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“Aoshuang White Plum” is also a “sonorous rose”: “Welcome to Maile Village” Zhang Yuqi’s personality charm blooms in a foreign country

“Aoshuang White Plum” is also a “sonorous rose”: “Welcome to Maile Village” Zhang Yuqi’s personality charm blooms in a foreign country


Zheng Xiaolong serves as the artistic director, Liang Zhenhua serves as the chief screenwriter and chief producer, directed by Jin Ye, written by Hu Yating and Zhang Xian, starring Jin Dong, Zu Feng, Zhang Yuqi and Liu Guanlin, with Liu Mintao and Ding Yongdai special starring in the cross-border realism burning passion The drama “Welcome to Maile Village” is currently being broadcast on Oriental, Jiangsu and Hunan Satellite TV. The drama tells the story of China represented by Ma Jia (played by Jin Dong), Jiang Daqiao (played by Zu Feng), Wu Mei (played by Zhang Yuqi), etc. The story of a foreign aid medical team saving lives and healing the wounded in Africa and establishing deep friendship with the local people. In addition to showing the technical details of the “benevolence of doctors” of China’s foreign aid medical team, the team members’ life-oriented and personalized performances also left a deep impression on the audience. Among them, Zhang Yuqi’s performance of the head nurse and deputy captain of the aid team, Wu Mei, was dressed in white. The nurse uniform is full of temperament, and she is responsible for the tasks of saving lives and healing the wounded in a foreign country, providing guidance on nursing technology, and taking on the important tasks of team management. Zhang Yuqi relies on her superb acting skills to bring out the connotation of “Aoshuang Baimei” facing difficulties and refusing to admit defeat, and “sonorous rose”. “The fire-like passion is vividly performed.

  Zhang Yuqi’s image of “Aoshuang Baimei” is eye-catching, and she is dedicated to learning injections off-screen

“Welcome to Maile Village” abandons the previous role creation of “individual heroism” and shows a group portrait of the members of the Chinese foreign aid medical team. The image of the doctor they created not only adheres to the original intention of the doctor, but also has the pride of practicing medicine for thousands of miles, and is more courageous. shoulder the mission of spreading great love. With the benevolence of doctors, they care about all things in nature, and use practical actions to interpret the spirit of the Chinese medical team of “unafraid of hardship, dedication, life-saving and healing, and boundless love.”

Wu Mei, the head nurse and deputy captain of the medical aid team to Africa, played by Zhang Yuqi, is like an eye-catching “white plum” in the group portrait. She fought side by side with her husband and came to a foreign country. Not only did she cooperate with Chang Lai in the medical process to save lives and heal the wounded, , at the same time, he also shoulders the responsibility of team management. From the perspective of medical quality and professionalism, Zhang Yuqi demonstrated a head nurse’s great love and persistence in paying attention to details.

She is like a “white plum blossom” who perseveres and makes progress in the face of difficulties. In the play, it is precisely because of her firm persistence and superb skills that the standardization of nursing care is successfully implemented in a foreign country. The prototype of Wu Mei’s character is Ms. Ying Chunliu, a member of the 22nd batch of China’s medical aid team to Mali. She promoted the use of heparin caps locally. It was Zhang Yuqi’s firm and persistent character in the play that made the audience not only have a deep appreciation for these “doctors” “Heroes” are admired.

In the play, Zhang Yuqi is more “frontal” and expresses the character’s voice. When the student violated the nursing rules and said she had not informed her, and was persuaded by team leader Jiang Daqiao to “put peace first,” she argued, “I can’t stand this. This is about my personal professional ethics and the Chinese medical team’s.” reputation”! Zhang Yuqi’s powerful lines and firm eyes in the play make the character shine in an instant. Zhang Yuqi is very dedicated both on and off the screen. In order to play the role of Wu Mei well, she said, “This time I try the role of a nurse. I need to learn many things from scratch, and I must reach a certain level of proficiency. In this way, I can show the audience I didn’t get into trouble when I was in the group. I really learned how to take injections in the group, and it had a huge impact on me.”

  The ever-changing leader is full of aura, Zhang Yuqi travels through time and space to act as the “big heroine”

Throughout Zhang Yuqi’s acting career, the characters she played have distinct personalities, whether it is Tang Lu, a smart and snobbish business woman in “Women Are Not Bad”, or the courageous and responsible captain Ruoxin in “Evaporating the Pacific”, whether it is “White Deer Plain”. The kind, helpless and tenacious Tian Xiaoe in “The Mermaid” or the rich female Li Ruolan in “The Mermaid”. Zhang Yuqi hides the firm and resolute side of each female character deeply in her heart or shows it outside, letting the “big heroine” in her You can see everything on your body.


What is particularly impressive is that Zhang Yuqi challenged the Chinese photographer Shirley Yang who returned from the United States in the “Ghost Blowing Lamp” series, and finally let the audience see Shirley Yang walking out of the book. In a group of men’s adventure scenes, Shirley Yang, played by Zhang Yuqi, explored the desert, the worm valley, and the bottom of the sea with them, and experienced countless births and deaths. Zhang Yuqi perfectly demonstrated Shirley Yang’s spirit, sharpness, bravery, heroic appearance, love and hate. Clearly, hot inside and cold outside. Not only is the scene with Hu Bayi just right, but his wisdom, agility and neat leg and foot skills during the adventure are even more unparalleled.

In the recently popular “Return to the Ruins of the South China Sea”, her short hair shows off her ability and sassiness, without any heavy makeup, decent clothes, and an increasingly calm temperament, giving Shirley Yang an invisible attraction and charm. The indescribable charm made the audience smile knowingly: the “Chief of Staff” of the Audio-Technica is back!

In addition to her consistent courageous spirit during the expedition, Zhang Yuqi also expressed her emotional side as Hu Bayi’s girlfriend in “Return to the Ruins of the South China Sea” this time. On the expedition ship, she “sprinkled sugar” on Hu Bayi’s bright and warm smile several times. Quite a few. Facing the difficulties in times of crisis, the clean and neat fighting scenes are also eye-catching. Zhang Yuqi said in an interview: “This time “Return to the Ruins of the South China Sea” mainly has a lot of underwater scenes. In the previous films, it was actually No, it’s a very fresh experience and breakthrough.” Zhang Yuqi has always had a strong pursuit of breakthroughs and freshness.

A reporter once asked Pan Yueming, who plays Hu Bayi, “How do you evaluate Zhang Yuqi’s Shirley Yang?” Pan Yueming said, “I once said that Zhang Yuqi is like a sister who rides the wind and waves. He brings you different surprises every time. We always bring you Shirley Yang without labels, and this time is no exception “. As an all-round leader in the Iron Triangle who is as careful as water and a team, her performance is real and powerful, and she has extraordinary experience and insights. Zhang Yuqi also performed Shirley Yang to the extreme, becoming a highly matched character in the Ghost Blowing Lantern series. Actors face many roles in life. What Zhang Yuqi has embarked on in film and television dramas is her own persistent path of working hard to taste the life of her characters, and she has also embarked on her own path of becoming a “big heroine”.

  With a tiger in my heart and a scent of roses, Zhang Yuqi’s career as an actor shows endless possibilities

Many times, people’s first impression of Zhang Yuqi is that of passion and sexiness. During her acting career, she relied on her acting skills to establish herself and challenge classic roles one after another. She is Tang Lu, the domineering female president in “Women Are Not Bad”. Zhang Yuqi had just turned 21 that year. She played the role of a 30-year-old mature woman with a head of short curly hair, and her appearance was enthusiastic and stunning. She is the repressed and miserable Tian Xiao’e in “White Deer Plain”. At the same time, Zhang Yuqi gave her a strong and unyielding temperament under the soft appearance of pursuing freedom; she is Jiang Ying in “Qian Xuesen”, dignified and elegant with her family and country in mind; she is in “The Legend of the Demon Cat” “, Chunqin’s charm, the weirdness of being possessed by a demon cat, and the sadness when pretending to be Yang Guifei…

In the popular “Ghost Blowing the Lamp” series in recent years, she relied on her unique performance to win the online review of “the best match for Shirley Yang in history”. In her image, she has the temperament of a returnee from overseas, and she is heroic when performing fighting scenes , his eyes are firm and fearless when facing danger, and his tacit cooperation with Hu Bayi is perfect.

Judging from her works since her debut, she has always broken through her comfort zone and tried different styles of film and television dramas and roles to improve her acting skills. In order to act as a doctor, she could learn injections and experience life in the hospital. In order to act as Shirley Yang, she worked hard to practice boxing and kicking. She has a unique beauty in the camera and a stern strength. She “has a tiger in her heart and smells the rose.” A true portrayal of her beauty inside and out.

“When beasts are injured, they will find a corner, lick their wounds, and wait for recovery. When they come out of the cave, they will be a fighting beast again, still holding their heads high, as if they have never been vulnerable.” So, what we see on the screen Such a changeable Zhang Yuqi is vivid, three-dimensional and has infinite possibilities.

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