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At the premiere of the movie “The Thing My Dad Didn’t Tell”, Han Geng and Zhang Guoli used family love to heal people’s hearts.

At the premiere of the movie “The Thing My Dad Didn’t Tell”, Han Geng and Zhang Guoli used family love to heal people’s hearts.


  Created and created by the director of the Oscar-winning foreign language film “The Embalmer” and his entire team, and starring Han Geng, Zhang Guoli, and Xue Haojing, the movie “The Thing My Dad Didn’t Tell Me” has received numerous praises since its trailer was released. Recently, director Yojiro Takita, starring Han Geng, Zhang Guoli, Xue Haojing, starring Xu Zhimo, Jin Dun, and producer Liang Wei attended the Beijing premiere of “That Thing My Dad Didn’t Say”. At the same time, director Lin Xiaoqian, actor Wang Wanjuan, screenwriter Yu Xiao Qian, director Jiang Jiachen, veteran filmmaker Ye Ning,Friends such as the famous NBA commentator Duan Ran and Chen Zhen, an authority in the automotive field, made a surprise appearance at the premiere. The luxurious lineup provided strong support. The guests gave wonderful comments and sharings. The scene was full of warmth. The creators communicated cordially with the audience and gave in-depth interpretations. The inner emotions of the characters reveal the stories behind the scenes of the film.

  “That Thing My Dad Didn’t Tell” is a father-son family film. It is not only touching at its core, but also healing in terms of texture and painting style. It is like a breath of fresh air in a complicated world, from the touching story content to the delicate shooting. The techniques make people calm down, look for the sunshine and step on the breeze to explore the story behind the Chinese-style father-son relationship, creating a film atmosphere that directly touches people’s hearts, triggering heated discussions in the industry.The film will beIt will be released nationwide on November 3rd. Let’s go into the theater together and feel the deep family love and love.

  Big names in the industry gathered to vote for the filmcall, the audience burst into tears and expressed their touching feeling of healing.

  Liu Jiansan, the eighth generation descendant of Liu style ice crystal cake, has learned the cake making craft from his father since he was a child, hoping to take over one day.“Tongshunxiang”. However, his father Liu Tingshen always kicked his son out of the door before the last process began and completed the final baking process alone. Therefore, only Liu Tingshen knew the origin of the special mellow flavor of Liu-style ice crystal cake, and he insisted on telling his son that there was no secret. As the business of other ice crystal cake copycat shops in the town got better and better, and the whole clan ridiculed him for not being able to make the ancestral taste, the gap between Liu Jiansan and his father gradually deepened, until he gave up the ice crystal cake and left his father and left the small town. Go to town to work hard in the city. A few years later, Liu Jiansan got married and had a daughter in the city. His father was very happy after seeing his granddaughter and told his son that he could take over the century-old store and told him the last secret. However, Liu Jiansan rejected his father and told him that it was too late. He was no longer interested in ice crystal cake, and his father returned to the town alone. After learning that his granddaughter was sick and urgently needed money for medical treatment, Liu Ting worked hard day and night to increase production, breaking his old rule of selling only two pots a day and each person could only buy one. Finally, he passed away in front of the stove that had been with him all his life. Until the last moment, his father did not tell Yanagumi the secret of the key step of the ice crystal cake. While sorting out his father’s belongings and taking over the family’s genealogy, Liu Jiansan finally solved the problem. It was only then that he understood his father’s various actions and regretted them endlessly, but this great love could only be buried deep in his heart. A tearful thank you but no one ever said it again.

  Relatives and friends gathered at the premiere in Beijing. It is worth mentioning that Han Geng’s wife, well-known actress Lu Jingshan, made a surprise appearance and said emotionally:“The movie particularly touched me. The first thing is that every scene is a painting, the shooting is very beautiful, the lighting and every shot are really an art, and the actors all acted very well. I also saw that this movie is really beautiful. Everyone is working hard. I think what’s special about this movie is that young people must watch it. It’s true that fathers are not good at expressing themselves, so as children we must often accompany them and tell them what we need. You, we love you.” These remarks aroused applause from the audience. Later, Lin Xiaoqian, the director of the movie “A Story More Sad than Sad” also said: “The most touching thing about the work is that the emotions are very sincere and delicate. I wish this film can It has spread to many places in the world and entered everyone’s heart.” Actor Wang Wanjuan said: “Actually, I think the simpler the story, the harder it is to shoot, tell and act. Directors and actor teachers are very It’s great, the movie shouldn’t be exaggerated, and the performances should be natural.” The film was created by the entire team of “The Encoffiant,” and its delicate emotional style has been praised by everyone. Yu Xiaoqian, the screenwriter of “Anti-Gangster” spoke after the screening Chuuya praised: “The scenery is beautiful and the feelings are real. The concept of smelling smoke is very touching. There are many ways to tell the story of father and son, but I think the conflict between father and son, the mutual understanding, and the deep All love is connected, and this kind of love can transcend time and national boundaries.” Senior filmmaker Ye Ning: “I would like to congratulate all the creators for completing such a difficult work. It is really great. Don’t be afraid of being late for a good meal. , this is the ice crystal cake of Chinese movies, and I hope it will be a big hit at the box office.” Jiang Jiachen, a well-known director and screenwriter, said: “It took 8 years to make the film. Just like the Liu family in the play making ice crystal cake, several generations spend their lives doing one thing. , this is the spirit of craftsmanship. Next time I go back to my hometown, I will also give my father a big hug and thank him for his love for me.ofpay.“Famous NBA commentator Duan Ran: “The movie gave me a revelation: we can seize the time to do some of the things we have not done before there is still time, and seize the time to say those things that have not been said. Chen Zhen, an authority in the automotive field: “The father and son in the film are very similar to the way my father communicates with me. It is very traditional, so if you are not satisfied with your father, you can come and show him. This is particularly typical.”

  Han Geng’s talk about Chinese-style father-son relationship resonated with the audience I appeal to everyone not to leave any regrets in family relationships.

  National-level veteran actor Zhang Guoli and popular actor Han Geng co-starred as father and son for the first time. At the premiere of “That Thing My Dad Didn’t Say”, the main creators represented by Han Geng, Zhang Guoli, and Xue Haojing interacted enthusiastically with the audience, triggering bursts of excitement. Cheers and admiration.Han Geng faces the audienceWhen asked “How do you view the silent father’s love in the film and how to get along with your daughter in daily life?” Han Geng bluntly said: “This “silent father’s love” is very real and reflects a traditional model of relationship between fathers and sons born in the 1980s in China. After filming this movie, I have gradually communicated more with my father. I also hope that I will have more expressions and more communication with my daughter. I hope that when she grows up, he will also know other things besides herself. Parents will also give him more sense of security, and he can be a father who can make his children feel love and security directly.” Regarding this sharing, the audience praised him as heartwarming; the silent and stubborn Chinese-style father on the screen ” “Liu Tingshen” turned into a kind and lovely national father off the screen, saying that Liu Tingshen is like his father: “Many parents in China have such silent love. In fact, he has you in his heart, and he also has him in your heart, but we always Not very willing to communicate. HopeEveryone has finished watching this movieAfter that, I can go and say I love you to my parents.At the same time, Zhang Guoli also praised the director for his professionalism and polite gentlemanly demeanor: “I feel very happy to have the opportunity to work with him. His many modest and gentlemanly behaviors on the set also had a great impact on me.” “

  Many viewers at the premiere shed tears while watching the movie. They said emotionally that the movie was so touching. The director vividly demonstrated the unspeakable but selfless father’s love in Chinese families. Zhang Guoli and Han Geng perfectly interpreted the relationship between Chinese father and son with their superb acting skills. Their delicate eyes and expressions, and every detail were captured in detail. The audience gave high praise to the acting skills of the main creators. Some audience members specially brought a wall-breaking machine to the scene as a gift to Zhang Guoli and Han Geng, hoping that the Liu family can carry forward the ice crystal cake for generations to come. I also hope that more intangible cultural heritage craftsmen and more young people will pass on traditional Chinese things from generation to generation! Facts have proved that the hard work paid off, and after the film was screened, the audience was deeply involved and found it difficult to leave.On the one hand, it comes from the visual shock: every shot of the town makes people feel like they are in a paradise, and the actors’ ultimate performances are even more moving; on the other hand, it comes from the inner touch: the fate of the characters, the complexity of human nature, and the estrangement between father and son. The puzzling helplessness and the final revelation of the knot are all evocative . In the film, Yanagi Mizo grew up in a few days, left his father’s side because of a misunderstanding, and finally watched his father pass away without being able to change anything, leaving only regrets and regrets. We are not Yanagi Mizo, but we still have time and Opportunities to make amends, accompany parents, cherish the people in front of you, give the greatest love in a limited time, don’t lose it before you know how to cherish it.

  “That Thing My Dad Didn’t Say” is directed by Takita Yojiro, starring Han Geng, Zhang Guoli, and Xue Haojing, and produced by Beijing Jumo Pictures Co., Ltd., Haining Jujiao Film Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Huanyu Xinghua Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Produced by Xihe Mantu Culture Media Co., Ltd., Wuhan Ransheng Film Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Dajiangdongzhu Entertainment Co., Ltd., Eighteen Degrees North (Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Guozun Holding Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Century Qitai Culture Media Co., Ltd. It is jointly produced by the company and Hubei Fengwu Tianxia Film Co., Ltd.The movie “The Thing My Dad Didn’t Tell” will be releasedIt will be released nationwide on November 3. Let us meet in the theater and experience the inheritance of traditional Chinese families from generation to generation. The family relationship between father and son is as deep as the sea, resolving all the knots about family ties and leaving no regrets.

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