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Bohai Bank was selected as one of the “Excellent Cases of Asset Management Competitiveness” by the China Finance Association, using technology to create a new sample of financial services and promote “digital-real integration”

Bohai Bank was selected as one of the “Excellent Cases of Asset Management Competitiveness” by the China Finance Association, using technology to create a new sample of financial services and promote “digital-real integration”

At the recently held “2023 Shanghai Global Asset Management Annual Conference”, the selection results of the 2023 Asset Management Competitiveness Outstanding Cases of the Financial Association were announced simultaneously. Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as"Bohai Bank") won the “Golden Hazelnut Award for Outstanding Financial Technology Strength” by virtue of its remarkable achievements in continuously promoting digital transformation and closely integrating its own technological upgrades with the real economy.

The “Excellent Cases of Asset Management Competitiveness” selection sponsored by the Financial Association is committed to showing the new look of China’s asset management industry, exploring new trends in the development of the asset management industry, discovering management cases and financial products of outstanding asset management institutions, and promoting asset management. The long-term healthy growth of the management industry. The awards attracted active participation from many financial institutions, with a total of more than 300 applications submitted. Bohai Bank stands out, fully demonstrating the bank’s active exploration in digital transformation and its outstanding strength in the field of financial technology.

Use digitalization to drive “financial technology” articles

As the youngest national joint-stock commercial bank in China, Bohai Bank regards financial technology as an important engine for high-quality development and writes it into the bank’s “Fourth Five-Year Plan” strategic development plan. It strengthens the strategic deployment of financial technology from a long-term perspective and drives"Light front desk, fast middle desk, strong back desk"Comprehensive digital transformation, do a good job in financial technology, and continuously improve the ability and level of financial services to the real economy.

In terms of retail business, Bohai Bank adheres to its original aspiration of “people first” and solidly promotes the process of comprehensive, digital and ecological construction, using mobile banking as the main channel for bank customer service, the main battlefield for product innovation, and the main position for ecological construction.

In the 6.0 version of mobile banking, the bank has created and continued to improve the “double-headed model” of parallel financial services and non-financial scenarios, realizing financial products such as wealth, loans, and credit cards, as well as private banking areas, agency areas, Botai Club, etc. The organic combination of special areas starts from the needs of life and the relevance of services, launching the “Bolanhui” life scene + information content service, relying on the customer points and rights system, focusing on government affairs and people’s livelihood in education, medical care, elderly care, and child care. Category and consumer life needs of food, clothing, housing, transportation, food, drink and entertainment, create a one-stop financial life service platform to comprehensively enhance customer experience.

In the “new battlefield” and “deep water area” of the digital transformation of the corporate business industry, Bohai Bank began to explore online financial services at the beginning of its establishment, from the attempt in the “1.0 era” to the breakthrough in the “3.0 era” , from satisfying basic business for corporate customers to realizing comprehensive online functional services, adapting financial innovation to changing corporate needs. According to reports, Bohai Bank Corporate Online Banking 3.0 represents the completion of the bank’s new generation of corporate technology platform, which integrates distributed, cloud computing and big data. It adopts a “front desk + middle desk” separation architecture, integrates and shares, and realizes corporate online banking. , corporate mobile banking, corporate WeChat banking, bank-enterprise direct connection and other multi-channel collaborative access, unified data, which can provide a technical foundation for subsequent overseas business, custody business, API services, and value-added services.

In addition, Bohai Bank’s representative cross-border financial product “Bohai Global Express” has recently completed a new upgrade to version 4.0, and launched the industry-leading “foreign exchange receipt” function, which can provide export exchange collection companies with the status of accounts receivable and Comprehensive prediction of core remittance data helps foreign trade companies achieve efficient and convenient cross-border remittance business and optimize supply chain and cash flow management.

The digital economy continues to grow rapidly and has become an important engine for economic growth. The Central Financial Work Conference pointed out that five major articles should be completed: technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance. In the context of the in-depth development of digital-physical integration, Bohai Bank will actively implement the new development requirements of “digital promotion” and “digital-real integration” in the future, continue to exert its pioneering innovation power, play a leading role in the digital transformation of the industry, and continue to consolidate financial services. With technological advantages, it iteratively upgrades various financial products, continuously improves digital financial service capabilities that closely integrate the digital economy and the real economy, and helps people move towards a better life.


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