At the premiere of “A Great Night”, Jiang Huan gathered and Fan Chengcheng’s first thriller comedy was praised

At the premiere of “A Great Night”, Jiang Huan gathered and Fan Chengcheng’s first thriller comedy was praised

“Scream loudly, laugh happily” group photo of the main creators at the premiere in Beijing

On March 26, the film “Amazing Night” held the premiere of “Screaming Happy Laughing” in Beijing. Screenwriter and director Ma Kai, producer Yi Xiaoxing, starring Fan Chengcheng, Jiang Long, Jiang Yi, Wang Zixuan, special starring Liang Long, starring Kong Lianshun, Jiang Shimeng, Gan Yunchen, Xu Xinwen, Menghan, Qi Yujia made a happy appearance, And share more stories behind the scenes. At the event, the main creators spoke freely, from expanding the genre of comedy to breakthroughs in performance, from the friendship of mutual perseverance to the brave pursuit of dreams by ordinary people, so that the audience can learn more about the film from this thriller comedy that is so loud and funny The themes you want to convey about the set, dreams and friendship.

The film won the love of many young audiences during the “Happy Punch-in” campus road show. After it was screened in 39 cities on March 25 and 26, it was well received by many audiences. There are so many joys, you will laugh until you cry, and suddenly you are so shocked that you hug the people around you, it is very exciting.” Today’s film released the MV for the theme song “The Great Us”, Wang Zhengliang, Su Xing, and Zhang Yuan’s “Re-employment” boy group sang warmly , once again pass on the power from the partner. The film is in hot pre-sale, and will be released nationwide on March 31, and it will also land in 794 IMAX theaters at the same time, aiming to bring audiences an immersive sense of watching movies that are both exciting and funny: on March 31, let’s laugh together together.

Ma Kaiyi Xiaoxing teamed up to break the “boundary” and the thriller comedy is so funny

After the movie “Great Night” was screened in 39 cities on March 25 and 26, keywords such as “laughing until crowing”, “covering eyes and mouth”, “unpredictable surprises” and other keywords appeared frequently, all of which made People are even more curious about what kind of “laughing fruit” this comedy embellished with horror shows. Some viewers said: “The narrative style is fascinating, the play within the play is interlocking, and the reversal of the plot makes people overwhelmed. You will be surprised and happy for a while, and you will be relieved and enjoyable!” On March 26, the film officially held “Scream Happy “Smile” premiere in Beijing, screenwriter and director Ma Kai, producer Yi Xiaoxing, starring Fan Chengcheng, Jiang Long, Jiang Yi, Wang Zixuan, special starring Liang Long, starring Kong Lianshun, Jiang Shimeng, Gan Yunchen, Xu Xinwen, Meng Han , Qi Yu Jiaqi made an appearance and shared more wonderful stories in front of and behind the scenes.

“A Great Night” is written and directed by Ma Kai, a cutting-edge director from the First Film Festival. As a relatively rare thriller comedy in the domestic market, some young audiences think that the theme is quite novel, and the rhythm of surprise and joy is in place. password. Regarding the topic selection and original intention of comedy plus horror, director Ma Kai said: “I like thrillers and comedies very much, and I am very curious about how the combination of the two strong genres will produce sparks. I took it as a script assignment at the end of 2012. The creation incorporates what I have seen and heard. I didn’t expect it to be made into a movie, and I was surprised by its presentation on the big screen.” Talking about the practice of compound themes, producer Yi Xiaoxing Said: “When I first saw the script, I was attracted by its mature thriller framework and natural sense of humor. I also saw Director Ma Kai’s sincerity in the film, and I am very willing to explore the boundaries of comedy genres with him. We split three The group portrait relationship of the people group, in addition to enriching the growth arc of the characters, also allows them to form a natural comedy conflict between intertwined actions.”

Fan Chengcheng, Prince Xuan and Jiang Yi performed in a “shattering style” and performed a happy “Three Chiangs” big screen team building

The film gathers “three-world comedians” who are young and powerful from the three worlds of film and television, variety shows, and music. Facing various challenging roles in thriller comedies, the performances of young actors are eye-catching. As Fan Chengcheng’s first comedy film, the “ruffian” leopard on the screen formed a huge contrast with the handsome image in the past. Some viewers at the scene said that they didn’t recognize who played the leopard after watching the whole movie, and they gained 30 pounds for the role. Fan Chengcheng said frankly: “The leopard in my mind is a young man in a small town running around for his life. He also has a part of my inner character, so I hope to try to get close to him through the connection between appearance and psychology, so that the audience can feel a real. Role.” Wang Zixuan came to the scene to show her true face, which is completely different from the “thriller” Li Fei she played in the film. Facing the audience’s love, she responded humbly: “For actors, I also hope that I can make a breakthrough. , if the audience can be moved by Concubine Li and forget Wang Zixuan’s appearance, it will be a kind of recognition for me.” Jiang Yi (as a monkey) who also shows people with “Concubine Li makeup” also shared: “The makeup this time It is a new attempt, I found that even if a man disguises himself as a woman, his behavior is always different from that of a girl, so I applied this discomfort to the monkey to make his body language more interesting.”

The film allowed young filmmakers to achieve self-breakthrough, and also contributed to the big screen team building of the three big “Jiang” in the “Annual Comedy Contest”. The new comedians are fully fired to contribute to the movie “Laughing Fruit”. Some viewers praised Jiang Long for contributing a lot of laughs, and asked him to reproduce the famous “cat and mouse” acting scene on the spot. Talking about the role, Jiang Long said: “I also had the experience of acting with no pay, so I cherish this time very much.” Opportunity, growing up with Xiaoshan in the performance, also made me understand that hard work is our growth pad.” Jiang Shimeng, Liang Long, and Menghan formed a director team full of comedy effects, and the shooting scene was full of joyful and tacit creative atmosphere. She also did enough homework for the role: “I wrote a relatively rich biography of the characters, and built a sense of faith from it. I also thank the director for letting everyone see the dedication and strength of women in the workplace through the film.”

“The Great Us” MV Exposes “Two Ways to Go” Partner Love Heart-warming

The movie “Great Night” tells the story of three groups of people gathering together on the set of a thriller film, chasing and reversing in turn, and everyone grows and transforms amidst screaming laughter. After the screening, some viewers expressed that they were moved and worthy of a second brush: “The plot has reversals and emotions, and the movie is full of love and feelings.” Director Ma Kai focused on caring for the little people on the set, and simply and sincerely showed ordinary people. Being favored, still shining in persistence. Xu Xinwen said: “Jia Jia looks like a ‘social hemp’, but in fact she still looks forward to appearing on the big screen, so even as a stand-in actor, she is working hard silently.” He, who seems to have been smoothed out, also created an extraordinary dream with everyone in one night. I often use this role to motivate myself to bravely chase the part of the ‘superego’.”

Today’s film released the MV for the theme song “The Amazing Us”. As the gentle singing slowly sounded, it also showed more moving pictures of partners staying together and never leaving. In addition to repeatedly jumping between “screaming” and “laughing”, many viewers were also moved by the “two-way running” between the partners in the film. Liang Long, who played the role of the director, was deeply touched by this: “In many difficult times, it is actually because there are people who are willing to endure with you, which makes persistence meaningful. Just like most of us are night scenes, it has become It’s a veritable “Eagle Boiling” crew, but everyone chatted about the show and performance on the set, and worked together to make the show better.” On the day of the premiere, there was also an “Easter Egg” session, and many of them accompanied Director Ma Kai The film participants who have been in the film for more than ten years also came to support and send good wishes. Director Ma Kai said frankly: “Inviting them to appear this time seems to be a kind of help, but in fact I need these friends very much. With them by my side, I will have a bright future.” An inexplicable sense of security.” The sincere companionship has once again confirmed the power from partners, and the film also wishes the audience: in every amazing moment, someone will share it with you.

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