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Baoding Baiya, selected white tea aged more than three years

Baoding Baiya, selected white tea aged more than three years

Chinese people are always in a “reincarnation” of preferences when it comes to drinking tea, just like fashion trends – every few decades, “retro” will become a phenomenon. The difference is that Chinese people are drinking tea. The “retro” of tea may span hundreds or even thousands of years. Nowadays, white tea is once again popular in the city. The Baoding Baiya vintage white tea produced by Zhuyeqing Tea Industry is a white tea that is more than three years old and has become the leading high-quality vintage white tea.

In a distant timeline, the “artist emperor” Song Huizong Zhao Ji highly praised white tea in his favorite work “Daguan Tea Theory”, and it has become popular again in the past ten years.

Because it is so old, it is no longer possible to verify what kind of white tea is described by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty: “White tea is a kind of tea by itself, different from ordinary tea. Its strips are clear and its leaves are translucent and thin. Like jade in its pure form”, what kind of white tea is it? .

But one thing is certain, his beloved white tea has long been one of the six major tea categories in China, and has successfully spread across regions and time.

Among them is Baoding Baiya, the top white tea from Mount Emei.

01 The precious top white buds of the three-year-old medicine use time to create value sublimation

One of the reasons why people are becoming more and more fond of white tea is that tea itself is a natural product of Chinese Humane Law.

This shows that even when drinking tea, Chinese people are most particular about the original ecology.

Tian Yiheng, a scholar of the Ming Dynasty, recorded in “Boiled Spring Essays” that “the tea maker takes the fire as the second priority, and the dryer as the top priority. It is also close to nature and cuts off the fire. In addition, if the hands of the tea maker are unclean and the heat is not appropriate, it can damage it.” The fragrance and color are also good. If the raw sun-dried tea is put in the pot, the flag and gun will be comfortable, green and bright, especially lovely.”

This “raw and sun-dried” process of white tea is close to the original state of vegetation, thus maximizing its medicinal value.

It can reduce inflammation and relieve internal heat. In ancient times, white tea soup could be called a natural “antiviral oral liquid”.

This also gives white tea good health properties, so it was exported to Southeast Asia and other places in the early years to treat diseases such as measles in children.

This is especially true for old white tea. Commonly known as “one year of tea, three years of medicine, seven years of treasure”, as the storage time increases, the content of flavonoids contained in white tea increases, and flavonoids have significant antioxidant effects and can clear away heat and detoxify.

As a three-year-old white tea, Baoding Baiya has achieved sublimation in value first of all due to the accumulation of time.

Then there is the geographical value brought by the growing environment.

Mount Emei is located at 30 degrees north latitude, the “famous tea latitude”, and is therefore known as the golden tea-producing belt. More than 80% of the tea gardens are distributed in the mountains and valleys at an altitude of 600 meters to 1,500 meters. There is abundant rainfall and less than 950 days of sunshine a year. For hours, it is shrouded in clouds and fog 88% of the time, which is suitable for the growth of tea trees.

This natural ecology has given rise to the reputation of “Eshan has many medicinal herbs, especially good tea, which is unique in the world”.

Therefore, Emeishan tea originated in the Jin Dynasty, flourished in the Tang Dynasty, and flourishes today.

Based on the comprehensive climatic conditions, the geographical environment of the Emeishan tea garden is almost similar to that of Fuding, Fujian, the hometown of white tea.

Because the altitude of most Fuding tea gardens is between 500-800 meters, or even above 1,000 meters, there is also abundant rainfall, which is very suitable for the growth of tea trees.

This allows the white needles of Baoding Baiya from the tea gardens in the mountains of Emei to taste the same honeyed flavor.

02The charm of Chinese culture is both sophisticated and “casual”

As a rare category that becomes more fragrant as it ages, white tea can play the role of “finishing”.

Especially Baoding Baiya, a white tea that is called “three-year medicine” when first introduced, its value and the importance it attaches to visiting distinguished guests can be seen from this.

Moreover, the taste of white tea has a continuous changing process.

After white tea is stored, the internal components will undergo some changes, and the taste will become more diverse.

Therefore, white tea can be said to have a “tea fragrance wheel” – from new tea, to one-year tea, to three and five years, and finally to “old honey fragrance”, each stage has a different taste.

This is one of the reasons why white tea is so popular, that is, there are new changes every year. It can be said that the more you drink it, the more “new” it becomes, and it can also be said that the more you drink it, the more “flavorful” it becomes.

Apart from being particular, it is “casual”.

The “casual” here is not casual, but closer to a state of mind after the mind is empty.

Because drinking tea is more about “pleasing oneself”.

Even if you are entertaining distinguished guests, you should only share it after experiencing it yourself – in the final analysis, it is an expression of personal preference.

Miraculously, white tea also has a well-known “universality” – contrary to people’s pickyness about various specialty teas, almost everyone can adapt to the freshness and naturalness of white tea.

So make a cup of Baoding Baiya, and all your taste buds will not object.

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