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Audiences at the Beijing premiere of the crime-themed year-end blockbuster film “Silence Notes” expressed their appreciation for Zhang Yu’s acting skills after the screening

Audiences at the Beijing premiere of the crime-themed year-end blockbuster film “Silence Notes” expressed their appreciation for Zhang Yu’s acting skills after the screening


  Yesterday, China’s first movie to be released on-line, “The Silence”, held its premiere in Beijing.Producer Wang Hongwei, director and screenwriter Hao Feihuan co-starred Zhang Yu, starring Ma Yinyin, Chubu Huajie, Tan TianZhong Bo,Director of photography Li Xiang attended the scene together.The film tells the story of Li Lizhong (Zhang Yu), a joint defense captain in the 1990s. ) starts with a bizarre dog killing case and gradually uncovers the story of the person who killed his father and his enemy.This is a process of finding the truth, but it is also a process ofto selfThe process of “breaking and reinventing”. The audio-visual style of the film is unique, and the regional characteristics of the small town in southern Guizhou are throughout the film.story contentprofoundCalm is another new attempt at realistic crime-themed films.Some viewers commented after watching it“There are a lot of details in the film, and it’s very worthy of a second viewing.”The film will beIt will be officially released nationwide on December 1.

  Zhang Yu impressed the audience with his acting skills Well-deserved Best Actor

  The film “Silence Notes” was released after Zhang Yu’s “I’m Not the God of Medicine” was released.The first drama I took on, its significance and weight are evident.When the audience asked why he chose to star in the film, Zhang Yu said“What attracted me so much about this script waslies in,Li Lizhong is inThe process of pursuing the truthThe edges are constantly being smoothed.When the truth is discoveredunbearableexistpointing to himselfhour,In the end, he could only accept it, and he could only choose to remain silent.“. It is not difficult to see from Zhang Yu’s answer that he has a deep understanding of the character of Li Lizhong.uniqueinsights and integrate this insight into the character itself.

  After the screening, the audience expressed their praise for Zhang Yu’s acting skills“I particularly like the performance at the end of the film. Li Lizhong smiled very meaningfully at his mother. There was not a single line in the whole process, but from Zhang Yu’s expression, eyes and overall state, we can see a thousand words, Teacher Zhang Yu’s The performance was very shocking to me.” In Li Lizhong, played by Zhang Yu, we can clearly feel the helplessness of young people in small towns who are struggling to find a way out in life, and the frustration of repeatedly encountering obstacles when searching for the murderer of their father. He chose to talk to the audience with sincerity and impress the audience with his acting skills.It can be seen that Zhang Yu won the Fei Mu honor at the Pingyao International Film Festival with this role.·The Best Actor Award is an honor and a certification of strength.

  Brutal and rough, a fierce masterpiece at the end of the year Recommended by big names in the industry 

  In addition to the main creators of the film, many big names in the industry also came to watch the premiere.such as famous producers Fang Li and Don He, “Let the bullets fly“Screenwriter Guo Junli, director of “Siberian Tiger” Geng Jun, director of “Parrot Killing” Ma Yingxin, director of “Rabbit Violence”Shen Yu“Under the Sun”Director Liang Ming, “Xiaoyao”·You” stars Lu Xingchen, music producer Zang Hongfei, etc.

  Fang Li directly expressed his love for the film after watching it“This movie is very well made because it records history, is very textured, and is very down-to-earth.” Director Shen Yu said, “This film reminds me of Munch’s “shout》, it seems to have no sound, but it is actually very powerful. We are not growing,is forcedGrowth; not wanting to be silent, butforced into silence.Don He, who served as the producer of Zhang Yu’s previous work “Calm” also said“I think one criterion for evaluating the quality of a work is that it remains unchanged no matter how long you watch it. Although this film was made five years ago, it is still a work with unlimited possibilities when viewed now.”.

  The movie “Silence Notes” will be releasedReleased nationwide on December 1st. The film is produced by Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Beijing China Directors Association Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shengyu Tiantong Culture Group Co., Ltd., distributed by Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., supervised by Wang Hongwei, and written and directed by Hao Feihuan. Zhang Yu leads the cast, with Ma Yinyin, Sun Min, Chubu Huajie and Tan Tian also starring. This battle between good and evil, the battle between life and death is about to begin, so stay tuned on December 1st.

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