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[Bank of Shanghai is by your side]Financial consumer protection enters the community, and Bank of Shanghai brings “a better life” to elderly residents

[Bank of Shanghai is by your side]Financial consumer protection enters the community, and Bank of Shanghai brings “a better life” to elderly residents

From anti-email fraud knowledge to how to operate mobile banking, from traditional Chinese medicine consultation to free haircuts… March 5, the 61st Lei Feng Day, and also approaching the 315 Consumer Rights Protection Day, the staff of Shanghai Bank Linfen Road Branch and surrounding The residents had a “wonderful” special time together.

  Consumer protection “classroom” enters the community

The light rain in Jingzhe is chilly, but the community activity center in Linfen Garden is bustling with activity. The “Better Life Studio” of the Bank of Shanghai brought anti-telecom fraud “morning classes” to community residents. Bank staff explained how to prevent telecom fraud to elderly residents in friendly Shanghainese; during the question and answer session, residents on site actively participated in the question and answer, and the atmosphere was lively , the response was enthusiastic.

In addition, Shanghai Bank staff also communicated with residents on high-frequency financial issues. From how to operate mobile banking to check account balances, view term and financial products, and how to renew deposits after term expiration, bank employees gave answers and simulated demonstrations one by one.

Currently, there are 100 “Better Life” studios of Bank of Shanghai in Shanghai. The studio aims to provide convenient services of “having a better life by your side without leaving home”, and to open up the “last mile” for elderly customers to obtain financial + non-financial services. In addition, the studio also uses digital financial means such as mobile banking, pad banking, and cloud outlets to allow elderly customers to handle various businesses including password loss reporting, large-denomination certificates of deposit, and purchase of financial products at the “Good Life Studio” to truly realize “Service at home”.

“Cross-border” integrated innovative services

It is reported that the Bank of Shanghai has deeply integrated with community streets, based on regional economic formats, participated in the creation of a “15-minute living circle”, and carried out various activities and services around residents’ basic necessities, food, housing and transportation. In today’s event titled “Carrying forward the spirit of Lei Feng in the digital era and enjoying the beautiful smart life in Linfen”, Bank of Shanghai also worked with the community to bring various public welfare activities such as traditional Chinese medicine consultation, free haircuts, and free shoe repairs to elderly residents. .

Since the Linfen Road Branch of the Bank of Shanghai established a party-building and co-building relationship with the community in Lane 1011, Changzhong Road in 2018, they have been working together to provide better services to residents. After the establishment of the “Good Life Studio”, the two parties further deepened the “cross-border” integrated services for residents, ranging from financial knowledge explanations to guidance on the use of intelligent machines, to the holding of various interesting salons, which has been welcomed by community residents.

In addition, during the process of promoting the installation of elevators, the Bank of Shanghai also actively participated in opening relevant fund supervision accounts to ensure the safety of residents’ funds, facilitate the smooth progress of the project, and contribute financial strength to the construction of a beautiful and harmonious community.

In order to serve the new yearning and new needs of elderly citizens for a better life, Bank of Shanghai continues to explore and innovate, and uses the “Good Life Studio” to write “big articles” on pension finance and open up the last mile of a better life. As a financial state-owned enterprise serving more than 5 million elderly customers, the Bank of Shanghai has always focused on meeting the diversified pension financial needs of customers, integrated various resources, continued to improve the supply of high-quality pension finance, and used the warmth of service to enhance the breadth and depth of services.

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