Big coffee gathers potential to “media” good peers? Tianjin Aegean Sea Shuangdian brings 30+ media to Tianjin

Big coffee gathers potential to “media” good peers? Tianjin Aegean Sea Shuangdian brings 30+ media to Tianjin

Stepping into the spring of 2023, “health” and “sports” are paid more attention than ever. Through self-created IP new marketing methods, combined with national sports hotspots, Tianjin Aegean held a series of marketing activities around the “FIT Crazy Out of the Circle” in March, and carried out “circle-level friendship” through a series of sports themes to meet consumers’ diversified sports needs . On March 3, Tianjin Aegean Sea Shuangdian, together with cycling enthusiasts from 30+ mainstream media in Tianjin, Meituan Cycling and T3 Travel, formed a “Ride Cycling Group” to carry out the “One Ride Take a walk” activity.

The “sense of luxury” movement has become a national “trend symbol” on a daily basis

With the popularity of outdoor sports, cycling has become a new social currency for young people. It is not only a way to advocate green and low-carbon travel, but also a personality proposition that symbolizes an active life. Tianjin Aegean Sea aims to invite all people to exercise together and check in the limited edition Tianjin in spring.

The cycling activity started from the Shuangdian project, and checked in many landmark buildings in Jincheng and Bincheng along the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of spring together. The Aegean team from the east of the river rides along the river along the Jinfu Bridge, the century-old Nanjing Road, the starting point of the Five Avenues – Xiaobailou Concert Hall Square and other Tianjin landmark attractions, feel the scenery along the Haihe River, and bathe in the centuries-old cultural style of Jinmen during the ride In the background. The eco-city team visited many iconic tourist attractions in the Binhai New Area, such as the National Oceanographic Museum, Nandi Park, and the Mazu Cultural Park. The fields under the warm spring sun, the fresh green beside the embankment, and the most beautiful natural ecology make the taste of spring everywhere. Exercise in a less-sports way, upgrade Aegean Sea’s sports and entertainment IP, and enjoy the joy of sports freely even if you are “socially afraid”, which is the original intention and meaning of this cycling event in Tianjin Aegean Sea.

“Sports+” has various ways of playing to create new marketing value

From March 6th to March 12th, Tianjin Shuangdian will use skateboards with the themes of “FIT Crazy Play Club”, “Crazy Burning Dopamine”, “No Collection, Great Eating and No Gain”, “Hot BOM Burning Field” and so on. Challenges, random dances, POPPING dance duels and other different styles of dance competitions, as well as children’s football, basketball, cheerleading and other cute baby sports competitions, so that you of different ages who love sports can find it here On the stage of releasing vitality, at the same time, there are many preferential benefits such as super value group purchase, 50% off special event, etc., which can fill the spring happiness of consumers in Jincheng and Bincheng with one click.

As a representative of Tianjin’s commercial development, Tianjin Aegean Sea Shuangdian has always insisted on abandoning the pace of innovation and upgrading. In addition to upgrading and iterating the combination of business formats, it meets consumers’ increasingly personalized and diversified shopping, living and leisure needs in an all-round and multi-dimensional way. Enhance the popularity and experience of the Aegean brand in Tianjin and Binzhou with changeable marketing planning, characteristic IP, and cross-industry linkage.

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