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Asian Games + Mid-Autumn Festival + National Day, stick to the feelings of family and country

Asian Games + Mid-Autumn Festival + National Day, stick to the feelings of family and country

  From the lighting of the Asian Games flame, to the Mid-Autumn Festival and then to the National Day, Chinese athletes are fighting fiercely in sports arenas, but late at nightThe Olympic Sports Center is still brightly lit.

Chen Teng conducts risk assessment in the venue

On September 29, at three o’clock in the morning on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to stand on the first shift during the game and welcome the first game of the day at the Olympic Sports Center, Chen Teng, a station staff member of China Pacific Insurance Olympic Sports Center, arrived at his work station in advance. He went to the race walking venue 20 kilometers away from the Olympic Sports Center to check for potential risks. While answering questions about the insurance consultation at the event site, he was always ready to arrive at the accident site as soon as possible.

China Taibao Olympic Sports Center resident team staff

Liu Lele, a CPIC on-site service staff member from Shanghai, is responsible for inspecting competition equipment, fire-fighting equipment and personnel passages in the Olympic Sports Center venues. In order to ensure that the entire competition is safe, smooth, and orderly, she stays on the front line of claims settlement, does not miss any detail, and provides the best insurance services at the event site at any time.

On the same day, Wu Yunfeng, a service staff member of CPIC’s stationed hospital, accompanied Xiao Xu, an unwell volunteer, for a review as scheduled, and helped Xiao Xu handle the medical process, including queuing for outpatient numbers, accompanying outpatients, accompanying examinations and tests, assisting with payment, and collecting medicines, etc. All kinds of tedious matters. “Thank you for your service, you are so considerate!” Xiao Xu’s mother, who was standing by, saw that Wu Yunfeng had been busy all morning and could not even take a sip of water, so she gave him a drink and praised him repeatedly.

Wu Yunfeng serves at the hospital

From 0:00 in the middle of the night to 8:00 the next morning, from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening, from 4:00 in the afternoon to 12:00 in the middle of the night… Since September 19, Wu Yunfeng and two other China Pacific Insurance staff overcame three shifts Despite the difficulty of alternating between night shift and day shift, we always embody wisdom with professionalism, warmth with service, and fully escort the Asian Games. Due to his enthusiastic and careful work, Wu Yunfeng often receives inquiries from patients during his breaks. He always provides help as soon as possible. “We are always ready to escort the Asian Games. As long as customers need it, we will provide it at any time!”

  During the Double Festival, Ding Guogang of China Pacific Life Insurance Zhejiang Branch was still stationed at the China Pacific Insurance Hangzhou Asian Games Insurance Service Command Center from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., coordinating the resources of all parties, tracking case reports, consultation statistics, and station personnel tracking in real time , summarize underwriting information, do daily service monitoring during the game, and do our best to escort every station.

During the Double Festival, Ding Guogang (second from left) and his colleagues were busy in the insurance command center

Also rushing to work was Zhu Han, a CPIC staff member stationed at Sandun Campus of Zhejiang Hospital. She gave up accompanying her family early in the morning and rushed to Shaw Hospital. She did not expect that many CPIC staff members had taken the initiative to join the station. Order service, “Restaurus Shaw Hospital is really busy. Everyone works non-stop every day, but everyone is very fulfilled. We are escorting the Asian Games. We have you, me, and everyone. As CPIC people, we are very proud!”

“I have been stationed at the Olympic Sports Center for more than 20 days and nights. I spent my 24th birthday in the middle of the night, spent thousands of miles with my family in Hainan during the golden autumn festival, and spent the National Day with the excitement of winning the championship. Singing the national anthem and watching the five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, I also stayed at my post late at night and silently escorted the Asian Games.” Talking about his on-site service experience, Chen Teng was very excited and proud.

The glimmer of mortal light turns into a torch. From the sky to the north to the West Lake, from the rising sun in the east to the setting moon and stars, behind these seemingly ordinary and ordinary services are responsibility, wisdom and warmth; they are the details of work that strive for excellence every minute and every second; they are the “escort of the Asian Games” The passionate clarion call for charge; it is also the deep-felt promise that each of the Taibao people has left home thousands of miles away and vowed to shoulder the interdependence of their home and country!

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