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Bank of Tianjin holds first innovation competition to gather development momentum

Bank of Tianjin holds first innovation competition to gather development momentum

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, improve the ability to serve the real economy, deepen the supply-side reform of its own financial services, and complete the “Five Big Articles”, Tianjin Bank collects innovative ideas and creativity across the bank and holds a bank-wide innovation competition. , to promote innovation among all employees and set off a new upsurge.

On January 3, the finals of Tianjin Bank’s first innovation competition kicked off at the head office. The 24 finalists’ ideas and creative innovation projects competed on-site. After a wonderful display competition and judges’ scoring, the awards were finally settled. , the first innovation competition of Bank of Tianjin came to a successful conclusion. The successful holding of the competition fully demonstrated the innovative enthusiasm and vitality of all employees of Tianjin Bank, and once again stimulated the majestic power of the entire bank to uphold integrity, innovate, and gather momentum for development, providing a solid foundation for winning the “five tough battles” and the “five speed-up battles” new innovation impetus.

This innovation competition is led by the Strategic Development Department of the Head Office and is divided into six selection lines: corporate, retail, financial market, operation, technology and comprehensive. It is the first innovation competition held by Tianjin Bank for all employees of the bank, aiming to improve the whole bank. Innovation awareness, comprehensively promote process innovation, product innovation, and service innovation. In order to enhance the fairness and impartiality of the competition, the Innovation Committee of the Head Office formulated and issued the event competition system and selection rules. The competition is divided into three parts: line preliminary round, selection and recommendation by the Head Office experts and the Head Office finals. The participating projects are divided into two categories: creative innovation projects and idea innovation projects, with five major awards including the best creative innovation project, the best idea innovation project, and the best innovative individual.

Since the launch of the competition, the entire bank has actively participated, signed up enthusiastically, and carefully prepared the topics for the competition, showing a good competition trend of catching up with each other and blooming more. The competition received a total of 305 innovation projects submitted by 40 head office departments and branches, including 174 idea innovation projects and 131 innovative innovation projects. The participating teams include combinations of head office departments and branches, as well as cross-business line combinations. etc., realizing the overall linkage and cross-line cooperation of innovative projects. The six major lines of the head office, including corporate, retail, financial markets, operations, technology and comprehensive, carried out on-site evaluation and scoring by judges on 305 projects. On this basis, the main responsible persons of the head office departments, branches and subsidiaries formed a The expert review working group made expert selections and recommendations for the top 120 projects. After many rounds of selection, 24 projects finally stood out and entered the finals of the head office.

The 24 projects participating in the finals of the head office embody the wisdom of the entire bank in innovation and development, and are a concentrated display of the innovation capabilities of the entire bank. In terms of the company’s customer service, it focuses on industrial finance and technology applications, and has designed innovations such as “Platform Enterprise Payment and Settlement”, “Smart Industry and Finance Platform”, “Intelligent Due Diligence and Process Management”, and “Supply Chain Financing Services Based on Blockchain Technology”. Projects; the financial market line focuses on business innovation, and has designed innovative projects such as “Intellectual Property Securitization Optimization” and “Programmed Trading System”; in terms of retail business, it focuses on process optimization and customer marketing expansion, and has designed “Optimization of Account Manager Performance Referral Rules” “Sleeping Customer Activation”, “Digital Inclusive Financial Service Circle Construction”, “Financial Partner Plan” and other innovative projects; technology, operations and comprehensive lines fully integrate business needs and propose “cybersecurity situation monitoring” and “online detailed acquisition” Innovative projects such as “Credit Approval and Pricing Platform” and “RPA to Build Smart Brain”.

On the day of the finals, the atmosphere was warm and exciting, and it became a feast of sparks of innovative thinking. Each participating team used an on-site road show to demonstrate innovation and creativity from the aspects of innovation background, project purpose, cost-effectiveness, risk control, promotion prospects, etc., especially introducing the innovation points, functional design, future blueprint, etc. of their respective projects. The on-site judges evaluated the projects Questions and comments were asked about the innovation details. While the on-site competition was fierce, all employees of the bank also watched the live video online outside the competition venue and voted for their favorite projects, achieving a heated synchronization inside and outside the competition venue. After fierce competition, the judging panel strictly followed the scoring standards and comprehensively scored the on-site presentation of each participating project in terms of the innovation, advancement, applicability, commerciality, feasibility and team performance of the topic. In the end, 4 projects including “‘Smart Pass’ Scenario Merchant Promotion Plan” won the first prize for idea innovation projects, and 4 projects including “‘Light Enjoy Finance, Smart Enjoy Station’ light service model” won the first prize for creative innovation projects. ; After on-site lottery and online employee voting, 6 employees including Sun Chuan won the Lucky Employee Award, and 6 projects including the “Company Business Operation Data Visualization Process Management Innovation Project” won the Most Popular Innovation Project Award. Famous flowers in various major awards include host.

During the finals, Wu Hongtao, President of the Bank of Tianjin, commented on the participating projects and said that this competition established a good platform for all employees of the bank to display their talents, communicate and learn, and stimulated the enthusiasm of Tianjin people to dare to try and innovate. It is the key to innovation. A successful practice in which the concept is subtly integrated into daily work. In the next step, Bank of Tianjin should transform innovative thinking into practical actions, strengthen the full linkage between the technology department and the business department, the front office department and the middle and back office departments, select projects with higher value and strong implementation potential to carry out incubation and application work, and seize the opportunities of digital transformation. In this period, we will transform creative “golden ideas” into real productivity and contribute to the “five major articles” of finance.

Members of the leadership team of Tianjin Bank, principals of head office departments, and principals of various branches participated in the competition on-site, and other cadres and employees of the bank watched the live broadcast of the competition online.

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