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Baicaowei won the “Product of the Year” award at the 2023 Food Industry Headlines Annual Ceremony

Baicaowei won the “Product of the Year” award at the 2023 Food Industry Headlines Annual Ceremony

“Turning the Corner to the Future – 2023 Food Industry Headline Annual Ceremony” was held. During the event, Baicaowei, the leading domestic snack brand, was listed in the 2023 China Sugar, Wine and Food Industry Annual List and won the “Product of the Year” award with its “Taste of the Year” nut gift box.

Food Industry Toutiao, the organizer of this event, is launched by Huatang Cloud Business, which is the largest resource and crowd aggregation platform for China’s sugar, wine and food industry. The co-organizer, Kantar Worldpanel, is the world’s leading consumer behavior insight research organization. .

In the current era of “fast economy” and the integration of global cultural exchanges, in order to arouse the attention and participation of the younger generation in the traditional Chinese “New Year”, Baicaowei has incorporated relevant cultural elements into the “Taste of the Year” series of nut New Year gift boxes. Showing a strong flavor of the New Year, the series of nut gift boxes tailor-made for the New Year Festival have rekindled the enthusiasm and recognition of traditional memories among the younger generation.

As the only domestic core snack brand that is deeply tied to the New Year scene, Baicaowei deeply understands consumers’ perception of the “New Year flavor” and combines gift box products with the New Year scene to arouse consumers’ New Year feelings. , building a bridge of “same frequency resonance” between brands and consumers through New Year gift boxes.

“The Taste of the Year” captures the most representative scenes of the New Year, using original cartoon illustrations to combine “New Year’s Eve dinner for the whole family”, “Firecrackers for friends”, “Spring Festival Gala on the coffee table”, “Spring Festival couplets at the door” Put the classic New Year scenes into gift boxes and recreate the scenes, which not only deepens the user’s memory but also strengthens the connection between the product and the flavor of the New Year. As of the 2024 New Year Goods Festival, Baicaowei has launched the “Taste of the New Year” New Year gift boxes for 11 consecutive years, truly engraving the “Taste of the New Year” into the brand’s genes, allowing consumers to experience a strong flavor of the New Year and have an aftertaste in their fast-paced life. That traditional memory that belongs to us.

In addition to products, Baicaowei also combines the brand concept with New Year scenes, so that the products are naturally embedded in the New Year scenes, creating a strong New Year atmosphere for consumers through stories, and arousing consumers’ emotional resonance. . This year’s New Year’s Day, Baicaowei and brand spokesperson Bai Jingting launched the New Year’s short film “Grandma’s Pocket”, starting from the scene of returning home with New Year’s goods, and awakening everyone’s childhood memories through “Grandma’s Pocket”, a medium full of memories. , while telling stories, it implants the concepts of “Taste of the Year” and “Going Home” into the minds of consumers.

In addition to the “Taste of the Year” series, Baicaowei also collaborated with calligraphy master Zhu Jingyi to launch the “Nuts Are Gifted” series of gift boxes, which have strong national trend characteristics from the design to the meaning of the gift box. The gift box adopts the traditional Chinese red festive background color, with an illustration style that combines traditional elements with post-modern realism. It perfectly meets the current trend of young people’s consumption and gift-giving needs, and at the same time gives the New Year’s gift a profound cultural connotation.

Over the years, the New Year gift boxes have been continuously innovated and upgraded, which is inseparable from Baicaowei’s strict selection of raw materials, strict control of the supply and processing system, and attentive communication with consumers. After 20 years of intensive cultivation, Baicaowei has always guided consumer demand for brand development, established long-term cooperative relationships with multiple core origins of global raw materials, traced planting sources and farms, and realized direct procurement of products from global origins.

It is the strict selection of raw materials, strict control of the supply and processing system and attentive communication with consumers that allow Baicaowei to win unanimous praise from consumers. At the Second China Nutritionist Development Conference that just concluded in December last year, Baicaowei Benwei Zhenguo won the “High Quality Scientific Pioneer Award” and Daily Nuts won the “Excellent Scientific Mixing Award”, fully reflecting the market’s recognition of Baicaowei. Recognition of healthy and high-quality products.

For the “Taste of the Year” series of gift boxes, whether it is the continuously innovative packaging design and product matching, or the emotional heritage and cultural value that it has always adhered to, this is Baicaowei’s answer to “what exactly should it provide to consumers?” Answer.

In the future, Baicaowei will continue to innovate on the road of innovation-driven and sustainable development, create new value for consumers, and live up to the recognition and expectations of consumers.

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