Bi Rui Ji Meat Xiaofang丨Give hairy children the satisfaction of eating meat

Bi Rui Ji Meat Xiaofang丨Give hairy children the satisfaction of eating meat

As we all know, cats and dogs are carnivorous animals, which can absorb the protein in fresh meat to the greatest extent. Fresh meat food with short production time and good nutrition retention is undoubtedly a high-quality choice for their rations. Using fresh meat as raw material is becoming one of the trends in pet staple food.

As an old brand that has been established for 20 years, Bi Regis is naturally well versed in this. In order to meet the needs of fur children for meat, after 930 days of research, testing, verification and 150 days of product demonstration with 21 expert groups, Bi Ruiji ingeniously developed the staple wet food “Meat Xiaofang”.

It is reported that the raw material input of Bi Ruiji Meat Xiaofang has returned to the original dietary structure of Maozi – the pure meat input reaches 90% of the solid input. The high proportion of meat feed makes the guaranteed crude protein value of the meat cube more than 40%. The minimum crude protein value of adult cat food given by the American AAFCO standard is 26%, and the minimum crude protein value of adult dog food is 18%. The ingredients used in Rouxiaofang far exceed the standard value, which can well ensure that pets get enough nutrition every day.

In order to ensure that the raw materials do not deteriorate and the nutrients are not lost during processing, the production of meat cubes needs to go through 27 procedures, 47 inspections and preparation in a low temperature zone (4°C). Among them, the production process adopts the steaming process, which directly steams the raw materials to achieve real freshness and reduce the loss of nutrients.

In addition, Bi Ruiji Rou Xiaofang also gives more choices in terms of taste. For cats, Rou Xiao Fang has launched five flavors including chicken, tuna, pumpkin, beef, duck and potato; for dogs, meat Xiaofang has launched three flavors of duck, beef and carrot, beef and chicken. The various flavor combinations not only take into account the pet’s dietary preferences, but the added pumpkin and carrot also contain dietary fiber, which can help pets digest.

What’s more worth mentioning is that the packaging technology of Bi Rui Ji Meat Xiaofang is also quite ingenious. It innovatively adopts Tetra Recart packaging technology and uses paper-based low-carbon, environmentally friendly and recyclable materials to undertake the important task of sustainable development. At the same time, Rouxiaofang uses Tetra Pak’s first 9-layer packaging product, which is more stringent than milk packaging standards. Without adding any preservatives, pigments and flavors, the shelf life of Rouxiaofang is extended to 4 times that of milk. , which is 24 months.

At present, pets have penetrated more and more deeply into people’s lives, becoming friends and family members, and are an inseparable emotional bond. Pet parents are more inclined to feed their pets in a scientific and refined way, and Biregis Meat Xiaofang is the ideal choice for pet parents. In the future, Bi Ruiji will continue to develop more and better products based on the purpose of pet nature and health needs, so that pets all over the world can be cared for by humans.

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