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Blizzard and cold wave hit China Life Property and Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch warmly guarded

Blizzard and cold wave hit China Life Property and Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch warmly guarded

  The strongest cold wave this winter is coming! On December 14, the Central Meteorological Observatory upgraded and issued an orange warning for cold wave. Continuous snowfall occurred in most areas of Tianjin. After 11 o’clock, the snowfall gradually increased. It is expected that by the end of the 15th, the snowfall will still reach moderate to heavy snow levels.China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch immediately launched an emergency plan, established a blizzard emergency working group, coordinated investigation, rescue, claims and other resources within its jurisdiction, and made every effort to provide insurance claims protection services.

The first is to push snowfall and cold wave warning information to customers through text messages, reminding customers to reduce travel and pay attention to keeping warm and cold. Safety tips for traveling in snowy weather are released through the WeChat public account, reminding customers and the public to take precautions against extreme weather. The second is to coordinate with the rescue company in advance to ensure that the needs of most customers in danger are covered. At the same time, a cooperative 4S store in each region of the city has been identified as a reserve rescue store. If an emergency occurs, emergency reserve rescue will be activated. The third is to open a green channel for claims settlement, simplify claim settlement procedures and claim documents, and handle accidents for customers as soon as possible through the “online + offline linkage” dual mode, reduce customer waiting time, and ensure rapid rescue and priority repair of customer vehicles.

Due to heavy snow and icy ground, the customer’s vehicle skidded and drove into the roadside fence. The staff arrived at the scene immediately to assist in the rescue and quickly moved the vehicle to a safe area.

Due to the cold weather, the customer’s vehicle stalled and was unable to drive. The staff actively assisted the customer in handling the situation and providing timely relief.

Due to the ice on the road, the customer’s wheels slipped and he was unable to drive normally. The staff immediately launched rescue operations to help drive away from the dangerous area.

  In addition, in order to alleviate the situation of customers waiting in line for incoming calls, the branch opened additional lines to promptly accept customer reports,Business consultation to ensure smooth lines and smooth operation of the contact center.

China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch will pay close attention to the real-time snowfall situation, make timely emergency warnings and response plans for various tasks, actively cooperate with government departments at all levels to provide emergency rescue, insurance claims and other services, and strive to practice China Life Speed ​​and fulfill the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises.

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