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Be the first to light up the Tianjin business Christmas season! SM Plaza joins hands with cute plush animals to light up the warm winter in Jincheng

Be the first to light up the Tianjin business Christmas season! SM Plaza joins hands with cute plush animals to light up the warm winter in Jincheng

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Christmas, as a festival of warmth, happiness and healing, is a highly anticipated end-of-year gathering time every year. On November 4, SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza (hereinafter referred to as “SM Plaza”) successfully held a Christmas lighting ceremony and launched the theme activity of “Laughing and Sparkling Christmas”, taking the lead in lighting up the warmth of the 2023 Tianjin commercial Christmas season. . At this point, with the lighting ceremony as the warm starting point, SM Plaza will continue to create a dreamy, healing and happy heart-warming Christmas season for customers.

Seven original IP little cute beasts parachuted into the 8-meter-tall plush Christmas tree and made a stunning debut

This Christmas season, SM Plaza welcomes the mysterious elves of Warm Planet – 7 original IP plush cute animals. They bring warm stories of love and healing and will accompany customers through a winter full of smiles, healing and warmth. The 8-meter-high plush Christmas tree located in the wooden ring atrium is one of the most important displays of the Christmas season. It consists of a colorful plush Christmas tree above and a shuttle castle below. The plush Christmas tree on the upper floor is colorful, with warm plush and dreamy lights. , full of healing power; the castle on the lower floor is beautiful in shape, like stepping into a fairy tale world, with 7 cute little beasts shuttled through it. The interactive devices inside the castle add to the fun, interactive breathing lanterns and Christmas trees are lit together, and the gorgeous lights make SM The square is built into a gathering place full of Christmas joy and romantic warmth. At the same time, the plush Christmas gift box in the water ring atrium, the cute little beast countdown device on the Golden Ring Line, and the glowing gift-giving little cute animal inflatable model at the Golden Ring A door also echoed the cuteness. Customers on the scene took photos and checked in, sharing their inner joy. and good expectations for the holidays.

The double-atrium lighting ceremony brings a warm start to Christmas

On the day of the lighting ceremony, cute little plush animals and colorful elves descended on SM Plaza. They were fashionable and full of cuteness, enthusiastically inviting customers to participate in this long-awaited event. It is worth mentioning that the two main venues of this lighting ceremony, the water ring atrium and the wooden ring atrium, have realized a dream linkage for the first time, which also realizes the super-large space interaction of SM Plaza. In the water ring atrium, the plush mulled wine market is open for a limited time. Have a drink here to warm your heart. A more passionate and dynamic band performance allows on-site customers to experience the warmth of music. Following the cute plush animals and colorful elves to the wooden ring atrium, the energetic Christmas dance officially kicked off the lighting ceremony.

At 7 p.m. that day, SM Plaza business management leaders, tenant representatives and 2023 SM child stars jointly pressed the light button, and the 8-meter-high extra-large plush Christmas tree located in the wooden ring atrium was instantly lit. The colorful plush Christmas tree, decorated with gorgeous lights, looks even more cute and lively. After the lighting ceremony, the little angels from the Lekla Choir sang Christmas carols with heavenly sounds for everyone. The beautiful notes linger in the ears, conveying hope and healing to the hearts of everyone present. This also heralds the brilliant start of the SM Plaza Christmas season in 2023, and a series of Christmas activities will also be staged simultaneously!

Enjoy the 7th Anniversary Christmas Carnival Full of Warm Gifts

The seven cute little beasts, who carry the mission of lighting up the fleece, gathering the smiley fleece, healing with gratitude, 7th Anniversary, pampering the fleece with laughter, and ringing carnival, also continue to convey their full warmth to SM Plaza through different activities. Pokémon PTCG Card Experience Competition, WCCF International Famous Cat Competition, Fursuit Cubs’ 7th Anniversary Store Celebration, Christmas Celebrity Run, Vinyl Electric New Year’s Eve Music Party and other fun activities will be launched at SM Plaza one after another, and there will be more laughter Thousands of gifts, large shopping gift certificates, New Year’s wish blind boxes and other exquisite benefits are packed with end-of-year gifts. Especially in the 2023 Christmas season, when the store celebrates its seventh anniversary, SM Plaza’s multiple value-for-money birthday packages will also come as promised.

After seven years of intensive cultivation and development, SM Plaza’s image as a “new regional trend landmark” has become increasingly popular. SM Plaza is also constantly upgrading and optimizing its brand portfolio, carefully presenting customers with fashionable and rich shopping options. Recently, diversified business portfolio brands have opened one after another, including 11Lab, Haoteai, DQ, Anta, Fotile, iFlytek, Hufu, Oujia Luni, etc. In the future, SM Plaza will continue to implement the service concept of ALL FOR YOU, continue to carry out diversified activities, introduce diversified brands, meet the trend of high-quality life advocated and pursued by consumers, and create a large-scale urban complex loved by consumers. . At the same time, as a commercial landmark in the city, it continues to convey warmth to the city.

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