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Art streets, boutique chrysanthemum exhibitions, agricultural product sales… help consumption continue to heat up

Art streets, boutique chrysanthemum exhibitions, agricultural product sales… help consumption continue to heat up

  Tianjin Northern Network News:Since November, the temperature has dropped sharply, but this year’s consumer market has continued to heat up. There are more various exhibition activities in Tianjin than in previous years, which has effectively promoted consumption growth. At the same time, it ignites new vitality in the golden autumn city and makes the consumer market in Jincheng continue to increase in popularity.

  Tianmei Art District is about to debut

The construction of the first phase of the Tianmei Art District project’s exhibition area, with the vision of building the city’s first open university, is in the final stages and is scheduled to open at the end of November. It is understood that the Tianmei Art District project under construction is promoted by Hebei District and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. While giving full play to the professional advantages of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in art, culture, education, etc., it integrates surrounding historical culture and tourism resources to combine architecture, space, The business formats are integrated to build an aesthetic demonstration area for the integrated development of culture, business and tourism, and form an innovative ecology where the university and the city interact, symbiotically and prosperously.

According to reports, the Tianmei Art Street project has a planned land area of ​​about 22.6 hectares, revitalizing about 17,000 square meters of university carriers, transforming idle carriers of about 18,000 square meters, and utilizing about 18,000 square meters of scattered land to supplement cultural and creative space carriers and education and training industries. The space carrier is about 30,000 square meters, and the planned commercial operation area is 43,000 square meters. It introduces 6 main business formats and 48 types of industries such as art and cultural space and art training to realize an immersive art tour experience of 3 hours to 4 hours, and implements ” The whole process and market-oriented operation of the trinity of culture-scene-assets.

  Cashmere fur + agricultural products sale unveiled

Under the guidance of the Hongqiao District Commerce Bureau, the 2023 (Autumn Rhythm) Autumn and Winter Cashmere Fur Clothing and Agricultural and Sideline Products Sale is jointly organized by the Tianjin Wuhu Chamber of Commerce, Ma’anshan Tongsheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., and Green Point (Tianjin) Information Consulting Co., Ltd. It is understood that there are two exhibition areas for autumn and winter clothing and agricultural and sideline products. The clothing area has about 35 booths. The products cover cashmere and fur clothing, middle-aged and elderly autumn and winter clothing, bedding, daily necessities, etc.; the agricultural and sideline products area has about 65 booths. Products include Baodi Jizhou agricultural products, north-south snacks, dried fruits and roasted seeds and nuts, fresh fruits, bacon and sausages, seafood and aquatic products, meat and non-staple food, tea and mushrooms, supplementary ingredients, condiments, etc.

  The 2023 Tianjin Fair is coming

The 2023 China Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair and PECC Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Tianjin Fair”) will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) from November 23 to 26, 2023. This Tianjin Fair will be combined with Tianjin consumption With market characteristics, a consumer goods exhibition is held to highlight the construction content of international consumption center cities and regional trade center cities, and set up exhibition areas for famous and high-quality products from various provinces and cities in China, exhibition areas for domestic large enterprises, exhibition areas for import and export commodities, e-commerce exhibition areas, agricultural products exhibition areas, and daily consumer goods exhibition areas. Time-honored brand product exhibition area, Tianjin famous and premium consumer goods exhibition area, etc.

  Jinxi Taoyuan Fine Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Late autumn is the chrysanthemum viewing season, and chrysanthemums, as the representative flower of autumn, have always been loved by people. In order to showcase the town’s style and enrich the cultural life of the tourism market, Chagugang Town, Wuqing District will hold the Jinxi Taoyuan Boutique Chrysanthemum Exhibition from November 4th to December 3rd. More than a hundred chrysanthemums with different shapes and colorful blooms are in bloom, one scene at a time, connected in series to form a painting. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of late autumn when you swim among them. The chrysanthemum exhibition with the theme of using flowers as a matchmaker, 100 chrysanthemum works, unique to “chrysanthemum”, enjoy the view; use flowers as a matchmaker to display floral art, the holy national chrysanthemum, blossoming clear clouds, floral aesthetics, enjoy a feast of flowers; use flowers as a matchmaker For matchmaking tea tasting, gather in Jinxi Taoyuan. Through special activities such as chrysanthemum flower market, chrysanthemum maintenance class, chrysanthemum flower art class, etc., you can experience the aesthetics of flowers while visiting the flower market, bringing you a beautiful flower appreciation. Feast; Tasting tea with flowers as the matchmaker, “tea is cultivated all over the world”, appreciating autumn, smelling the fragrance, tasting chrysanthemums, the fragrance of tea is overflowing, tasting chrysanthemum tea is not only a traditional custom, but also a cultural experience. The meaning of chrysanthemum tea Fragrant and unique taste; urban camping with flowers as the matchmaker, surrounded by a sea of ​​flowers, will take you on a romantic outdoor trip in autumn and winter.

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