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Baicaowei appeared at the 2nd China Nutritionist Development Conference, and Daily Nuts won the “Excellent Scientific Mixing Award”

Baicaowei appeared at the 2nd China Nutritionist Development Conference, and Daily Nuts won the “Excellent Scientific Mixing Award”

Recently, the “Second China Nutritionist Development Conference” with the theme of “Health Industry Empowerment, Nutritional Value Creation” was held in Tianjin. 50+ industry authoritative experts, 60+ national nutritionist associations, and 70+ leaders in subdivided fields Enterprises and 1,000+ professional nutritionists attended the meeting. As a high-quality nut nutrition expert, Baicaowei was invited to attend this meeting and won multiple awards. Among them, Baicaowei Benwei Zhenguo won the “High Quality Science Pioneer Award”, and Daily Nuts won the “Excellent Scientific Mixing Award”, which fully reflects the market’s recognition of the health and high quality of Baicaowei products.

After 20 years of accumulation, Baicaowei has grown into the leading domestic snack brand. In recent years, Baicaowei has deployed direct procurement of raw materials and established an “ingredient exploration team” to search for snacks in many countries and regions around the world, with footprints in Vietnam, Australia, Turkey, South Africa, Chile, the United States and other places, ensuring that every product is sourced from the source. The freshness and quality of a nut.

Among them, the “Benwei Zhenguo” series of high-quality nuts launched by Baicaowei in 2022 focuses on raw materials from core production areas around the world and is harvested in the new season to ensure the high quality and freshness of the raw materials. Since this series was launched one year ago, it has won unanimous praise from consumers for the excellent taste brought by the quality of selected large fruits and fresh-keeping packaging. The golden ratio of nuts and dried fruits in “Daily Nuts” is 75:25, providing a choice for people who have higher requirements for healthy and high-quality snacks.

In order to better protect product quality, Baicaowei Benwei Zhenguo Daily Nut Mixed Nuts and Preserved Nuts are double-fresh locked on the packaging. One is to use double-layer aluminum foil packaging (mostly aluminum-plated packaging on the market) to increase the oxygen barrier and light blocking rate of the packaging. Use a double-effect deoxidizer, which can absorb both water and oxygen, and has better moisture and oxygen barrier properties. Keep the quality of raw materials as fresh as ever; second, use Baicaowei’s patented fresh-locking partition to ensure that the nut moisture is ≤3% (most nuts on the market have a moisture content of 3%-6%), and the preserved fruit moisture is ≥12%, so that the fruit The kernels and preserved fruits maintain their respective freshness characteristics. The kernels are crisper and the dried fruits are more moist, giving the “Baicao Flavor Original Fruit” a double freshness.

With its high-quality products and excellent research and development capabilities, Baicaowei stands out in the nutrition and health industry. In the future, Baicaowei will continue to adhere to the concepts of health and nutrition, continuously improve its product line, improve product quality, provide consumers with more high-quality and delicious nut snacks, and inject new impetus into the development of the industry.

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