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“Beyond gold and make gold” Zhongzhong Gold Group empowers all industries to develop high-value and sound development

“Beyond gold and make gold” Zhongzhong Gold Group empowers all industries to develop high-value and sound development

In today’s trend of economic globalization and market diversification, business innovation has become the key to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. As a middle-class gold group, with its unique business insight, it deeply integrates gold with various industries, not only injecting new vitality into the traditional gold industry, but also providing innovative ideas and models for the entire business field.

On March 28, the first shareholder dividend and shareholder recruitment meeting of Zhongzhonggang Golden Steel City Gold Store was successfully held in Jinan Steel City, Shandong. Hundreds of business leaders and industry elites gathered together to witness a new milestone in the development of Zhongzhong Gold Group. In his opening speech, Mr. Li, Chairman of Zhongzhong Gold Group, expressed his sincere gratitude to the guests for coming and introduced the group’s recent development results. He pointed out that in the face of practical challenges such as the deep involution of the traditional gold industry and the continued decline in sales, it is necessary to “jump out of gold and make gold.” The “Gold + Hundred Industries” innovative business model launched by Zhongzhong Gold Group is the specific practice of this model.

At the meeting, Mr. Jia, General Manager of the Confucius Institute of Calligraphy and Painting of China, and Mr. Ma, General Manager of China AVIC Peptide Sales Group, shared their cooperation status with Zhongzhong Gold’s “Gold + Artwork” and “Gold + Great Health” projects, intuitively showing the gold The feasibility and broad prospects of crossing other industries have verified that “gold + all industries” can effectively promote, promote and empower the high-value and healthy development of all industries.

It is worth mentioning that this shareholder dividend and shareholder recruitment meeting of the Middle-Class Golden Steel City Gold Store not only covered the detailed industry description and shareholder dividends, but also incorporated the recruitment of new shareholders and the signing ceremony of new partners. While enjoying generous dividends, shareholders can also witness the results of the group’s sustainable development through innovation. This business strategy of putting shareholders’ interests first highlights the great importance attached to shareholders’ rights and firm confidence in innovative business models, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of Zhongzhong Gold Group.

The conference also set up lottery activities, program performances and exhibitions of calligraphy and painting works to enrich the content of the event and enhance interactivity and appreciation. While providing a communication platform for shareholders, it also demonstrated the corporate culture and innovative ideas of Zhongzhong Gold Group to the public. Through these diversified activities, Zhongzhong Gold Group not only conveys the new trends in the gold industry, but also strengthens communication and connections with all sectors of society.

Make unremitting efforts and make steady progress. Zhongzhong Gold Group’s innovative practices and diversified strategies have provided a new perspective and motivation for the development of the gold industry, and its successful experience deserves to be further popularized. It is believed that with the Group’s continuous exploration and practice in the fields of cross-border cooperation and industrial integration, China’s gold industry will surely usher in a more prosperous, win-win and better future.

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