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“Black and White Stealth” recently started filming and Guofan Pictures is launching a new Hong Kong film in the crime action genre

“Black and White Stealth” recently started filming and Guofan Pictures is launching a new Hong Kong film in the crime action genre

Produced by Guangzhou Guofan Film Co., Ltd., Youku, and Media Asia Films, and jointly produced by Dongyang Bole Film and Television Service Co., Ltd., Fan Entertainment Culture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Xinfan Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Hainan Guofan Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The movie “Black and White” directed by Huang Yi recently started shooting smoothly in Thailand. Producers Guangzhou Guofan Pictures Co., Ltd. CEO Wu Yu, Media Asia Films CEO Zheng Jianfeng, director-producer Guangdong ?G Media Co., Ltd. CEO Yang Li and other guests attended. Director Huang Yi, starring An Zhijie, starring Gu Bin, He Peiyu, especially Actors such as Lu Huiguang, Chen Baoyuan, and Luo Tianchi also attended the show and expressed their best wishes for the film.


  “Black and White” has successfully launched in Thailand, and many stars have gathered to create a gangster story that is both good and evil.

The movie is starring An Zhijie, starring Gu Bin and He Peiyu, and special appearances by Lu Huiguang, Chen Baoyuan, Hong Junjia, Luo Tianchi, Wang Hexi, Wang Junhui, and Lu Chenxi. It tells the story of Hong Kong police officer Ah Shan (played by Gu Bin) who lurks in the prison as an undercover agent and approaches the criminal Tian Ge (played by Andy On) to obtain more criminal evidence of his group. Ah Shan was appreciated by Tian Ge for his agility, and Tian Ge was extremely grateful for his help to Ah Shan’s seriously ill sister. Ashan helped Tian Ge rise to the top, and assisted the police to successfully crack the organization’s drug trade case, destroying the largest criminal group, but discovered a shocking secret about Tian Ge. Where will the fateful journey of the two go? Worth the wait.

“Black and White” will be filmed in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou. The opening ceremony was very Thai with local characteristics. The main creators wore garlands representing auspiciousness and peace, and watched a passionate Thai dance. At the end, there were two The elephant made a surprise appearance and sent good luck blessings to the crew. The naive elephant also won a warm welcome from the creators. All the cast and crew expressed their expectations and blessings for the film together at the scene.

  The three-in-one combination of classic themes, quality production and strong lineup focuses on creating high-quality “Xingang films”

The elements of gun bullets and gold watches on the background board of the opening ceremony are quite eye-catching, which shows the film’s strong typology in subject matter creation. As one of the classic themes of Hong Kong films, crime films are indispensable for the complex collusion of a huge group and the exciting gun battles between police and criminals. “Black and White Stealth” uses “undercover” as the creative entry point, and uses a constantly rotating coin as the deep layer. Connotative metaphors – the inner dilemma of the characters in the film and the psychological game between the police and criminals will also become highlights worthy of attention.

In order to restore the “organizational structure” and “trading inside story” of transnational criminal gangs to the greatest extent, the film will be shot in Thailand, Guangdong, and Hong Kong, China, showing strong regional characteristics and cultural atmosphere. Correspondingly, the entire crew will also face cross-regional and cross-cultural production challenges. Leading star An Zhijie even laughed at the opening ceremony and said that his acting career is “quite fate” with Thailand. He also hoped that the whole crew would start smoothly and put safety first.

As the lead star of the film, On Zhijie has always been known for his sharp screen image. His tough lines and agility have also become a major bonus in his action scenes. This time, Tian Ge, played by him, will go deep into the drug gang, relying on his outstanding skills and meticulous strategies to gradually remove obstacles and get to the core of the criminal gang. The physical confrontation and psychological game in this process are highly anticipated by movie fans.

Combining classic themes, high-quality production, and a strong lineup, the entire crew of “Black and White” is focused on creating a high-quality “Xingang film”. This time, it has joined hands with Youku’s high-quality film label for a super premiere, determined to promote the film and the market Closely integrate with the audience and communicate deeply.

  Revitalize classic IP, continue existing content, and deepen innovation in the “Xingang Film” genre

The so-called “new Hong Kong film” means that Guofan Pictures chooses classic Hong Kong film IP cooperation, retains the Hong Kong flavor, and chooses streaming media for channel distribution. Relying on the policies and environment of the Greater Bay Area, it creates higher quality and more in line with the mainland. Ecological movie.

“Black and White Stealth” will focus on the explosive action scenes of undercover stealth, gang fights, and the emotional entanglement of brothers who are both good and evil, and the situation continues to rise. It combines the familiar undercover themes of Hong Kong movies with the action scenes that the audience is looking forward to seeing. Extract more distinctive and innovative communication points from the “routines” of Hong Kong films, and strive to complete the vision of “new Hong Kong films” to create greater glory.

Looking at the “Black and White” project, its advantages are obvious: the typical Hong Kong-style police and criminal themes, coupled with the familiar Hong Kong cast and crew, are enough to attract the original Hong Kong film audience; supplemented by sophisticated filming, The production level accurately meets the audience’s expectations for “Xingang movies”. After it is officially released, it will definitely receive praise from the audience market.

Guofan Pictures has established a new communication and interaction model for Hong Kong filmmakers and mainland platforms, bringing IP stories and genres familiar to mainland audiences to the screen again, and paying more attention to the upgrading of content, and will always be committed to creating more Let the audience love “Newport Films” and bring more good works to the market!

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