Baidu Cloud Tuteng Smart Cloud Base Helps Apollo Build Guangzhou Smart Transportation Solutions

Baidu Cloud Tuteng Smart Cloud Base Helps Apollo Build Guangzhou Smart Transportation Solutions

Technology leads, speed comes first. With the rapid growth of urban population and rapid economic development, my country’s urban smart transportation construction has ushered in a golden period of development. Baidu Yuntuteng has been deeply involved in the transportation field since the railway project, and gradually expanded to the national railway, urban rail, and highway, covering multiple fields, multiple dimensions, and full scenarios. In the face of the construction of smart cities in full swing, new thinking, new concepts, new products, and new technologies must be explored to realize smart urban traffic travel.

  “Industry Pain Points” undergo a comprehensive upgrade

China’s intelligent transportation system has entered the actual development and application stage from the exploration stage. The application fields include highway traffic informationization, such as expressway ETC; urban road traffic management service informationization, such as intelligent traffic command and control center and urban bus informationization. In Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Baidu Cloud Tuteng provided an intelligent cloud base for ACE Intelligent Transportation Engine 2.0, helping the industry upgrade and fully implementing the strategic deployment of intelligent transportation.

The Guangzhou smart transportation solution uses the Baidu Cloud Tuteng smart cloud platform to build a smart transportation computing center. Through the resource pooling capability of the cloud platform itself, a resource base is provided to provide the required resource services for businesses such as autonomous driving, vehicle-road coordination, and smart travel. At the same time, the cloud platform’s unified management, elastic scaling, and intelligent resource scheduling capabilities provide The resource changes required by the business load can be quickly responded and adjusted in time to meet the computing power and storage resource requirements required for different periods and states.

In many smart traffic scenarios such as smart expressway, smart network connection, and vehicle-road coordination, roadside sensory data collection is the basis for the digital transformation of traffic. There are problems such as being separated from each other and unable to coordinate, and traffic participants lack a sense of gain. ACE Intelligent Transportation Engine 2.0 has launched vertical solutions in the four market segments of intelligent network connection, intelligent traffic management, intelligent expressway, and intelligent parking, and has carried out six comprehensive upgrades for the pain points of the intelligent transportation industry. On the whole, the overall structure of “1+3+N” has been formed, that is, “1” digital base, “3” intelligent engines, and “N” scene applications.

ACE 2.0: 1+3+N Overall Architecture

  Implementation of “Smart Transportation Solutions”

From smart roads to autonomous driving, in the fields of smart network, smart traffic management, smart expressway, smart parking, etc., Baidu Cloud Tuteng smart transportation solutions have been deployed in more than 20 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, Shaoxing, and Yangquan. The city’s landing deployment has shown its prominence in the industry with Baidu Cloud Tuteng’s intelligent transportation solutions.

The development of intelligent transportation depends not only on “smart cars”, but also on “smart roads”.

Baidu Cloud Tuteng’s intelligent transportation solution provides an intelligent digital base, in which the vehicle-road coordination technology can not only serve the current traffic problems, but also meet the needs of future intelligent driving scale implementation. The vehicle-road coordination system that supports all L2/L3/L4 intelligent networked vehicles improves vehicle safety, reduces costs, and at the same time provides traffic managers with structured information on all traffic participants. Build an open, shared, and win-win transportation ecosystem, empower partners to generate richer vertical application scenarios, create value for end customers, and promote domestic traffic management into a new stage of intelligence and integration.

At present, the development of artificial intelligence technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and AI will enter people’s lives with an unstoppable trend. With the launch of Wenxin Yiyan in Baidu’s AIGC field, the demand for artificial intelligence computing is growing exponentially. Baidu Cloud Tuteng will launch the intelligent computing center version, which will drive the AI ​​model with powerful computing power to deeply process the data, continuously generate various computing services, and build the intelligent computing center platform capability of cloud, digital and intelligent integration to respond to the growing intelligence. demand.


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