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Begging for a child has been ups and downs for many years, and successfully “landed” in Jiale in 3 months!

Begging for a child has been ups and downs for many years, and successfully “landed” in Jiale in 3 months!

Life is one exam after another, and in the tempering again and again, we continue to complete our goals. On this day, in the consulting room of Director Dou Lihua of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital, seven former infertility patients handed in their “examination answer sheets” – pregnancy checklists. All of them succeeded in trying to conceive and conceived babies. (The checklist in the hands of Director Dou is from another pregnant mother.) The pregnant mothers were full of happy smiles, wishing and congratulating each other, and the consultation room was full of “pregnancy”. Although they come from all over the country and have different conditions, they conceived successfully in the same place, what a fate!

7 pregnant mothers announced the good news

Seeing this situation, some patients must be curious: How did they get pregnant? Let’s take a look at the experience of a representative Ms. Su from Jiangsu:

Ms. Su is from Ganyu District, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. The experience of seeking a child is also very sad. A few years ago, after she and her husband planned to have a baby, they actively prepared for pregnancy, ate folic acid, supplemented nutrition, and strengthened exercise… Soon, Ms. Su became pregnant. It was a happy thing, but soon after, Ms. Su was told by the doctor during the pregnancy examination that the baby had stopped developing. This is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for the couple who are carefully preparing for pregnancy. Although Ms. Su was very reluctant to face this reality, she had no choice but to give up the pregnancy. Unexpectedly, there were two more tire arrests in succession. “Why does the baby always grow or not?” “Why does the fetal stop always happen to me?” “What should I do?” Ms. Su was full of puzzlement, doubt, sadness and anxiety. After three abortions, Ms. Su completely became an infertile woman who wanted to conceive but could not conceive.

Group photo of Ms. Su and Director Dou

In order to seek a child, Ms. Su started the mode of running around, went to various places to seek medical treatment, and traveled all over the hospital, but the hard work did not get the rewards she deserved. No hospital could really help her, and she still failed to conceive in the end. Just when Ms. Su was about to give up, a friend’s recommendation helped her a lot—my friend, Ms. Li, recommended Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital to her. It turned out that Ms. Li was also an infertility patient before, and she had seven or eight biochemical pregnancies, but the cause could not be found after repeated biochemical tests. In the end, she came to Director Jiale Dou’s place admiringly. After precise examination and analysis of indicators and treatment, she became pregnant soon and has become a happy mother.

With the recommendation of Ms. Li, Ms. Su decided to come to Jiale to have a try. So in March 2023, I came to Jinan Jiale Dou’s clinic from Jiangsu. After examination, the diagnosis was: 3 times of fetal arrest, bilateral tubal ampulla adhesions, premature ovarian failure AMH value 0.84, and bilateral small ovaries. Director Dou immediately formulated a systematic treatment plan: intrauterine laparoscopic minimally invasive separation of adhesions, detailed inspection of endocrine, chromosome, immune and other fetal arrest indicators, symptomatic treatment, medication to regulate ovarian function, and nourish the ovaries. In the second month, that is, in April, Ms. Su went to the hospital for reexamination, and everything was fine. Director Dou arranged for a pregnancy test. Another month later, in May, Ms. Su found out she was pregnant! The gestational sac and yolk sac in the uterus have appeared!

Ms. Su’s Pregnancy Checklist

After the pregnancy was detected, Ms. Su wanted to thank Director Dou in person, so she came to Jinan from Jiangsu. On the day of the announcement, I “bumped into” several pregnant mothers. Facing the interview, Ms. Su said: “Thank you, Director Dou, I have traveled to many places and failed to conceive. After running around for several years, I didn’t expect that this time I was pregnant in only three months. It is really amazing. When the baby is born, I will definitely bring him back to have a look!”



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