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As the flood season approaches, CPIC takes multiple measures to weave a dense “protective net”

“It’s good to have insurance. Not only will there be compensation during the critical period, but it will also help with harvesting when the flood season comes. We feel more at ease in the current summer harvest and summer planting!” said Uncle Wang, a farmer in Guangdong.

The annual flood season is also a critical period for early rice to be harvested. In order to avoid the possible loss of summer grain caused by “dragon boat water”, in Guangdong, the main manpower of Shanwei Zhongzhi Agricultural Insurance of China Pacific Insurance P/C Insurance Co. Help farmers harvest rice for free. The harvest time will last for half a month. It is estimated that the area of ​​rice harvested will be more than 2,000 mu.

Since entering the main flood season in June, Guangdong, Hubei, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Guizhou and other places have experienced continuous heavy rainfall, threatening the lives and property of the people. CPIC deployed ahead of time, coordinated with its headquarters and branches, put the current flood prevention and disaster relief work in the first place, coordinated resources, set up service points, simplified processes, and opened green channels…Multiple claimants continue to fight on the front line of their posts and go all out to help People and enterprises in various places prevent and reduce losses to the greatest extent, and practice the CPIC service of “responsibility, wisdom, and warmth” with practical actions.

  Prevention is more important than compensation, they go all out in the wind and rain

On June 24, Shanghai was affected by the northward lift of the Meiyu belt, and the cumulative precipitation in 6 hours reached more than 80 millimeters of heavy precipitation, and many areas in the suburbs were flooded. In the early morning, a car wading report occurred on Chuansha Road, Pudong New Area. Shen Bo, an investigator from China Pacific Insurance Shanghai Branch, rushed to the scene of the accident in the rain to help arrange rescue vehicles, and carefully reminded the customer Ms. Chen to pay attention to the car wading matter. Due to the timely rescue, there were no other failures except for the water in the cab of the vehicle. Due to factors such as minor losses and changes in insurance premiums after the accident, Shen Bo took the initiative to assist customers in negotiating maintenance plans with 4S stores. The enthusiastic and heart-warming service won praises from Ms. Chen.

In order to ensure the travel safety of the people during the flood season, in Shanghai, Guangdong, Guizhou, Hubei and other places, China Pacific Insurance actively carried out travel safety guarantee services during the flood season, and all members of the claims investigation team entered a 24-hour standby state; assigned special personnel to monitor the local meteorological bureau in real time Weather forecast and early warning information, and based on the reporting data provided by 95500, strengthen real-time monitoring of areas with serious accidents; adhere to the concept of “prevention is more important than compensation”, and carry out investigations and visits based on the collected location information of prone to waterlogging points. Relevant units at waterlogged spots check the drainage system and take flood control measures.

Empowerment of science and technology, let farmers plant “reassuring fields”

The dragon boat water is coming. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of forest diseases and insect pests in the flood season, the China Pacific Insurance P/C Insurance Guangdong Maoming Zhongzhi Agricultural Insurance Team went to Hetang Town, Gaozhou City to organize the “UAV Forest Pest Control and Flying Defense Operation” and dispatched agricultural plant protection machines More than 70 sorties, benefiting an area of ​​more than 1,900 mu, and providing forest farmers with value-added services such as the prevention and treatment of scorch and bacterial wilt, which are common in flood seasons.

Since June, areas such as Xiangyang, Enshi, and Yichang in Hubei Province have experienced large-scale continuous rainfall, causing some farmland to be flooded, wheat fields to fall, and farmers to suffer varying degrees of losses. The agricultural insurance staff of the Hubei Branch of China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. were not afraid of the bad weather. They braved thunderstorms and rainstorms to run in the muddy fields. They went deep into the disaster-stricken areas to investigate and determine the damage as soon as possible, helping farmers reduce losses to the greatest extent and protect their enthusiasm for planting.

In order to allow farmers to plant “reassuring fields”, on the basis of continuing to promote agricultural insurance bids, expand coverage, and increase products, and realize the transformation and upgrading from “guaranteeing the basics” to “guaranteeing costs and securing income”, China Pacific Insurance makes full use of high-tech Risk service tools, use the “e-agricultural insurance” APP to quickly investigate and determine losses, simplify the claims process, open up green channels for severely affected farmers, and use “insurance + services” to reduce the losses suffered by farmers during flood seasons and other disastrous weather processes. Stable supply of “rice bags” and “vegetable baskets”.

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