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Arbor Day | Adding “green” to the motherland China Pacific Insurance is in action

Arbor Day | Adding “green” to the motherland China Pacific Insurance is in action

March 12, 2024 is our country’s 46th Arbor Day. The average annual carbon sink capacity of a tree is 11.32 kilograms. Based on an average survival of 40 years, the carbon sink capacity of a tree is 452.8 kilograms. Arbor Day is not only a festival, but also the inheritance and promotion of environmental protection concepts.

Protecting forests, afforestation, and cultivating forests… China Pacific Insurance leverages its professional advantages to actively fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, protect the growth of forests, add “green” to the motherland, and sow green hopes for Mother Earth.

Forest protection is our responsibility

“With CPIC Green Insurance protecting us, everyone has more confidence and motivation to plant trees!” the person in charge of a forest farm in Longquan City, Zhejiang Province said happily.

At the beginning of this year, China Pacific Insurance Zhejiang Lishui Longquan Branch, after issuing Zhejiang Province’s first “Bamboo Forest Carbon Sequestration Price Index Insurance”, once again explored innovation and combined with local forest development needs, issued Zhejiang Province’s first forest carbon sequestration price index insurance , using the “insurance + service” risk protection model to support carbon sequestration and increase sinks.

  superiorThe above case is the epitome of China Pacific Insurance taking advantage of its insurance advantages to innovatively launch forest carbon sequestration insurance, organically combining insurance with green and low-carbon insurance to protect the safety of forests.

  Forest carbon sequestration insurance.Focusing on the carbon sink function of trees, insurance provides protection against the loss of the surplus value of forest carbon sinks due to natural disasters and accidents during the entire growth process of trees. In July 2021, China Pacific Insurance successfully launched its first forest carbon sink insurance in Hainan, taking the lead in insuring about 50,000 acres of forest trees in its Danzhou Forest Farm and Haiwending Forest Farm.

  Carbon sequestration insurance for individual forest trees.On the basis of forest carbon sink insurance, China Pacific Insurance has implemented a new model of “carbon inclusiveness + rural revitalization” and innovatively launched single tree carbon sink insurance. This insurance provides protection for forest carbon sink losses caused by three types of situations, including heavy rains, etc. When an accident occurs due to natural disasters, forestry pests, or wild animal damage, the carbon sequestration surplus value of a single forest tree can be compensated in accordance with the insurance contract.

  Bamboo forest carbon sink value insurance.Focusing on the carbon sink function of moso bamboo, insurance can effectively prevent moso bamboo operators from being affected by natural disasters, accidents, extreme price fluctuations of carbon sinks, etc., stabilize forestry carbon sink transaction income, thereby ensuring the surplus value, ecological and environmental protection value generated by forestry, The depletion during the recovery period of the carbon sink, the repair cost of carbon sequestration capacity and the value of carbon emission rights trading.

Afforestation, our joint action

  Plant spring with hands and plant hope.On the occasion of Arbor Day, CPIC joins hands with all sectors of society to plant trees on the motherland, so thatGreenery continues to spread across the motherland.

In Fujian, CPIC Property & Casualty Insurance Fujian Branch teamed up with the Fujian Financial Youth League Working Committee and Fujian Financial Supervision Bureau to organize a voluntary public tree planting activity in Jianghu Village, Huanxi Town, Fuzhou City; in Changzhou, youth members of the China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Changzhou Branch carried out a ” Planting hope, blooming smiles” themed tree planting activities; in Yunnan, China Pacific Insurance Yunnan Branch carried out the “Arbor Day Green Activity Plan-Goddess Day Carbon Inclusive Activities”; in Ningbo, China Pacific Insurance Ningbo Branch Lin Ping Studio We went to campus to carry out the Arbor Day activity of “Protect a sapling and plant a touch of green”; in Guizhou, China Pacific Insurance Guizhou Branch organized employees and customers to carry out tree planting activities of “Protect and plant trees to learn from Lei Feng and build CPIC’s green dream together”.

Forest cultivation, our long-term mission

China Pacific Insurance and its employees donated a total of more than 33 million yuan to complete the third phase of the Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest Construction in Gonghe County, Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai. A total of more than 2,000 acres of forest were planted and 120,000 trees were planted. China Pacific Insurance carefully cultivated and protected the growth of each tree. The survival rate of the 2,000 acres of public welfare forest reaches 95%. At the same time, China Pacific Insurance also carries out various forms of adoption activities to allow more people to participate in the cause of forest cultivation and jointly build our beautiful home.

  With the arrival of spring, China Pacific Insurance Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest is also sprouting new buds and blooming with new green! Build a green home together and harvest a better future. Arbor Day is not only a holiday, but also an action, a promise, and an expectation for the future.

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