“Baichuan Music Time and Space” excavates the real bridge connecting the emotions of several generations of golden songs of the era

“Baichuan Music Time and Space” excavates the real bridge connecting the emotions of several generations of golden songs of the era

From March 3, the fourth sub-program “Baichuan Music Time and Space” of “Baichuan Variety Show Season” will be broadcast on Douyin every Friday at 12 noon. As the first audio variety of “Baichuan Variety Show Season”, the program team hopes to connect the emotions of several generations through the unique audio variety mode. Huang Qishan, Ouyang Nana, Ren Xianqi, Wang Yuan, Zhou Hui, Zheng Jun, Zhan Wenting, Zhang Xinzhe helped out, Hu Haiquan, Jike Junyi, Ma Tianyu, Wang Yuan, Yang Di, and Zhang Yadong served as observers. The expression of true feelings and emotional interaction are analyzed to explore the emotions carried in music and the shock brought by emotions.

Ren Xianqi joins hands with Wang Yuan, “Baichuan Variety Show Season” starts the second half

The second half of “Baichuan Variety Show Season” is about to begin. “Baichuan Music Time and Space” is the first large-scale intergenerational experimental observation music variety show in the country that gathers intergenerational conflicts in the music scene. Emotional interaction to explore the power contained in music. Among them, Ren Xianqi, Wang Yuan and others will appear as singers participating in the experiment, singing for the amateur guests without their knowledge, exploring the power of music through the most authentic emotional feedback of the guests, using music to cross time and space, and use music to eliminate Gaps, connecting hearts with music, breaking through barriers and resonating. Awaken the memories carried by music, seamlessly connect across generations, and let good music be remembered forever.

However, unlike previous music variety shows, as a music variety show with a brand-new model and family carnival attributes, “Baichuan Music Time and Space” has set up a cochlear observation team separately, just to be able to observe in all directions when singers and amateurs sing face to face, Observe and analyze the whole process from a third perspective. It is not only to test whether the singer’s singing skills are the same as before, but also to observe the emotional concentration of amateurs at the moment after recognizing the singer. Amateur guests of different ages and occupations, facing unfamiliar singers, feel the emotional impact of music; classic golden tunes face young audiences, new generation music meets older audiences, break through the age of music through music Gaps, intercommunicating with each other’s inner worlds.

The second half of the variety show “Baichuan Variety Show Season” is about to start, whether the fans’ hearts can be maintained as always; whether the performance of the guests in “Baichuan Music Time and Space” can meet the fans’ long-term expectations… All will be revealed soon.

The feelings and power of music, a bridge connecting the emotions of generations

“We found that the pop music of this era is gradually changing. In 2004, there were countless classic good songs. We tried to find out what the answer is. But we also know that it is definitely impossible to answer this question through a program.” In At the previous media viewing conference held by “Baichuan Music Time and Space”, the chief director Wu Qunda shared his thoughts on the original intention and process of creating the program, “We want to pursue deeper issues, such as “intergenerational” topics. Use music to connect and answer. In the whole process, we have gained a lot, even something beyond our imagination, music and things above music are very fascinating.”

The chief screenwriter, Song Jing, also expressed her opinion, “We have been exploring what the music genre should look like during the bottleneck period. Before doing this program, we talked about what the essence of music is. , The ancestors’ shouts inspired the mountains and rivers when they were working, and later the human beings communicated with each other, music actually belongs to life, so we let it return to life with feelings.”

The various media who were invited to the audition also gave feedback on their true feelings about the program, “It is a very surprising new Chinese music variety show, which is different from previous music variety shows that only listen to songs. “More attention is paid to the views of people of different generations on classic or current pop music”, “A variety show innovation, we have seen too many variety shows, but there are few such experimental breakthroughs”, ” The show not only brought classic songs and new audiences, but also made people see the birth of a new song making platform.”

When the stars and classic songs of the golden age of the Chinese music scene return to the public eye; comfort and strength.

“Baichuan Music Time and Space”, as the first audio variety show since the broadcast of “Baichuan Variety Show Season”, focuses on intergenerational topics. Aiming at the aesthetic conflicts of music, it deeply explores the aesthetic differences of intergenerational music. It also uses music as a medium to connect the emotions of several generations, connect the past and the future, and achieve a warm experiment full of humanistic care.

“Baichuan Variety Show Season” is produced by Douyin, Junlebao’s Xiaoxiaoluban children’s milk powder is exclusively titled and co-sponsored by Nippon Paint. The first episode of the fourth sub-program “Baichuan Music Time and Space” will be held on Douyin at 12 noon on March 3 On the line, major platforms such as Xigua Video, Fresh Time TV, Today’s Toutiao, Douyin Volcano Edition, and Douyin Extreme Edition will also be launched one after another, so stay tuned.

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