Appreciate flowers in spring, slowly enjoy the poetic spring series activities of Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin

Appreciate flowers in spring, slowly enjoy the poetic spring series activities of Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin

In spring, the wind is blowing, and the flowers and trees are like brocade. In April, all things recover and grow vigorously. Why not take advantage of the May Day holiday to take a leisurely spring in Tianjin, the city of slowness, and appreciate the unique beauty of nature’s vitality and bright poetry in this season. Follow the editor to see what spring exploration activities Tianjin Four Seasons Hotel has.

Spring tour among flowers

“Runner than warm jade, as complex as a cluster of red threads.” It is a true portrayal of the spring flowers in Jincheng. The blooming flowers are either pink and warm, or white jade is delicate, which makes people feel close and loved, and the gentle mood makes time seem like Slow down. Temporarily forget the busyness of the metropolis on weekdays, and leave a space for yourself to savor the beauty of life and nature. You can also take photos among the flowers and freeze the charming moments.

Escape into the modern and luxurious rooms of Tianjin Four Seasons Hotel at night, it is recommended to choose the executive VIP treatment: all-day dining includes buffet breakfast, afternoon tea, chef’s recommended food from the Black Pearl Jinyun Chinese Restaurant, evening cocktails, free unlimited clothing pressing, Each stay can use the executive meeting room for free for 2 hours, personalized business center and concierge service, express check-in and check-out and other multiple benefits.

“Family Fun” Family Stay

Guests who pay attention to family fun can also take their children to a spring date. Choose the hotel’s “Parent-child Fun” family travel package, stay in elegant and comfortable rooms, enjoy cute children’s tents, building block toy tables, basketball hoops (0-2 years old babies can choose crawling fences and educational toys), and children’s aids Sleeping essential oil bubble bath, exquisite picture books, treasure hunting mini-games, welcome pastry, fruit and children’s interest gift cards.

In the early morning of the next day, you can exercise in the hotel fitness center while admiring the beautiful scenery of the city, or take a dip in the swimming pool with natural lighting. There are cute “unicorns” and “flamingos” to accompany the children to enjoy the fun of playing in the water.

Yihui “Italian Crazy Crab”

Led by the new Executive Chef Martin Ouyang Qingcheng, Western Food Chef Lynd will renew the “Italian Crazy Crab” theme buffet at Yihui Western Restaurant. Weekday dinner features include"Parma Ham Melon"and"caviar"Delivery by person, sea crab wrapped in Italian basil paper, Singaporean spicy crab, pasta in the cheese pool and crab basil pizza, as well as classic freshly grilled steaks, seasonal seafood, Chinese and Western hot dishes and signature desserts, served with shop Free flow of choice of wine; Weekend upgrade includes “Golden Soup Fish Maw Sea Cucumber” delivery per person.

Executive Chef Martin Ouyang Qingcheng has more than 30 years of culinary experience. He grew up in Singapore and has participated in many international culinary competitions in Europe and the United States and won many awards. Combining Chinese and Western creative cooking concepts and techniques. He also believes that successful chefs should listen to the voices of diners, cook food with an open and flexible mind, and constantly innovate.

“Italian Crazy Crab” is available for a limited time from April 14th to June 14th, 2023. Buffet dinner from Sunday to Thursday is ¥488+15%/person, Friday and Saturday is ¥688+15%/ 15% discount for media fans if you book through the editor.

Agarwood Aromatherapy

“Dark fragrance floats, heals and rejuvenates.” Luo Spa carefully selects the high-quality agarwood essential oil from Yonghetang, and launches customized agarwood aromatherapy treatments for women and men.

Burn a wisp of fragrance, the fragrance permeates the lungs, soothing and relaxing. The aromatherapist uses gentle fingertips or palms to apply essential oils to the skin. The lady’s care blended with high-quality rose essential oil can improve skin aging, nourish and soften, and boost the spirit. The essential oils selected for men are helpful for promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals, dispelling cold and moistening dryness.

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