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Bank of Shanghai was awarded the 2023 ESG Best Practice Case for Listed Companies

Bank of Shanghai was awarded the 2023 ESG Best Practice Case for Listed Companies

On November 16, the first China Listed Companies Sustainable Development Conference was held in Beijing. The Bank of Shanghai’s case of “actively exploring the construction of a carbon inclusive system and striving to achieve dual carbon goals” won the 2023 Listed Company ESG Best Practice Case. This conference coincides with the 7th anniversary of the listing of Bank of Shanghai. Li Xiaohong, member of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Board of Directors, attended the conference and was invited as a guest to participate in a roundtable dialogue with the theme of “Practice and Application of ESG Concepts in Chinese Listed Companies” and shared Bank of Shanghai’s understanding of ESG concepts. understanding, and the exploration and practice of implementing ESG concepts.

It is reported that this ESG case collection activity for listed companies collected 451 cases. After expert selection, a total of 120 A-share and H-share listed companies were awarded ESG best practice cases for listed companies, with 27% selected. The Bank of Shanghai has released the industry’s first dual-carbon white paper since November 2021, based on the “Four Major Actions for Green Operations” to form a dual cycle of green operations and green finance, making breakthroughs in practicing green and low-carbon development and achieving dual-carbon goals.

  Explore the construction of a carbon inclusive system

  Reflect the ESG responsibility of listed companies

The Bank of Shanghai actively explores interconnection with Shanghai’s carbon inclusive system and takes the lead in participating in the city’s carbon inclusive platform points consumption. In mid-July 2023, Shanghai’s first green travel carbon inclusive platform was launched, and the Bank of Shanghai’s Shanghai Banking Good Life APP was simultaneously connected, becoming the only financial institution to participate in points consumption. Four months after it was launched, 1.25 million carbon points have been redeemed for Bank of Shanghai credit card points and debit card S+ yellow stars. At the end of November, Bank of Shanghai’s mobile banking will soon launch a carbon inclusive special area, using channels and products to provide customers with exclusive carbon inclusive products that are more advantageous than similar products.

At the same time, in terms of its own operations, Bank of Shanghai actively guides employees to work green and live a low-carbon life. Since the launch of the employee carbon points APP developed in January 2023, as of early November, 8,911 people have participated, and the accumulated points have reached 8.18 million points. The carbon volume was 2,108 tons, and 1,291 people participated in the carbon point equity exchange, forming a positive incentive mechanism for employees’ green behavior.

  Donate to plant public welfare forests

  Fulfill social responsibilities of financial institutions

Bank of Shanghai attaches great importance to green development and continues to upgrade its green-gold background. In early August, it was the rainy season in Inner Mongolia. In this public welfare forest named “Green Tree City Silver”, the afforestation team was busy in an nervous and orderly manner, starting seedlings, bagging, transporting seedlings, dividing seedlings, planting, covering soil, and compacting… …It took nearly half a month to complete the planting of 120,000 pine trees in 1,622 acres of Pinus sylvestris. After acceptance by the competent authorities, the survival rate was as high as 90%, which is higher than the national standard. It indicates that this public welfare forest embodies the responsibility of Shanghai Bank will prosper. , Duolun County’s ecological security barrier will be further woven tightly. In September, the Carbon Points APP launched a new function for public welfare forests. Every employee can dynamically track the growth of Scotch pine through photos or videos on the APP.

  Comprehensively promote the construction of green outlets

  Practice green and low-carbon concepts

In the process of promoting the construction of green outlets, Bank of Shanghai has deeply implemented the concept of green and low-carbon development, created green outlets that integrate “wisdom, humanity, simplicity, nature, and sharing” and continued to explore new paths for the development of green outlets.

  Implement green evaluation standards with heritage and breakthroughs.The Bank of Shanghai has established a standard system covering the entire life cycle of “construction + operation + service” of its branches. The implementation standards refer to the “Civilized and Standardized Service Standard Evaluation System for China Banking Branches” by the Bank of China Association and the “Applicable Green Branches of Shanghai Bank” by the Shanghai Green Building Association. It also meets some of the requirements in the Technical Catalog and considers making breakthroughs in improving the green background of its outlets, which reflects its support for the development of green financial business, green offices and operations. Since the beginning of this year, Bank of Shanghai has completed the construction of 12 green star outlets and 14 green outlets.

  Explore the construction of “all-round” green outlets.Bank of Shanghai explores the construction of green outlets around ten major series, including energy conservation, environmental protection, photovoltaics, display, sharing, paperless, recycling, digital intelligence, carbon inclusiveness, and carbon points. This year, Bank of Shanghai is exploring new operating cooperation models with Xinhua Bookstore and Dayin Bookstore, advocating the concept of green sharing, creating reading spaces, and regularly providing art exhibitions and fashion and cultural activities for nearby community residents and customers.

  Research new paths for sustainable development of green outlets.Bank of Shanghai will focus on returning to the “four origins” to further enrich the connotation of green outlets. The first is to return to the origin of green operations and study carbon emission accounting methodologies; the second is to return to the origin of carbon inclusiveness, launch exclusive carbon inclusive services, people-benefit strategies, etc.; the third is to return to the origin of green sharing and build a green outlet ecosystem; the fourth is to return to Green humanities source, deepen the application function of carbon points APP in green outlets, enhance the social value creation of green outlets, and create a green business card with the characteristics of Bank of Shanghai.

  Building Zhangjiang Zero-Carbon Park

  Set a green benchmark

The Bank of Shanghai continues to promote the construction of Zhangjiang zero-carbon park, and distributed photovoltaic projects have generated a total of 853,200 kWh of green power. Completed the upgrade of the park’s energy efficiency management system to an energy and carbon management platform, applied for a Shanghai digital carbon management platform pilot, realized functions such as automatic statistics and analysis of full energy data and carbon emission data accounting, effectively found the park’s energy saving and carbon reduction efforts, and set the standard for similar parks Provide a model; use IoT sensing technology to accurately measure cooling capacity distribution, improve data center PUE measurement accuracy, and provide demonstration cases for PUE measurement and carbon accounting data distribution in similar office and data center public central cold station industrial parks across the city. Plan to implement new energy shuttle buses and increase the proportion of low-carbon public transportation. The system optimized the cooling mode of the data center and implemented closed cold aisle renovations. During the year, 1.2 million kilowatt hours of electricity were saved, and the PUE level continued to decline. Currently, the Bank of Shanghai is investigating smart microgrid technology, striving to lay the foundation for subsequent integrated source-load-storage construction and the introduction of green electricity.

  Continue to strengthen ESG information disclosure

Bank of Shanghai actively demonstrates its thinking, exploration and practice of ESG concepts to the public. Since 2007, Bank of Shanghai has prepared and released social responsibility reports for 16 consecutive years, and in 2021 it will be the first among its peers to release the “Environmental Information Disclosure Report”. With reference to international and domestic ESG standards, we will continue to deepen ESG disclosure content and disclose carbon emissions, waste management and other information based on environmental information accounting. Hire a third-party organization to conduct independent verification of the report, continuously expand the scope of verification, and enhance the credibility of the social responsibility report. Give full play to the pilot demonstration effect, proactively disclose the results of green transformation to the public, and enhance the influence on social green development. Relevant work has been recognized by the market. In recent years, it has been selected into multiple environmental and social responsibility indices such as the CSI 300 ESG Benchmark Index, the CSI 300 Carbon Neutral Index, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Social Responsibility Index, and the ECPI ESG Sustainability 40 Index. It has been selected into the “China ESG Listed Companies” Financial Industry Pioneer 30″ list, Forbes “China ESG50” list, etc.

The Bank of Shanghai will continue to implement the idea that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, adhere to the view that protecting the environment is protecting productivity, and improving the environment is developing productivity, establish a big-picture, long-term and holistic view, and effectively promote the formation of green development methods and lifestyle. Based on the national strategy, adhere to the original intention of “finance for the people”, create products that benefit the people and warm the heart, bravely shoulder social responsibilities, consciously start from me, and jointly build green waters and green mountains.

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