Beijiao New Energy: Develop new energy for rail transit and open up new blue ocean markets


Shenzhou High Speed ​​Rail Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhou High Speed ​​Rail”) is a pilot enterprise of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises controlled and managed by SDIC, and it is also a leader in my country’s rail transit operation and maintenance equipment industry. Over the past 26 years, Shenzhou High-speed Railway has provided various equipment and maintenance services for more than 500 special freight railways, formed cooperation with about 80 colleges and universities, and established strategic cooperation with 21 vocational colleges. In recent years, it has gradually developed special freight railways Operation and maintenance, rail transit talent training, and rail transit new energy three new tracks.

The establishment of the new development track is the active response of Shenzhou High-speed Railway to adapt to the new development pattern and aim at customer needs. At present, as one of the three new development tracks, the business model of the rail transit new energy business has gradually matured, thus opening the second growth curve of the Shenzhou high-speed rail.

As a joint stock company of Shenzhou High-speed Railway in the field of rail transit new energy, Beijing Beijiao New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. An enterprise that forms the integration of energy storage system and traction system.

Beijiao Xinneng focuses on comprehensive solutions for rail transit new energy power systems, as well as independent design, research and development and manufacturing of intelligent energy systems, forming light rail transit power supplies, subway/high-speed rail/city vehicles without grid self-propelled, subway/high-speed rail Four major system solutions: auxiliary power supply for city vehicles and power supply for locomotives/engineering vehicles. Its core products have performance advantages such as high safety, long life, high power, and low temperature resistance, and can realize intelligent management such as battery life cycle monitoring, fault diagnosis, and data analysis, and have gradually deployed battery system comprehensive test evaluation, big data cloud Processing and other business.

With its excellent product performance and mature stability in the field of rail transit lithium batteries, the core products and solutions of Beijiao New Energy can fully cover all models in the rail transit field and be applied to different working conditions, and have been used in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Kunming And other urban subway companies have put into application in batches, and the business covers CRRC’s major main engine factories, urban subway operating companies, factories and mines and other related enterprises, and has implemented a number of domestic and international first application projects.

Relying on the industry brand and market influence of Tokyo Investment Corporation and Shenzhou High-speed Railway, Beijing Jiaotong New Energy is based on the professional technology and scientific research strength of Beijing Jiaotong University in the field of new energy, focusing on the whole industry chain of rail transit new energy power package assembly system Core technology research and development, covering standardized modules, battery management system, battery system integration, new energy power system and traction system integration.

Technology empowerment, leading industry upgrade

Beijiao New Energy insists on leading product innovation with green concepts, promoting development with science and technology, and promoting the upgrading of the rail transit new energy industry. With its outstanding core advantages in the industry, Beijiao New Energy has won honors such as the “Little Giant” enterprise supported by key support, the cutting-edge technology enterprise in Zhongguancun, and the high-tech industry development support enterprise in Beijing, and has entered the high-tech enterprise supported by the state. ranks.

Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Enterprise

Specialized and new “little giant” enterprise

Beijiao New Energy has won the recognition of new technology and new products in Beijing, the “first set” major technical equipment test demonstration project and many other provincial and ministerial level and above scientific and technological achievement awards, and its patent achievements have been selected as major scientific and technological achievements in transportation in 2021 and 2022 library, and was recommended by the Ministry of Communications to enter the “China Patent Award” selection. At the same time, the “Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education for Green and Low-Carbon Technology of Intelligent Transportation” jointly established by Beijiao New Energy and Beijing Jiaotong University has been approved by the Ministry of Education.

At the end of 2022, the “2022 Science and Technology Progress Award Selection” of the China Electrotechnical Society was announced, and Beijiao New Energy’s “Research and Application of Key Technology Research and Application of Multi-source Power Drive for Vehicle Equipment” won the second prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the China Electrotechnical Society.

As assessed by the Appraisal Committee of the China Electrotechnical Society, the scientific and technological research and development achievements of Beijiao New Energy are at the international advanced level as a whole, among which the multi-source power drive technology and the application of high-voltage and high-power vehicle-mounted lithium battery packs are all at the international leading level. The development of “energy storage” and “intelligence” of hybrid vehicle equipment with new energy as the main body has breakthrough application and innovation significance.

Beijiao New Energy won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Electrotechnical Society

Relying on the outstanding innovation and stability of its core products, Beijiao New Energy has full-scenario application performance and independent intellectual property rights layout in the field of rail transit new energy, and has undertaken and completed many difficult projects: such as “China’s locomotive exported to Europe for the first time “–German DB shunting locomotive lithium power system, Tianjin Metro emergency self-traction + auxiliary lithium power system, “the first domestic hydrogen-fuel hybrid articulated light rail vehicle”–power battery and traction system, etc.

Beijiao New Energy’s battery products help Tianjin Metro Line 2 and Tianjin Metro Line 10 realize emergency self-traction function

Beijiao New Energy has strong product research and development capabilities and leading system integration capabilities. With the blessing of more than 70 independent patents and software copyrights, it builds a moat with technological innovation, actively empowers the industry with technological innovation, and leads the industry. Participate in technological change.

Cooperate with Guangshen traction to create customized solutions

Guangshen led the team building of “Concentration and Strength, Cooperation and Win-Win”

In the rail transit industry, the integration of vehicle traction and energy storage is the only way for the future development of the industry. In order to further strengthen the overall synergistic advantages, Beijiao New Energy strategically holds shares in Guangzhou Shentie Traction Co., Ltd. (Guangshen Traction), a subsidiary of Shenzhou High-speed Railway, and relies on the vehicle powertrain system of “energy storage + traction” to provide rail vehicle traction System customization solutions.

Guangshen Traction was established in 2010 and became one of ABB’s global rail transit system comprehensive R&D centers in 2014. Through technology transfer and digestion and absorption, Guangshen Traction has realized the combination of the world’s leading technology and local resources, and mastered the core technology of the traction system that is completely independent. Its core products include traction converters, auxiliary converters, traction motors and energy management. system. Relying on the core technology, Guangshen traction system solutions are widely used in subways, light rails, trams, electric power, diesel locomotives and EMUs around the world.

After in-depth integration of Guangshen Traction’s collaborative resources and independent research and development technology, Beijiao New Energy’s customized solution for the “energy storage + traction” system has been further improved. At the same time, Shenzhou High-speed Railway has also achieved good coordination and win-win development among participating companies in the field of new energy.

The Datong hydrogen-fueled locomotive installed with the Beijiao New Energy power package system can adapt to multi-climate working environments such as severe cold, heavy snow, sand and wind in winter at minus 30 °C, and successfully completed the operation assessment test project

Beijiao New Energy’s power package system helps China’s first hydrogen-fuel hybrid articulated light rail vehicle roll off the assembly line

Benefit from the “carbon peak” policy and usher in a good development opportunity

Traction energy storage integration project of Tianjin Metro Line 7 implemented by Beijiao New Energy

In recent years, new energy batteries used in the automotive industry have been favored by the capital market. In the field of rail transit, with the gradual implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, rail transit new energy may usher in a new wave of development opportunities.

According to the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of a Modern Integrated Transportation System”, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the railway industry must benchmark the national “double carbon” strategic goal, formulate an action plan for the carbon peaking of the railway industry, and promote low-carbon railways Transformation, “to develop multi-source power systems for trains, deepen research on innovative traction power supply technologies such as energy storage equipment and fuel cells, and promote the development of power sources to hybrid and low-carbon power.”

The 3,000-horsepower hybrid shunting locomotive project participated by Beijiao New Energy has filled the gap in the domestic market

The new energy system of rail transit has the four attributes of “source-network-load-storage”, and the operation and management model will evolve in the direction of “source-network-load-storage” coordinated scheduling. According to Cornerstone Investment Research’s white paper “2022 Rail Transit Industry Research Report”, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the average annual market capacity of rail transit power package assemblies (traction + energy storage) will exceed 10 billion yuan.

Similar to new energy for automobiles, new energy for rail transportation is becoming a new hot spot. For the new track of rail transit new energy, Shenzhou High-speed Railway uses its own resources and accumulation to fully promote it. Its Shenzhou Railway Operation and Maintenance gives full play to its advantages in the field of freight railway dedicated lines, and realizes a strong alliance with Beijiao Xinneng. The introduction of energy locomotives into the field of railway freight special lines complies with the national policy of “carbon peaking” and helps the low-carbon development of freight special railways.

Recently, China High Speed ​​Rail held the “Shenzhou High Speed ​​Rail Strategic Operation Center Unveiling Ceremony” in Zhuhai, and the Zhuhai Strategic Operation Center was officially launched. “The Zhuhai Strategic Operation Center was established to help the development of the new track of the China High-speed Railway. It will strongly promote the development of new customers and markets for the China High-speed Railway, and strengthen capital cooperation.” Wang Zhiquan, chairman of the China High-speed Railway, said that the Zhuhai Strategic Operation Center will Promoting the rapid development of the three new tracks of Shenzhou high-speed rail freight dedicated railway operation and maintenance, rail transit talent training, and rail transit new energy.

With the implementation of the “Made in China 2025 Plan” and the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the field of new energy has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. Beijiao New Energy is taking advantage of the trend, leading product innovation with green concepts, boosting development with technology, promoting the upgrading of the new energy industry, and marching towards an excellent new energy enterprise for rail transit.


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