key industrial chains, Investment and cultivation of key projects, seed stage, and start-up stage enterprises, providing entrepreneurial guidance services in equity financing, consulting, market positioning, team management, resource integration, etc., incubating a series of star projects and products, and realizing a “fertile soil” for cultivating new talents Effect. Up to now, the bank has approved a total of more than 80 million yuan in credit funds for Tiankai Group and park-based enterprises, and provided financial services to more than 10 scientific and technological enterprises.

Talent is an important traction and support for innovation and development, and is the core element that connects industrial chains and innovation chains. Bohai Bank gives full play to the boosting role of financial resources, starts with talents, supports the deep integration of innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain and talent chain, and conducts in-depth cooperation with Tiankai Park. In accordance with the idea of ​​”credit should be granted to the whole park”, Through centralized time, whitelist access, and rapid and proactive credit extension, we actively provide personalized and diversified financial support for professional high-end scientific and technological talents in the park, and establish a comprehensive financial service system for high-end talents in Tiankai Park, with a talent chain. Open up the capital chain and use talent finance to support technological innovation. Under this model, Bohai Bank has proactively granted credit of more than 30 million yuan to 56 high-end talents, including project leaders, university professors, and academicians of enterprises settled in Tiankai Park.

  In order to provide enterprises with more diversified financial service products, accurately serve the development of park enterprises, and achieve “two-way empowerment” of diversified bank outlets and park service levels, Bohai Bank is also actively promoting the site selection and preparation for the Tiankaiyuan financial outlets. According to the relevant person in charge,Tiankaiyuan Branch has officially opened for business on November 1, 2023, and has now provided account opening, settlement and other financial services to 41 companies in the park. After the opening of the Tiankaiyuan Branch, it actively cooperated with the Nankai District Government Affairs Office to organize the “Tiankaiyuan Enterprise Financial Service Activities” for enterprises in the park, and delivered comprehensive service policies such as fee reductions and profit sharing, credit financing, etc. to the enterprises in a timely manner.The completion of the Tiankaiyuan branch will further provide diversified and relay-type personal financial services throughout the life cycle for scientific and technological innovation enterprises and the vast number of scientific and technological talents, continue to strengthen the “soft power” of serving innovative enterprises, and strengthen financial support for the integration of industry and education, science and education The driving and supporting role helps the high-quality development of Tiankai Higher Education Science and Innovation Park.

Under the multi-level financial service coverage built by Bohai Bank in the fields of enterprises, talents, outlets and other fields, since the establishment of Tiankai Higher Education Science and Technology Innovation Park, the bank has granted Tiankai Park a total of more than 110 million yuan in credit and provided services to more than 10 science and technology innovation parks. Enterprises and more than 50 scientific and technological talents have provided financial services, and have continued to empower and achieved initial results in the process of helping to build Tianjin’s future “source of scientific and technological innovation”, “scientific research achievement incubator” and “scientific and technological service resource gathering area”.

  Build a nest to attract phoenixes, flowers bloom and butterflies come. The development of Tiankai Park is changing with each passing day, and it will also transform Tianjin’s rich “cornucopia” of scientific and technological innovation resources into a “power source” for innovative development, and continue to promote the major national strategy of coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.Under the guidance of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Bohai Bank led municipal financial institutions and Haihe Industrial Fund to successfully hold the first phase and continue to participate in subsequent “Hundred Enterprises Entering the Sky” themed series of activities. New generation information technology, high-end equipment, and new technologies from all over the country High-growth science and technology innovation companies in the fields of materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and biomedicine are invited to enter Tiankai Higher Education Science and Technology Innovation Park. Understand the determination and strength of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to create a scientific research platform gathering area, an entrepreneurial incubation demonstration area, an innovation resource leading area, a reform and opening up pilot area, and an innovation and entrepreneurship vitality area. Know the development plan and support policies of Tiankai Park, and understand banks and funds. , securities, trusts and other financial institutions to serve scientific and technological enterprises and help Tianjin develop high quality.

Adhering to the development strategy of “based on Tianjin, serving the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and radiating across the country”, Bohai Bank will be based on the positioning of municipal financial state-owned enterprises, take the lead in serving the development of Tianjin, truly integrate into the development of Tianjin, and insist on being “specialized”, “precise” and “good” We will continue to innovate the financial service system, promote the virtuous cycle of “technology-industry-finance”, create financial products that meet the needs of enterprises, empower the high-quality development of the science and technology innovation industry, and add value to the “Ten Actions” With the help of scale, we can achieve high-quality development that goes both ways with real enterprises and local economy and society.


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