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Bank of Shanghai builds a “six-complete” system to promote the safety production responsibility system of all employees to be in-depth and practical

Bank of Shanghai builds a “six-complete” system to promote the safety production responsibility system of all employees to be in-depth and practical

On the afternoon of March 5, the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission held a 2024 production safety and fire protection work meeting. The meeting emphasized that all regulatory companies must truly coordinate development and safety, establish risk awareness, do a good job in work implementation, face problems and solve problems, and proactively and proactively carry out risk inspections, with the three-year action of pragmatically carrying out the root cause of safe production as the main line, and deepen Special governance in key areas such as building construction and fire safety will strengthen the foundation, consolidate responsibilities, and improve intrinsic safety levels.

Bank of Shanghai implemented the requirements of the meeting, followed the “one law, one regulation”, combined with the investigation and rectification of safety hazards during the Spring Festival and the recent signing of annual safety responsibility letters for all employees, built a “six-complete” management system, and promoted the deepening of the safety production responsibility system for all employees Go real.

  Full level of responsibility

The picture shows Chairman Jin Yu leading a team to inspect the safety work of business outlets

Strengthen the “three managements and three musts”, and according to the division of work and safety production responsibilities, detailed formulation covers the leadership team such as the party committee secretary, president, president in charge, other bank leaders, as well as the heads and employees of departments, business units, business outlets, outsourcing There are 13 versions of the safety responsibility commitment letter, including personnel, to implement safety responsibilities to specific positions and specific personnel. During the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, all the leaders of the head office led a team to conduct on-site safety inspections at business outlets, projects under construction, vaults, data centers, employee canteens and other places. Subsequent team inspections will continue to be carried out based on important time nodes to effectively fulfill the main responsibilities.

  Fully quantified goals

The picture shows the business outlet security risk management board

The targets are fully quantified to strengthen the safety production assessment. According to the annual safety production work guidance of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and based on reality, the annual safety production work plan is developed around the four aspects of responsibility implementation, hidden danger investigation, emergency response and security empowerment, and the bottom line, management, and digitalization are formulated 26 work goals in 3 major categories, clarifying work tasks, time nodes, and responsible departments, and orderly advancing the safety production work throughout the year.

  Full coverage of personnel

Strengthen the construction of safety culture, organize employees, security guards, cleaning and outsourcing personnel stationed in the bank to sign safety responsibility letters, and develop the “Bank of Shanghai E-Things-Safety Commitment” module to realize online signing of employees to facilitate verification and retention. files. A safety production meritorious service competition will be launched in March, and employees and outsourced personnel will be organized to participate in monthly safety education and emergency plan drills to continuously enhance the safety awareness of all employees and promote the formation of a safety atmosphere in which “everyone is safe and everyone knows how to respond.”

  The whole process of performing duties

Strengthen the safety management system, focus on daily, weekly, and monthly routine safety inspections, safety education, safety management, plan drills and other work matters, and clarify the duties of safety managers at all levels, branch leaders, safety officers, and security guards Tasks are based on the “Shanghai Yin Security APP”, with daily check-ins and level-by-level supervision to consolidate the responsibilities of all levels. At the same time, an all-staff safety duty mechanism is implemented in all branches of the bank, requiring branch employees to take turns to perform safety duties every day to improve their ability to identify safety hazards.

  All focus

The picture shows some group standards and work manuals compiled by Shanghai Bank

Strengthen risk management and early warning, focusing on the inherent risks in the “4+1+N” key areas such as fire safety, construction in progress, non-own properties, door signs, outlet safety, gas safety, diesel safety, outsourcing management, etc., and continue to consolidate the early stage On the basis of integrating safety production and standardizing a series of risk management gestures, we will further sort out the safety risk map and clarify corresponding control measures to achieve “clear, comprehensive and thorough visibility” of potential risk hazards.

  Full investigation of hidden dangers

The picture shows safety managers conducting safety hazard inspections

Strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, focus on key areas and weak links, establish a mechanism for registering and canceling potential risks, register the base risk at the head office, and supervise problem units to cancel their accounts within a time limit, forming a closed-loop management for the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers. In March, based on the report of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, 52 risk points of concern were sorted out and cross-examined across the bank.

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