Bairuiying Security Investment 315, the three common means of illegal securities activities are worthy of vigilance

Bairuiying Security Investment 315, the three common means of illegal securities activities are worthy of vigilance

At present, illegal securities activities are spread in many areas, and the characteristics of team crimes and professional crimes are obvious, causing many investors to suffer serious losses.

As a member of China’s securities market, Jiangsu Bairuiying Securities Consulting Co., Ltd. is based on the original intention of doing practical things for investors, in order to further enhance investors’ ability to identify and prevent illegal finance, and guide them to enhance their awareness of self-protection and rational investment. .

Bairuiying actively carried out a series of activities with the theme of “Safety Investment 3.15”. With the help of customer cases, it summarizes the three common means of illegal securities activities, which is convenient for investors to identify.

Common method 1: Financial management on behalf of customers

Financial management on behalf of customers is one of the common methods of illegal securities investment consulting activities. Criminals often use “phishing” telemarketing, low-threshold Internet media, etc., to claim professional stock trading, promise guaranteed bottom returns or even high returns, and take advantage of some investors. The mentality of wanting to completely avoid risks or get rich overnight induces them to pay investment funds, or directly uses the investor’s securities account to engage in securities trading activities, resulting in investors being cheated of money or having disputes or complaints due to serious losses in the account. Door.

Everyone knows that illegal organizations cannot manage money on behalf of clients, so do legitimate securities companies have the qualifications to do money on their behalf?

Even if it is a legal securities company, according to the relevant provisions of my country’s “Securities Law”, except for the securities asset management business approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, it is not allowed to accept the customer’s carte blanche entrustment to decide the purchase and sale of securities, select the type of securities, determine the quantity of purchase or sale, or the purchase and sale price.

“Moreover, from the perspective of the risks borne by investors, financial management on behalf of clients and agreed profit sharing are illegal securities activities, and investors must bear the risks themselves.” Based on this, Bairuiying reminded that investors should consciously resist improper The temptation of interests, stay away from such illegal securities activities. Establish a correct and rational investment concept from the ideological root, enhance one’s own investment expertise, and be familiar with the relevant business rules of the securities market. In terms of product selection, you should choose financial products that match your own risk tolerance, and never believe in so-called high-return, low-risk securities trading activities to avoid unnecessary property losses.

Common method two: false information

According to the “Administrative Measures for Information Disclosure of Listed Companies”, if a listed company expects to suffer losses or significant changes in its operating performance, it shall make a performance forecast in a timely manner.

Performance forecast is an important information channel for investors to quickly understand the company’s situation, but performance forecast itself has certain uncertainties. When making investment decisions based on performance forecasts, investors should strengthen risk awareness, pay attention to tracking and paying attention to important indicators that can reflect the company’s performance, and do not invest impulsively based on a single performance change to avoid loss of interests.

Regarding the act of fabricating and disseminating false information, the first paragraph of Article 56 of the new “Securities Law” stipulates that any unit or individual is prohibited from fabricating and disseminating false or misleading information to disrupt the securities market. According to the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 193, whoever fabricates or disseminates false or misleading information to disturb the securities market shall confiscate the illegal income and impose a fine of not less than one time but not more than ten times the illegal income; if there is no illegal income or the illegal income is less than twenty If the amount exceeds 10,000 yuan, a fine of not less than 200,000 yuan but not more than 2 million yuan shall be imposed.

It should be noted that if investors really want to know after seeing the eye-catching news, how can they prevent fraud?

Bairuiying recommends that investors can search the Internet first to verify the source of the information. If it is just an online post, the credibility will be discounted; then search for the keywords in the information to understand the current situation from multiple sources and avoid partial listening and partial belief. , Regarding stock market rumors, avoid “preferring to believe what you have, not to believe what you don’t have”, and pay more attention to information from official media and authoritative sources to avoid losses.

Usual method 3: “virtual disk” of off-site fund allocation

“Virtual disk” means that the stock transactions carried out by investors on various funding platforms are not actually connected to the brokerage system, but only investors and funding companies are rivals to each other. The more investors earn, the funding companies The more you lose. When the platform shows that there are more profits, the allocation company will set up a webpage to remind investors that the registered account cannot be logged in or the platform website cannot be opened, etc., so that they cannot withdraw cash. This type of transaction is actually a new type of fraud.

There are mainly four forms of expression: system distribution mode, lending account mode, virtual disk allocation mode, and point-buy allocation mode.

One sentence summary: OTC allocation is the behavior of borrowing money to speculate in stocks other than margin financing and securities lending.

According to the new “Securities Law”, the securities margin financing and securities lending business belongs to the exclusive business of securities companies, and no unit or individual is allowed to operate without the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. In November 2019, the Supreme People’s Court issued the “Minutes of the Civil and Commercial Trial Work Conference of the National Courts”, on the basis of emphasizing the illegality of off-site fund allocation, it further clarified that off-site fund allocation contracts are invalid contracts. Participants will bear the relevant risks and responsibilities.

What needs to be reminded is that none of the off-site fund allocation platforms have the qualifications for securities business operations, some are suspected of engaging in illegal securities business activities, and some are suspected of engaging in illegal and criminal activities such as fraud by using “virtual disks” and other methods. The majority of investors need to increase their awareness of risk prevention and consciously stay away from off-site fund allocation activities to avoid property losses. If you are cheated for participating in off-site fund allocation, you must report the case to the local public security organ in time.

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