Arbor Day is approaching, Yadea leads a low-carbon life and improves the “green content” of national travel

Arbor Day is approaching, Yadea leads a low-carbon life and improves the “green content” of national travel

The Arbor Day is approaching. Every year on this day, everyone will call on the society to care for the environment, low-carbon life, and advocate the development of a sustainable green economy by means of sowing seeds, tree planting, and forest protection. As an advocate of low-carbon travel, Yadea always adheres to the concept of green development, advocates green travel, and relies on innovation and technology to transform and develop into a low-carbon industrial structure. The society contributes to Yardi’s efforts to achieve the strategic goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”.

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Over the past 25 years, on the one hand, Yadea has attached great importance to the development of the green economy, strengthened brand building, and created low-carbon, environmentally friendly, high-quality products as a breakthrough point to increase the “green content” of national travel; on the other hand, Yadea has continued to “subtract” , Vigorously promote the conservation-oriented development model and reduce resource consumption.

It is reported that in the product development stage of Yadea, IPD (Integrated Product Development System) was introduced to promote product normalization and platform management, improve the common rate of parts and components, and reduce resource consumption; in terms of intelligent manufacturing, in Wuxi, Zhejiang and other bases Deployed photovoltaic solar power generation to reduce total energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; in the after-sales service, relying on 40,000 terminal service outlets around the world, launched a trade-in activity for used electric vehicles, which effectively solved the problem of recycling waste batteries for two-wheelers. And promote it to the electric two-wheeler industry, and gradually build a green ecological cycle development;

Yardi advocates green development

At the same time, by creating the brand IP of “Yardi 717 Cycling Festival”, advocating a new lifestyle of green cycling and low-carbon travel, creating a strong connection with users, fully conveying the concept of green development, and setting a new model for low-carbon upgrading and development for the industry. During years of low-carbon development, Yadea has been recognized both inside and outside the industry. It has successively won the MSCI ESG highest rating medal in the automotive and motorcycle industry and the Asia-Pacific region, the industry’s first “carbon footprint” certificate, the “product carbon label evaluation” certificate, and the People’s The website issued industry awards such as the “17th People’s Enterprise Social Responsibility Green Development Award”.

Yardi Product Carbon Footprint Certificate

Adhering to the mission of “enabling hundreds of millions of people to enjoy beautiful travel”, Yadea electric vehicles always adhere to the concept of low-carbon travel, fulfill social responsibilities, and empower users with value. Fight the “blue sky defense battle” to help the development of the green economy and contribute to the creation of “green mountains and green waters”.

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