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Bank of Shanghai actively carries out special rectification and publicity activities to rectify the refusal to accept RMB cash

Bank of Shanghai actively carries out special rectification and publicity activities to rectify the refusal to accept RMB cash

In order to actively implement the requirements of the Shanghai Branch of the People’s Bank of China to implement the mobilization and deployment meeting for the special rectification work on the refusal to accept RMB cash in Shanghai, strengthen the effect of the special action on rectification of the refusal to accept RMB cash in Shanghai, safeguard the legal tender status of the RMB, and protect the basic payment rights of the people, further In order to optimize the business environment and achieve inclusive finance, the Bank of Shanghai actively carries out special rectification and publicity activities for refusing to accept RMB cash.

  Based on outlets, solidly promote policy education

During the event, 232 business institutions in Shanghai placed various promotion leaflets on cash rejection in conspicuous locations such as public education areas and customer waiting areas. Taking advantage of customers’ waiting time to handle business, staff used easy-to-understand, concise and clear instructions. The language promotes the legal status of RMB and the legal consequences of refusing to accept RMB, so that customers can intuitively understand the significance of rectifying the activities of refusing to accept RMB.

In the non-cash area, staff signed a “Letter of Commitment Not to Refuse to Accept Cash” with corporate customers to guide customers to consciously abide by laws and regulations and maintain the order of RMB cash circulation.

The Bank of Shanghai adheres to the “customer-centered” approach and carries out in-depth customer promotion. It takes this special event as an opportunity to explore the actual needs of customers, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, work together to create a good RMB circulation environment, and effectively improve the public satisfaction of cash services. Spend.

  Expand channels and carry out in-depth publicity

In order to deepen the work of rectifying rejection propaganda, the Bank of Shanghai has made careful arrangements through various channels such as entering enterprises, going to villages, and entering communities. Promote the legal basis, importance and necessity of rectifying the refusal to accept cash, let all business entities fully consider the diversified payment needs of the public, especially the elderly and other special groups, respect the public’s right to choose cash payment, and give full play to the protective role of cash.

For example, the Pudong Branch visited Sige New Energy Company, Kailinsheng Textile Company, Nancheng Neighborhood Committee, and Mingguang Neighborhood Committee to provide knowledge popularization to different groups such as new citizen groups, community residents, and the elderly, and distributed more than 300 promotional materials in total. The audience reached 500 people.

Sinan Sub-branch set up a point at the venue of a general meeting to carry out a publicity campaign with the theme of “Curbing the Rejection of RMB Cash”. Booth display boards, roll-up banners and promotional slogans actively create a good publicity atmosphere for passers-by and the public. Employees promote the knowledge of protecting the RMB to the public by distributing brochures and answering questions on-site, encourage the harmonious development of diversified payment methods, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

While actively carrying out offline publicity, Bank of Shanghai also actively collects materials to produce vivid educational graphics and videos, carries out online publicity, and promotes both offline and online publicity to go hand in hand.

  Highlight key points and improve cash service initiative

The Bank of Shanghai is responsible for the publicity and investigation of rejection behavior in the city’s 11 subdistrict grid responsibility areas. While carrying out rectification and rejection inspections, each responsible outlet actively connects with enterprises and institutions in the responsibility area that are related to people’s livelihood and foreign affairs. Including merchants in key business districts, farmers’ markets, mobile communications, catering and accommodation, foreign-related scenic spots, parking lots, etc., investigate and understand their cash needs, establish a ledger registration, and provide them with various types of banknotes, including small-denomination banknotes and damaged coupon exchanges. A convenient service to meet the cash exchange needs of merchants and establish a normalized cash supply service mechanism.

RMB cash is the country’s legal currency and the most basic and fundamental payment tool. It is crucial to ensuring the public’s payment needs under diversified payment conditions. The Bank of Shanghai will always practice the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, and make continuous efforts to optimize the cash circulation environment and improve the level of cash services.

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