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Baidu Yuntuteng provides smart cloud base for Guangzhou Baiyun smart water system

Baidu Yuntuteng provides smart cloud base for Guangzhou Baiyun smart water system

The beautiful Helong Reservoir has a history of 50 years. After several rounds of ecological management, it has become a bright business card in Baiyun District, and now it has become the forefront of smart water construction.

According to the scene-based demand for water affairs in Baiyun District and the unique advantages of Baidu Smart Cloud’s “integration of cloud and intelligence”, the two parties have created a “1+1+N” structure in the Baiyun Smart Water Project. Among them, “1+1” corresponds to the digital base and intelligent engine respectively, and “N” refers to scenario-based business applications, that is, an intelligent brain supports the analysis, prediction, and operation of N application models. In the first phase of construction, the two parties focused on promoting the four major business applications of river and lake reservoir management, water conservancy project management, flood control emergency management, and drainage intelligent management, and a number of projects have been launched in Baiyun District.

Baidu Cloud Tuteng provides an intelligent cloud base for Baiyun Water’s smart water system, carrying the AI ​​algorithm model and business application system of the smart water system. Real-time early warning of the reservoir site can be realized, making the management of the reservoir more efficient, and the personnel can conduct real-time management while sitting in the monitoring room, no longer tired of running around. For example, after the implementation of intelligent applications such as intrusion detection and electronic fences, the monitored personnel and vehicles will be automatically alarmed and broadcast to drive away, and the staff will be notified at the same time to assist in command and dispatch. Through real-time monitoring of water affairs, key indicators of water regimes such as rainfall, water level, seepage and seepage pressure, and displacement and settlement can be counted. Once abnormal parameters occur, early warning can be provided in time, and reflected on mobile phones, computer terminals, and large monitoring screens to assist work Human decision making.

Flood prevention and emergency management is also another key application field of Baiyun Smart Water. In order to improve the emergency response to urban waterlogging and flood control, some tunnels and culverts in Baiyun District have built intelligent applications for water accumulation alarms, which can sense water accumulation through intelligent facilities and respond to dangerous situations in a timely manner.

Now that the Guangzhou Baiyun Smart Water Project has been implemented, the results of the smart water system and intelligent business applications have received unanimous praise. In the future, Baidu Cloud Tuteng will continue to deepen cooperation with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, gradually sinking from the industry to the region, relying on the “smart cloud” to deeply empower application scenarios, and bring intelligence to every “corner” of the city.

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