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Bank of Tianjin launches smart technology financial comprehensive service plan

Bank of Tianjin launches smart technology financial comprehensive service plan

  January 28,The 2024 Central Broadcasting Network Financial Annual Conference, an annual event in the national financial field sponsored by the Bank of Tianjin, was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Bank of Tianjin released a comprehensive smart technology financial service plan.

  Tianjin Bank’s “Intelligent Technology Financial Comprehensive Service Plan” allowsitselfTransform from a “single credit product provider” to a “comprehensive financial services integrator”.

  In the work of promoting the virtuous cycle of “technology-industry-finance”, Tianjin Bank firstlyFurther enhance the diversified relay-type comprehensive financial service capabilities of “stocks, bonds, loans, foundations, leasing, and insurance”,Build a financial service ecology including traditional bank financial services + financial consulting, capital operations, introduction of strategic investment, financial regulations and post-listing capital market financing, and cover broad market needs with a diversified product system.Provide a full-cycle, full-scenario, and full-ecology “package” of comprehensive financial services for scientific and technological innovation enterprises.twoIt is to work hard on the system and mechanism to establish a special class for science and innovation finance led by the “top leaders” of the party committee, as well as a cross-line and cross-department working mechanism, establish a team of professional talents, recruit and cultivate people who understand both finance and industry and technology. We will cultivate talents, improve professional capabilities, and actively build branches with special features for science and technology and finance, giving priority to serving science and technology innovation enterprises, increasing the loan growth rate, the effect of investment-loan linkage, and the issuance of science and technology innovation bills, science and technology innovation bonds, etc. The third is to focus on customers and innovate product supply, focusing on smart technology enterprise loans, specialized new loans, and characteristic park loans.Accelerate the implementation of science and technology innovation financial channel scenario construction, combine online and offline,Truly meet the short-term financing needs of scientific and technological innovation enterprises. The fourth is to actively establish an ecological environment of “banking, government, enterprise and investment”, integrate resources to build a matching platform for scientific and technological enterprises, explore a credit list management model based on “investment and loan linkage”, connect with relevant government departments, and sort out key industrial chains and technological leaders. List of enterprises and other enterprises, connect with external third-party institutions, build a diversified comprehensive financial service platform, and provide comprehensive financial services such as project consultation and subsidy declaration for scientific and technological innovation enterprises; strengthen the review of entities, establish characteristic risk evaluation standards for scientific and technological innovation enterprises, and optimize and upgrade risk prevention and control technologies and means to strengthen the identity and qualification review of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, and strive to provide enterprises with more intelligent credit models. The fifth is to adhere to the principle of “loan early, lend small, invest early, and invest small”, and continue to optimize the smart product system such as “Talent Loan” and “Business Loan” based on the financial needs of science and technology enterprises, to provide start-up technology companies and entrepreneurial incubation teams. Support and help companies with hard power to develop and grow. Build a cooperation platform for venture capital funds and promote more private equity funds to invest in small and early investments. The sixth is to strengthen digital support, actively practice “technological support, technological substitution, technological leadership, technological empowerment”, with the goal of “control, accuracy, speed and lightness”, and establish “excellent, fast, flexible and professional” “The agile organization actively practices big data and big model applications, focusing on the three major themes of affairs, business, and customers to empower the development of technology and finance.

At the meeting, the Bank of Tianjin signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Central Broadcasting Network, which will deeply combine the communication capabilities of mainstream media with the innovative practices of financial institutions to create a synergistic effect of 1+1>2. In the future, both parties will actively innovate in many aspects such as industrial expansion, brand building, and information sharing, and jointly contribute to the construction of a strong financial country.

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