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Apple’s 2023 autumn conference opens tonight

Apple’s 2023 autumn conference opens tonight

  Tianjin North News:On September 12, according to Apple’s official website, Apple’s 2023 autumn conference will officially start in the middle of the night today – the early morning of September 13. What can be confirmed is that Apple will release a new iPhone15 series of mobile phones at today’s conference, and may also bring new products such as Apple Watch and Apple AirPods.

  iPhone 15 series

Summarizing the current information on the Internet, Apple has planned 4 to 5 machines for the iPhone 15, namely: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and even the legendary iPhone 15 Ultra.

The biggest focus of the iPhone 15 series is the A17 processor. The A17 processor that will be launched this year will use a 3nm process technology, which can reduce power consumption by about 25-30% and improve performance by 10-15%. The news that TSMC is producing 3nm process chips has been exposed for a long time, and it is believed to be prepared for the iPhone 15 series.

In terms of appearance, based on the current breaking news, we find that the appearance of the iPhone 15 may not change much, and even the weight of some models is the same as the iPhone 14 series. The main change should be the change in materials of Pro and above models: from aluminum alloy to titanium alloy, it can be expected that the weight and strength of iPhone15 Pro/Pro Max will be improved. As for whether there will be a big change in the feel after changing the material of the middle frame, we have to wait until we get the new phone. However, there is news that compared with the old model, the new machine will have some changes in terms of length and thickness.

As for the new iPhone 15 Ultra, there is not much information online. It is also said that this machine will not be officially released until the spring of 2024. Its biggest change is the screen, which will be unprecedentedly large in the iPhone series. The actual size should be the same as that of the iPad. Mini is not much different.

In terms of price, there is news that in order to boost the stock price, the iPhone 15 series will not increase in price this time and will remain at the same price as the iPhone 14 series. However, although the price has not increased, Apple has not skimped on storage capacity. The entry-level version of the iPhone15 Pro series will start at 256G.

  Apple Watch S9

The new Apple Watch to be released should be called: Apple Watch Series 9. According to the leaked information, this watch may be the smallest upgraded product in history. In addition to using the S9 chip based on A15 Bionic and new colors, , there won’t be many changes in other aspects.

Of course, based on the new S9 chip processor, the performance and battery life will be more obvious than previous models. It is expected that there will be a 40~50% performance improvement, and the power consumption will also be significantly reduced, allowing the Apple Watch S9 battery life to reach More than 18 hours.

  Apple AirPods

The new Apple AirPods are the product with the least news at present. Everyone’s attention has been attracted by the iPhone 15 series. But this can’t be blamed on everyone, because according to industry chain news, this product has basically no changes compared with the old model. It just replaced the original charging interface with Type-C, and the overall product has basically no changes.

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