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Baoding Love Plaza “Drive Unboundedly to Meet the Future” Investment Promotion Conference was successfully held

Baoding Love Plaza “Drive Unboundedly to Meet the Future” Investment Promotion Conference was successfully held

On April 12, the Baoding Love Plaza Investment Promotion Conference with the theme of “Moving Without Boundaries to Meet the Future” was successfully held. Baoding Love Plaza, as the “first car-themed shopping center in the country”, fully demonstrated the extensive business layout of Love Commerce, the development of innovative real estate operation categories, and the strength of helping the new development of the city in this conference. Interpretation of the reshaping of the new scene-based experience platform, the integration of multiple business formats, etc., and concentrated promotion to hundreds of brands. Industry experts and media representatives gathered at the event to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on issues related to the innovation of Baoding Nancheng’s business structure and urban consumption upgrades, to explore investment opportunities and seek common development prospects.

As the organizer of the conference, Yao Jiangang, president of Love Real Estate, extended a warm welcome to the guests who witnessed the important moment of Baoding Love Plaza Investment Promotion Conference, and thanked Baoding Municipal Government and Lianchi District Government for promoting the project for more than two years promotion and support. He pointed out that Baoding Love Plaza is a representative project of love real estate business innovation and an important part of the diversified ecological circle economy of love real estate. The project is based on the purpose of improving the after-sales experience of traditional cars and upgrading the traditional commercial consumption model, and employs top professional design and planning at home and abroad. Its unique combination of car-themed IP + commercial lifestyle innovation will bring consumers more wisdom and convenience. , More trendy experience. Baoding Love Plaza will definitely become a new landmark of the ancient city of Baoding, a new experience of modern life, and a new model of urban upgrading.

In addition, Zhang Jianhui, general manager of Baoding Love Plaza, introduced the characteristics and advantages of the project in detail. He said that the total construction area of ​​the project is 330,000 m², the total investment is about 3 billion, and it brings together 300+ brands, covering 8,000? “China’s first car-themed shopping center” commercial complex integrating drinking, playing, entertainment and shopping. Consumers can not only experience the largest children’s business in Baoding, but also enjoy delicious food in the fashionable dining area of ​​nearly 70+ families , you can also enjoy the 24-hour trendy leisure center, and the business model of immersive experience aggregates and releases the “night needs” of new youth. It is worth mentioning that the cutting-edge humanized square design makes full use of photovoltaic technology and solar energy resources to achieve low-carbon energy saving and create a nearly zero-energy building.

In the big coffee forum, Lu Zhaoming, a well-known senior media person, pointed out that the improvement of consumers’ living standards and the urgent demand for innovative consumption model experience are the lubricant for business model changes. The landing of Baoding Love Plaza Shopping Center with the theme of cars will Promote the transformation of customers from product function requirements to experience requirements. Li Chao, executive general manager of Zhongji Automobile Group, believes that the combination of business and car companies will enhance the transparency of consumers’ overall perception of cars, and can systematically solve users’ concerns about reputation. Yin Shiyu, a commercial real estate trader expert, described Baoding’s regional advantages and future development direction, and deeply discussed the development model of the automobile industry and the deep integration of Love Plaza and automotive technology. A good business environment and highly innovative consumption models will further break the traditional offline shopping experience, and said that the innovative consumption experience model of Baoding Love Plaza is a substantive step to promote the commercial transformation and development of “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei”.

At the conference, brands such as Zhongji Automobile, UME Movie City, Jiajiayue Supermarket, Champion Ice Rink, Hanilu, Yuexiang Sports, Le Fitness, Warner, Temujin, Monster club, C&A, GAP and other merchants conducted on-site electronic signing .

Hao Dong, the national business director of Champion Ice Rink, delivered a speech as a representative of the merchants. He affirmed the innovative business model of Baoding Love Plaza, and thanked Baoding Love Plaza for providing more market opportunities, investment opportunities, and development opportunities. He is willing to join hands with Baoding Love Plaza to create A brighter and better tomorrow!

At the end of the conference, all the leaders witnessed the “LOGO Launching Ceremony” of Love Business, which also marked an important moment for Baoding Love Plaza to embark on a new journey.

Baoding Love Plaza, as a participant in the construction of a city of modern quality life, will join hands with major brands to actively explore new paths for urban commercial development and reform. We firmly believe that the “all-round one-stop” car-themed shopping place will further break the city’s commercial landscape in Baoding. pattern, promoting lifestyle changes and upgrades.

Opportunities for commercial development only favor those who are steadfast, explorers, and pioneers. Baoding Love Plaza will be focused and driven by innovation. To shift to create a “green”, “low carbon”, “technical” ideal living field.

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