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Bank of Shanghai Tianjin Branch unveils first “Digital Economy Characteristics Branch”

Bank of Shanghai Tianjin Branch unveils first “Digital Economy Characteristics Branch”

Recently, the Tianjin Branch of the Bank of Shanghai held a launching ceremony for the “Digital Economy Characteristic Sub-branch”. Cao Sheng, deputy mayor of Hexi District, and heads of relevant commissions and bureaus attended, as well as principals of Shanghai Bank Tianjin Branch and business representatives.

As a commercial bank rooted in Shanghai and radiating across the country, Bank of Shanghai is deeply involved in key areas such as the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to serve the overall national development and regional economy. In recent years, the bank has actively promoted financial technology innovation and strived to promote the transformation of financial technology-enabled businesses. It has held the “Geek Competition” for six consecutive years, incubated projects to achieve many scenario applications, and recently released the market’s first “roamable, portable” The “interactive and tradable” Yuanshi Bank uses a new virtual digital space as a carrier to continuously promote the exploration of future banks. With the support and help of governments at all levels, regulatory agencies and the head office in Tianjin, the Tianjin Branch has taken root in this fertile soil for 15 years and contributed to regional development in the fields of people’s livelihood finance, inclusive finance, science and technology innovation finance, green finance and other fields. made a positive contribution. In recent years, it has actively responded to the call of the Tianjin Municipal Government to vigorously develop the digital economy, taking the “digital finance” proposed by the Central Financial Work Conference as the main line, gradually accelerating business transformation, actively exploring innovation, constantly enriching products, and expanding the scope of services.

As a major economic zone in Tianjin, Hexi District has a good economic environment and market space. In recent years, we have gradually accelerated the construction of an economically strong area and a quality city, continuously strengthened institutional innovation, optimized industrial structure and layout, and the private economy and digital economy have flourished, providing unique conditions for the high-quality development of financial institutions. The digital economy branch of the Bank of Shanghai Tianjin Branch is located in the Xinbadali Digital Economy Industry Theme Park in Hexi District, radiating from Chentangzhuang Business District. In terms of business, in recent years, it has provided high-quality digital economy services to many enterprises and financial peers in the region. It has gradually formed a signature feature of focusing on developing industrial clusters in the digital economy guided by Internet finance, and has become a style within the Shanghai banking system. A unique and distinctive flag.

The listing of this special branch is not only a reflection of Tianjin Branch’s implementation of digital transformation, but also a new starting point for comprehensive financial services in the digital economy. At the ceremony, the bank also released the “Digital Economy Financial Service Plan of Bank of Shanghai Tianjin Branch”, focusing on digital payment, digital science and technology innovation, “small and micro quick loans” digital inclusiveness, “upstream e-chain” digital supply chain and digital park In other aspects of business, it can provide enterprises with comprehensive digital financial services, and use this as a basis to continue to integrate the resources of the head office, give full play to its own advantages, and continuously improve its ability to serve customers in various fields of the digital economy.

As the wave of digitalization advances, Bank of Shanghai Tianjin Branch will, with the guidance and help of the district government functional departments and the park management committees, take advantage of the good market environment and business foundation in the region, give full play to the advantages of its characteristic branches and drive the digital engine , intensively cultivate the digital track, empower industrial development with rich financial service experience, continue to explore the professional business model of digital economy business, and provide all-round and integrated financial services for high-quality enterprises in key digital innovation parks and digital innovation bases in the region , using financial “living water” to promote the high-quality development of digital trade, and fully demonstrate the strength of the Bank of Shanghai in the field of digital finance while continuing to help Hexi District accelerate the process of “digital industrialization, industrial digitization, and urban intelligence”.

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