Based on the individual demands of investors, public consultation, and construction of a diversified product configuration service system

Based on the individual demands of investors, public consultation, and construction of a diversified product configuration service system

In the new wealth management era, the demand for asset allocation is increasing among the investor population. How to continuously increase wealth and realize asset inheritance is the direction for various asset management institutions to compete. Asset allocation is regarded as a “good recipe” for investors to cope with uncertainty and achieve wealth preservation and appreciation. As a pioneer in the securities investment advisory industry, People Consulting has established a complete product system and service system structure, and successfully covered the systematic needs of investors for securities advisory services in the form of a product network.

Based on the asset allocation demands of investors, Public Consulting meets the diversified allocation needs of investors through the formulation and implementation of scientific product strategies. Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, People Consulting has been deeply involved in the field of financial technology, exploring the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and traditional customer service, adhering to the purpose of “strive to become a better self”, service-oriented, and based on securities laws and regulations And industry self-regulatory organization rules are the highest self-regulatory norms. Based on the principles of reform, innovation and development, a more complete service system has been established in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuhan, Hefei, Guangzhou and other places, striving to provide thousands of investors with personalized services at close range. Professional and refined investment advisory services.

At present, Public Consulting has grown into a comprehensive, cross-media investment consulting and financial information service organization integrating a big data center with independent intellectual property rights, an investment research center, a customer service center, and a compliance risk management center, successfully covering investment To meet the systematic demands of investors for securities consulting services, and to transfer wealth management skills to investors.

From a product point of view, Public Consulting has successfully built a technology-based financial product system based on quantitative models that integrates investors’ thoughts, needs, and demands. Relying on the three dimensions of short-term, mid-term and long-term, and four product lines of short-term tips, trader pioneers, strategy research, and private housekeepers as benchmarks, in the form of a product network, it brings reliable investment experience to investors and at the same time obtains good results. Market feedback and user word of mouth.

From the perspective of the investment advisory team, Public Consulting has successively established a strong selection team and an event-driven team according to the changing rules of the market style over the years, so as to cater to the diversified investment styles of investors. In addition, Public Consulting also brings together many well-known financial experts in the industry, including the resident guests of Hubei Satellite TV’s “I’m Born” and the special guests of China Business News’ “Today’s Stock Market”, etc., leading with professional and authoritative investment concepts and investment methods Investors invest rationally.

In the future development, Public Consulting will continue to focus on comprehensive and professional services, and use objective data analysis-based software and investment advisory services to improve user loyalty and provide investors with better quality services.

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