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Binhai Branch of Bank of Tianjin assisted in the issuance of consumer vouchers in Dongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Area, igniting citizens’ enthusiasm for consumption during the long holiday.

Binhai Branch of Bank of Tianjin assisted in the issuance of consumer vouchers in Dongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Area, igniting citizens’ enthusiasm for consumption during the long holiday.

As the main force in local finance, the Bank of Tianjin adheres to the development positioning of serving the real economy, fully practices the political and people-oriented nature of finance, resolutely implements the deployment requirements of the national “Measures to Restore and Expand Consumption”, takes the initiative and takes active actions, We will solidly advance the implementation of our city’s ten actions, take multiple measures to help restore and expand consumption, and improve the quality and effectiveness of financial support for expanding domestic demand.

  Binhai Branch of the Bank of Tianjin closely follows the policy requirements, seizes the consumption peak during the National Day golden holiday, cooperates closely with the Dongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and relies on the “Smart Pass” financial service platform of the Bank of Tianjin to issue government consumption coupons to ignite citizens’ enthusiasm for consumption during the long holiday. The “Smart Tong” financial service platform has a wide coverage of merchants, close ties with physical merchants, and rich consumption scenarios. Issuing coupons through the “Smart Tong” platform can betterStimulate economic demand, enhance consumption willingness, and enhance consumption vitality.This event passedThe allocation and release of consumer vouchers in stages and by industry allows consumers to enjoy the financial subsidies issued by the government, maximize consumption enthusiasm, and enhance consumers’ sense of gain. At the same time, it achieves the goal of attracting customers to merchants and becomes an amplifier to boost local physical consumption.

  At present, Tianjin Bank’s “Smart Pass” financial service platform has served 863,800 small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, of which nearly 405,500 households are in Tianjin. The service covers 16 administrative regions in Tianjin, covering basic necessities, food, housing, transportation and entertainment. and other top ten industries. The platform has served more than 11 million Tianjin citizens in total, and the effective reach rate of Tianjin citizens has exceeded 80%. At the same time, it serves nearly 7 million purchases by 5.8 million users (citizens) every day within its jurisdiction. Especially in the Dongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone,The coverage rate of “Smart Pass” cooperative merchants reaches 100%. Tianjin Bank Binhai Branch provides “Wisdom Pass?industry“products provide “financial services +” one-stop solutions for enterprises in the region, fully meeting the needs of finance, operations, management, marketing and other aspects. At the same time, through the application of “Smart communication consumption“Scenario solution, undertake the issuance of government consumer coupons, and innovate “smart communication”?“Tianxingle e-payment” product allows you to experience the new payment experience of a credit account that combines deposits and loans.

Wisdom travels to the future together. Binhai Branch will continue to expand the coverage of the “Smart Pass” financial service platform, use it as an important starting point for the digital innovation and development of Tianjin Bank’s scenarios, expand horizontally and innovate vertically, practice the new model of inclusive financial development with practical actions, and fully Apply the full-scenario solution of “Smart Communication” to serve customers throughout the life cycle, focusing on ten key areas such as education, clusters, industries, campuses, business districts, logistics, technology, culture and tourism, rural areas, and consumption, and give full play to the power of science and technology, Understand customer needs and provide Tianjin Bank customers with a new experience of “easier collection and payment, more convenient loans”.

In the future, Tianjin Bank’s “Smart Communication” financial service platform will continue to apply full-scenario solutions to meet residents’ consumption needs through various forms, help increase consumption, and promote economic development. We will delve deeply into various consumption replenishment scenarios, accurately support the recovery of the industry, and connect physical merchants and users through digital means to go into the future with “Smart Pass” users!

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