Be your own goddess, Kao will accompany you to start the “flower” style of care


The spring breeze is warm, and Vientiane is renewed to show its youth. The March 8 Goddess Festival is coming. This is a festival for women all over the world to strive for peace, equality and development. Whether as a working woman, wife, or mother, while shining in the workplace and family, you also need to “care” for yourself.

Kao joins hands with its various brand products to help improve women’s quality of life. We hope that every woman can maintain youthfulness and freedom, and at the same time wish women all over the world a happy holiday.

Have you ever had such troubles in your fast-paced life? Staying up late and sleeping irregularly, I have paid special attention to skin care on weekdays, but when I wake up the next day, my skin seems to be dry and rough again. Based on years of experience in research on dry sensitive skin, Curel specially launched the “Shenyi Muscle” mask. It can penetrate the stratum corneum of the skin, relieve dryness and tightness, and enhance skin moisture. The more thoughtful tear-off small sheet mask design can take good care of the nose, eyelids and other parts that are prone to dryness, so that you can easily be cared for in a fast-paced life~

Caring for yourself starts with knowing who you really are and following your original choice. In the warm spring season, in addition to maintaining a moist and delicate face, elegant and delicate outfits can add beauty. Take out the long-lost bright spring clothes, the clothes are often wrinkled or smelly, lightly spray with Kao Water Sensation Clothing Care Spray (Lily Fragrance), it can reduce clothes wrinkles, static electricity, smell, etc. without washing. There is also a rich lily fragrance, which can blow away the dullness and bleakness of winter, and welcome the blooming season with you.

From the workplace to the family, women who have been in various roles, incarnate the “goddess” of vitality, and use their delicate feelings and tenacity to support a world in work and life. After sitting in the office for a long time or doing housework, don’t forget to give yourself warm love. Tear off a piece of “Kao Meishulu Steam Warming Patch” and stick it directly on the skin surface of the sore shoulders, neck, waist, abdomen, legs and other discomforts, and the steam with a suitable temperature of about 40℃* will spread slowly, The warmth flows into the heart, and the warmth can last for 5-8* hours, making the “goddess” full of vitality and vitality. (*Data from Kao Research Center)

During the menstrual period, you can also enjoy yourself with Kao’s meticulous care. Leerya Zero Touch Feather Cotton Sanitary Napkins are made of delicate materials with a thickness of about 12 microns* made by Japanese ingenuity technology. With a soft and smooth cotton surface like feathers, they care for the skin during menstruation. Let you get rid of the shackles of menstrual period and unlock the freedom of menstrual period. (*Data from Kao Research Center)

Get rid of the shackles, break the definition of labels, on the road of being yourself bravely, Kao integrates love into every bit of life, hoping to accompany every ordinary and great “goddess” to realize themselves and enjoy freedom in every moment of shining or tired rest .

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