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Bank of Tianjin supports the revitalization of the resources of “time-honored brands” and helps brands with long histories to rejuvenate

Bank of Tianjin supports the revitalization of the resources of “time-honored brands” and helps brands with long histories to rejuvenate

As representatives of national culture and local culture, “time-honored” enterprises have rich historical and cultural heritage, and their development is of great significance to inheriting Chinese culture and carrying forward the national spirit. At the same time, the development of these enterprises has also created more employment opportunities and economic benefits for society. Recently, the Bank of Tianjin has made active attempts to support “time-honored” enterprises, using financial “living water” to help “time-honored” resources revitalize, so that long-established brands can glow with “new vitality.”

The “Dayang” brand was founded in 1932 by Mr. Song Qing, a famous patriotic entrepreneur, and has a history of nearly a hundred years. Since its inception, the brand has a profound historical and cultural heritage of revitalizing national industry, upholding national self-confidence, and promoting national spirit. As soon as it came out, Duyang brand wool sold well all over the country and was known as the “Light of Domestic Products”. In the 1930s and 1940s, more than 160 political figures, celebrities, and industrialists, including Cai Yuanpei, Hu Shi, and Huang Yanpei, wrote inscriptions for Duyang. The first domestically produced yarn in China is the “Duyang” brand. The “Duyang” brand has profound cultural connotations and national connotations in the hearts of consumers, and is a symbol of high-quality domestic products. In 2006, “Danyang” was awarded the title of “Chinese Time-honored Brand” by the Ministry of Commerce; in 2009, it was awarded the title of “Tinmen Time-honored Brand” by the Tianjin Municipal Commerce Commission.

Tianjin Bank has actively explored and innovated and achieved practical results in deeply exploring the brand connotation, improving the inheritance system of industrial time-honored brands, and exploring the connotation of brand value. After learning about the brand financing needs, the First Central Branch of the Bank of Tianjin took the initiative to design a financing plan for Tianjin Textile Group, using the pledge of the “Du Yang” brand trademark rights as a guarantee to speed up the efficiency of loan approval and realize the implementation of a working capital loan of RMB 80 million.

Tianjin Lishunde Hotel is a luxury hotel with a long history. Its construction began in 1863. The interior of the hotel has exquisite decoration and rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as unique architectural style, luxurious facilities and high-standard services. In addition, the hotel also has China’s first hotel museum covering an area of ​​more than 700 square meters, which collects a large number of precious cultural relics and materials reflecting the history of the hotel and the development of Tianjin. In 2011, Tianjin Tourism Group held the unveiling ceremony of Lishunde Hotel as a “Chinese Time-honored Brand” in the Victoria Garden of Lishunde Hotel. It has become the only hotel company in China to be awarded the title of “National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit” and “Chinese Time-honored Brand”. It has also won many honors such as “National AAA Tourist Attraction” and “China’s 20th Century Architectural Heritage”. It has been recognized by the National Tourism Administration Positioned as “China’s most representative historical and cultural themed hotel”, it was selected as a “Tianjin New Landmark” by the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism.

  This year, the cultural tourism market has fully accelerated its recovery, and Tianjin Tourism Group is in a period of promising strategic opportunities. After understanding the capital needs of the enterprise’s business development, Tianjin Bank showed its responsibility and sense of responsibility as a legal person bank in Tianjin, gave full play to the trademark value of the Chinese time-honored brand “Lishunde”, and proactively designed a financing plan with a pledge guarantee of trademark rights to speed up lending. Approval efficiency, and providing preferential interest rates, and jointly issued syndicated loans to Tianjin Tourism Group in conjunction with Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank.Support enterprises to improve their operating capabilities and improve efficiency levels.

In the next step, Bank of Tianjin will continue to implement the “Ten Actions” of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and the work requirements of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to “revitalize time-honored brands and polish the “Tianjin” signboard”, continue to be guided by the “three quantities” goal, and It is the responsibility and mission to improve the ability and level of serving the real economy, fully support the revitalization and development of Tianjin’s characteristic brands and service industries, and use financial water to help transform the existing resources of “time-honored brands” into inexhaustible driving force for the city to stride forward and radiate new vitality. and vitality.

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