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BMW and Toyota’s wireless charging will damage iPhone 15’s NFC chip

BMW and Toyota’s wireless charging will damage iPhone 15’s NFC chip

Driving a BMW while enjoying the breeze, I took out my new iPhone and put it on the wireless charging pad. Guess what?

The NFC chip of the mobile phone is broken.

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As soon as the incident broke out, it caused many car owners to worry. BMW responded and is working on solving the problem.

When will it be resolved? have no idea.

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Apple also recently confirmed that BMW wireless charging will damage the NFC chip of the iPhone 15, and it is guaranteed to be resolved this year.

An internal Apple memo shows that not only BMW but also Toyota cars will have the same problem.

So what to do now? Apple’s current solution to car owners is not to use it yet.

  Hidden dangers of iPhone 15 wireless charging at BMW and Toyota

Previously, foreign BMW owners reported that when their iPhone 15Pro was charged on a wireless charging pad, the phone screen turned white, and they quickly resorted to the “restart method”.

After restarting, he found that the NFC-supported Apple Pay function was disabled:

After going for maintenance, I discovered that the NFC chip had failed.

After the incident was exposed, many car owners also came out to complain about this problem. Some media statistics found that the problem generally occurs in iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, but it is not ruled out that iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus do not have this problem.

On BMW’s side, it is currently unclear which models will cause this problem.

  There are also many BMW owners who use older iPhones who said that they have previously found that wireless charging is so hot that it can even fry eggs:

△Translation comes from Google, the original text is “cook an egg”

The Internet has been buzzing for almost a month, and Apple recently confirmed that there is indeed a problem, and it’s not just BMW.

An internal memo provided by Apple to third-party repair vendors shows that Toyota’s Supra also has this problem. This model is a collaboration between BMW and Toyota and is based on the same platform as the BMW Z4.

Now that everyone has come out to admit that there is a problem, how can we solve the problem? We need to give an explanation, right?

  How to solve the hidden dangers of wireless charging

BMW responded earlier that it had cooperated with Apple and was working hard to solve the problem. Apple also replaced BMW owners whose NFC chips were damaged due to wireless charging with new mobile phones.

However, the source of the problem has not yet been identified.

BMW said it didn’t know when it would be solved, but Apple gave a rough timeframe.The problem will be solved by updating the iOS system at the end of the year.

Until then, Apple can only advise BMW owners that wireless charging is standard on all X5 series and is only available on the top-of-the-line X3. Don’t use it yet.

In addition to the NFC incident, iPhone 15 is also “trouble never comes singly”:

Since its launch, the sales of the entire series have declined compared with the same period of the previous generation. Before the arrival of “Double Eleven”, promotion efforts were rarely increased.

After 8 o’clock tonight in the Tmall flagship store, you can use a 700 yuan coupon for 15/Plus, and a 500 yuan coupon for 15 Pro/Pro Max (last year they were 550 yuan and 350 yuan respectively).

My family, who knows, spent hundreds of thousands to buy a BMW with wireless charging.

As a result, the NFC chip of the new iPhone worth 8,000 yuan was damaged.

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