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“Benefit” grows: Pacific Health Insurance’s “Little Blue Flower” children’s rare disease charity celebrates its first anniversary

“Benefit” grows: Pacific Health Insurance’s “Little Blue Flower” children’s rare disease charity celebrates its first anniversary

  On December 19, at the Pacific Health Insurance Blue Medical Insurance Series product launch site, the Pacific Health Insurance Little Blue Flower Charity Project held a charity donation launching ceremony.Pacific Health Insurance officially announced a donation of 355,540 yuan to the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, which will be implemented by the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine to help more children suffering from rare diseases. This isThe second fund donation action of the Little Blue Flower Charity Project this year,This is a brilliant end to a year of exploration and progress for the project.

At the event, representatives from Pacific Health Insurance, Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, and Children’s Medical Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Hospital delivered speeches respectively. In the future, the three parties will continue to work together to promote public attention to children with rare diseases, promote children with rare diseases to grow up happily, enjoy high-quality life and integrate into society, and contribute to the public welfare of “a healthy China, no one is missing”.

The origin of Little Blue Flower is based on care for children with rare diseases. “Send you a little blue flower, blooming when you need it most.” In November last year, also at the launch of Blue Medical Insurance, Pacific Health Insurance and Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation jointly launched the “Little Blue Flower” children’s rare disease care charity The project calls for more attention to children with rare diseases. Create a “four-in-one” public welfare model of cognition, treatment, rehabilitation, and research to provide help for children and families with rare diseases.

In my country, there are 20 million rare disease patients, with about 200,000 new patients every year. Given the huge base, rare diseases are not actually “rare”; and the great pressure on families with rare diseases is even more obvious. How to effectively help them and their families requires more caring companies, institutions and people to lend a helping hand.

In order to mobilize more people from society to participate in public welfare, on February 28, 2023, the “Little Blue Flower” charity rights and interests were officially launched in the Pacific Health Insurance “Blue Medical Insurance” mini program. Mini program users can light up exclusive charity blue flowers by participating in the Blue Medical Insurance health sub-interaction. Pacific Health Insurance will donate the corresponding amount to the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation for users who light up the love rights to support the charity of caring for children with rare diseases.

  data display, cutBy December 2023, Blue Medical Insurance customers have lit up a total of 35,554 “little blue flowers” rights and interests in the mini program health sub-system, which is converted into a charity donation of 355,540 yuan. As an innovative attempt to integrate product characteristics and public welfare, “Blue Medical Insurance” resonates with the customer group through the warmth of public welfare, showing the vitality of this mechanism’s long-term operation and helping the little blue peanuts to take root and thrive.

Gathering every bit of warmth, “Little Blue Flower” has been working hard. At the “Blue Medical Insurance” press conference, Pacific Health Insurance reviewed and witnessed the growth of the Little Blue Flower Charity Project in the past year with a short film.

  In terms of online public welfare innovation, on the occasion of the 16th International Rare Disease Day on February 28, the “Little Blue Flower” online public welfare clinic event was officially launched.Rare disease medical experts were invited to enter the live broadcast room to carry out online knowledge popularization and Q&A live broadcasts, in conjunction with the Blue Medical Insurance applet launched in the same month.The “Little Blue Flower” loving rights and interests system echoes each other and lays a good foundation for the sustainable development of the project.

In terms of offline practical assistance, in order to better help families with rare diseases recover, in July of the same year, “Little Blue Flower” held the “Love is Not Rare, Benefit and Move Forward” children’s rare disease care event at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. At the event site, the first donation of the project was implemented as planned to assist the treatment and recovery of children; many experts from the Department of Endocrinology, Department of Neurology, Department of Nutrition, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and other professional departments of the Children’s Medical Center gathered at the free clinic to provide support for those who were present. Diagnosis and rehabilitation guidance for hundreds of children with rare diseases.

  Letting children realize their dreams and get the happiness that should belong to them is also one of the original intentions of Little Blue Flower’s charity activities.On June 1, International Children’s Day, Little Blue Flower specially planned the “Dream Catcher Activity” to help children realize their dreams; on December 2, Little Blue Flower organized families with rare diseases to go to Shanghai Disney Children’s Park to realize their dreams, helping children with and Their families are temporarily relieved of their burdens and enjoy the ease and joy of daily life.

As Pacific Health Insurance’s brave attempt to organically combine public welfare and business, the “Little Blue Flower” public welfare project helps more disadvantaged groups down-to-earth, strengthens brand communication capabilities through heart-warming public welfare stories, and allows more people to “benefit” On the other hand, it is also in line with the product concept of “Blue Medical Insurance” with long-term companionship, giving it more sustainable vitality and influence, and benefiting more children with rare diseases. This public welfare model is worthy of reference by the whole society.

The “Tongxinyuan” children’s health charity brand affiliated to the Little Blue Flower Charity Project in 2023 has successively won the “2023 Insurance Industry Ark Award for Outstanding Social Responsibility” at the 8th China Insurance Industry Ark Award, and the “Annual Ark Award” at the 4th Southern Weekend Dream Builders Charity Conference. Public Welfare Case Award” and other awards. The exemplary role and outstanding contribution of the “Tongxinyuan” charity brand have been recognized by all parties.

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