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Bohai Bank cooperates with police to stop fraud and protect people’s “money bags”

Bohai Bank cooperates with police to stop fraud and protect people’s “money bags”

In order to further protect the financial rights and interests of consumers and build a harmonious financial environment, front-line staff of Bohai Bank (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) continue to improve their anti-fraud skills in daily business, always tighten the anti-fraud string, and use practical actions to do a good job in financial management. The anti-fraud “gatekeeper” protects the people’s “money bags”.

Recently, in Chentang Science and Technology Park in Tianjin, Bohai Bank and the police successfully intercepted a telecom fraud remittance, saving customers 10 million yuan in capital losses, effectively ensuring the safety of customers’ funds, and jointly building a “national anti-fraud” defense line.

Efficient response police and bank jointly protect property safety

At about 3 pm on December 11, an old man over 60 years old came to the Tianjin Chentang Science and Technology Park Branch of Bohai Bank and said that he wanted to handle inter-bank transfer business and wanted to transfer 12 million yuan in the card to an account with the same name in another bank.

Faced with customers’ temporary large-amount transfer needs, branches actively assist customers in communicating about remittance positions. During this period, the staff discovered that the customer deliberately avoided the staff’s sight and moved to the corner of the hall to make a call. Later, the customer returned to the counter again and stated that the 10 million yuan had other uses and requested that the money be transferred to three different payees. This behavior immediately aroused the alert of the staff. In accordance with the principle of “three must questions”, they patiently asked the customer about the purpose of the remittance and gave relevant tips to prevent telecommunications fraud. However, customers have become obviously impatient and demand immediate remittance. Seeing this situation, the staff worked together to calm the customer while making an emergency call to the Hexi District Anti-Fraud Center to report the situation.

After learning about this situation, the police from the Crime Investigation Detachment of the Hexi Branch of the Public Security Bureau and the Chentangzhuang Police Station rushed to the scene. Bohai Bank staff worked with them to dissuade the customer, explained in detail the common methods of telecommunications network fraud, and informed him that ” Don’t be gullible, don’t be fooled, and don’t transfer money.” After nearly four hours of persuasion by the police and banks, the customer finally realized the problem and said he would no longer continue the transfer.

  As a new force among state-owned financial institutions, Bohai Bank has always adhered to the “people-centered” development philosophy, with “lean service expansion, innovation-driven strength, quality and efficiency improvement, speed, responsibility and warmth, and benefiting the people and enterprises.” Guided by a “deep” consumer protection service culture, we consciously shoulder the social responsibility of financial assistance to combat telecom network fraud, strengthen source prevention and control of business outlets, establish a joint police and union investigation and control mechanism, and promote anti-fraud work to be deeper and more solid.We will use practical actions to build a tight financial risk prevention and control network and contribute “Bohai” strength to creating a good financial ecosystem.


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