Bank of Tianjin and Public Transport Branch of Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly launched the 2023 National Security Education Day Law Popularization Campaign

Bank of Tianjin and Public Transport Branch of Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly launched the 2023 National Security Education Day Law Popularization Campaign

“Hi students, welcome to the Tianjin Public Security Theme Station, take the ‘Bank of Tianjin Financial Knowledge Express Train’, I am the financial knowledge preaching teacher of the Bank of Tianjin.” Spring is in full swing, everything is sprouting, and Tianjin Public Security Theme Subway Station welcomes a group of immature and lovely little classmate.

April 15 this year is the eighth national security education day for all. Tianjin Bank and Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Transport Branch jointly launched a theme publicity activity at the new era Tianjin Public Security Theme Station of Tianjin Metro Line 5. The activity revolves around the theme of “implementing the overall national security concept, enhancing the national security awareness and literacy of the whole people, and consolidating the social foundation for a new development pattern with a new security pattern”. From the perspective of professional financial institutions, while popularizing national security legal education and in-depth publicity of national security knowledge, it also popularizes financial knowledge to elementary school students visiting the station, on-site people and passengers, reminds financial risks, and helps the public raise their awareness of risk prevention.

In order to enrich the children’s financial knowledge and broaden their knowledge of financial currency, the financial education teacher of the Bank of Tianjin opened a different class for the primary school students who came to visit, from the aspects of understanding RMB, identifying RMB, unsuitable RMB banknotes for circulation, and common household financial management methods. The same “financial first lesson”. In the early stage of the event, Bank of Tianjin carefully prepared intensive lectures suitable for elementary school age, and produced cartoon display boards and course PPTs to vividly display RMB anti-counterfeiting identification, RMB banknote standards that are not suitable for circulation, savings and other financial management suitable for children Methods and other financial basic knowledge content. In order to increase the experience of the event, RMB banknotes, standard atlases of RMB banknotes that are not suitable for circulation, and rich prizes for answering questions are specially prepared.

During the activity, the students concentrated their attention, actively interacted and participated actively. Their immature faces were full of desire for financial knowledge. “Teacher, I know, there is a bump here.” “Teacher, I saw that the ‘100’ was green just now, and now it is gold.” The students intuitively felt the difference between real and fake RMB by “seeing, touching, listening, and measuring” ; Through a series of interactive questions such as how to use pocket money, differences in family financial management, and how to choose bank savings, guide children to establish a correct view of financial consumption from an early age and improve their ability to solve problems with financial thinking. This financial class not only helped the children understand currency knowledge and broadened their horizons, but also enabled the children to master many practical skills related to currency in life, understand the significance of rationally planning the use of funds and related financial risks, and enhance the maintenance of national security. At the same time as legal awareness, financial literacy has been improved, and good publicity effects have been achieved.

For this event, Bank of Tianjin produced 100 national security education day brochures, distributed 200 anti-fraud and currency publicity leaflets, and distributed more than 300 publicity materials. In the next step, Bank of Tianjin will continue to make efforts to popularize financial knowledge education, let financial knowledge truly enter the hearts of the people, guide the public to establish a correct view of financial consumption, and continuously improve the awareness of risk prevention and the ability to recognize and prevent fraud.

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