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Bank of Shanghai deeply implements the “Four Concepts” to create a safe development environment at the end of the year and the beginning of the year

Bank of Shanghai deeply implements the “Four Concepts” to create a safe development environment at the end of the year and the beginning of the year

Recently, the State Council Safety Committee held a national production safety video and telephone conference, and Shanghai held an implementation meeting, requiring all districts, departments, and units to coordinate development and safety, adhere to life first, safety first, adhere to bottom-line thinking, extreme thinking, and Tougher measures, stricter requirements, and a more practical style will be implemented to ensure safe production work. The Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the Shanghai Supervision Bureau of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau have put forward specific requirements for doing a solid job in safety production at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, and conducting in-depth fire safety inspections and rectifications in winter and spring.

On December 20, the Bank of Shanghai’s Production Safety Committee held its fourth meeting in 2023, focusing on the “4+1” key areas and focusing on “three modernizations and one management” to deploy the bank’s production safety work at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. Before the meeting, Wang Ming, Vice President of the Bank of Shanghai, led a team to conduct safety inspections at the head office’s heavily controlled locations and Caohejing Sub-branch.

Practice the concept of “responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai”

Consolidate three “leads” in integration

The head office took the lead in conducting a random inspection. The head office conducts on-site spot checks every day on the safety management of business offices, gas usage sites, projects under construction, and key rental properties.

The branch took the lead in an inspection. Before New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, team members of each branch led a team to conduct a pre-holiday inspection to supervise the large-scale inspection of dragnets and fire safety prevention work in winter and spring.

The head office and branches took the lead in the evaluation. Focusing on “target management, process management, rectification management, and accountability management”, the head office and branches conduct annual safety production evaluations.


Adhere to the concept of “always worry about nothing”

Emphasis on two “persistences” in standardization 


Keep checking the daily report. The head office and branches continue to make good use of the work safety work group. For key locations such as fire protection facilities, construction sites under construction, rental properties, door signs, etc., the branches will implement daily self-examinations and work group daily reports. The head office will conduct daily reviews and reviews, and conduct weekly reviews. Update risk warnings to form closed-loop management.

Adhere to the implementation of a group logo. The head office carried out a “look back” on the implementation of the firefighting team standards at branches in Shanghai; provided guidance and training on the implementation of firefighting team standards at branches in various locations, in accordance with the “standardization of actions, marking of points, check-in for duty performance, and online ledgers” “Culturalization” requirements, and complete the implementation of standards in branches across the country.


Implement the concept of “dual prevention of risk classification management and control and hidden danger investigation and management”

Highlight two “preventions” in digitalization    

Prevent generalized performance of duties and make good use of online ledger registration. Each branch conducts daily self-examinations on the implementation of online registration of electronic ledgers of business outlets; the head office conducts random inspections and reports online every day.

Prevent sales risks and expand the application of smart license plates. Recently, the head office has focused on key outlets to expand the monitoring scope of smart ID plates and strengthen source control.


Establish the concept of “hidden dangers are accidents”

Five “checks” in risk management 


Inspect gas facilities, focusing on the annual inspection of gas pipelines and valves, the maintenance of firefighting equipment such as gas leakage alarms and automatic extinguishers, and the quarterly cleaning of oil fume pipes.

Check dangerous operations, and conduct inspections on operation plans, personnel qualifications, approval procedures and on-site management of dangerous operations such as fire and high-altitude operations.

Check the power consumption management, focusing on checking the use of high-power electrical appliances, wiring boards, distribution lines, power tools (cars), etc. in the business office.

Check third-party management, conduct inspections on the performance of contract services by third-party maintenance units, and supervise maintenance units to implement electronic registration of maintenance records.

Check the rental property and remind the lessee of the property to implement public security and fire protection responsibilities, ensure that fire protection facilities are operating normally, evacuation routes are smooth, electricity, gas and water are used safely, and there are no hidden security risks such as “pornography, gambling, and drugs”.

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