Anniversary Celebration|Luxe 99th Anniversary “Boundless Fragrance and Blooming Beauty” Theme Event

On March 9th, a grand party was grandly held in Shanghai Fosun Art Center. This is a grand event about beauty held by Lux for Chinese women and many consumers when it entered the Chinese market for 99 years. This grand event unites the backbone of women of the era to protect the charm of women, inherit and guard, and create classics; the spokesperson Di Lieba even came to the scene in person to applaud the beauty.

Caption: Event site

The theme of this event is “Boundless Fragrance and Blooming Beauty”. It conveys a unique way of expressing beauty by telling the story of the fetters between Lux and women over the past 99 years, allowing the Lux brand to integrate with the rise of Chinese female consciousness, highlighting the charm of a unique brand .

Caption: Party scene

Women in the new era explain the story of beauty

At the beginning of the grand event, Di Lieba, together with many social media experts representing women’s power, signed dazzling shadow signatures with pens in their hands, and took photos with them to sign in.

Caption: Daren participated in the exhibition

More brand executives came to the scene to celebrate the 99th anniversary of Lux.

Caption: Group photo of Unilever executives

The team of social media experts helped Lux ​​99th anniversary “fragrance without borders and great beauty bloom” grand ceremony, traced the origin of Lux brand and beauty, and explored the continuation of the beautiful story.

Caption: Daren participated in the exhibition

The product display of each era is carefully arranged on site. Appearing as a brand milestone: the deduction and display of era posters, each period of history has its own fragrance presentation, changing along with it, awakening the “taste” of wrestlers in memory, and making classic flavors within reach.

Graphic: Book of Hercules Time

Graphic: Lux History Gallery

Di Lieba led many beauty social media experts to step into the 99th anniversary event site of Lux, and performed unique light and shadow sign-ins one by one to start this unique journey of beauty together; then Reba and everyone came to reflect the changes of the brand The historical corridor, exploring the footsteps of Lishi’s beauty all the way.

Legend: Reba walks

Immediately afterwards, everyone shuttled among the giant flowers in Wonderland Garden. Reba and other beauty social media masters turned into beauty spirits under the flowers, freezing beautiful moments in the meantime, and performing a scene with beauty in the interweaving of flowers and romance. , Encounter with nature; in the reflection and transparency of the mirror space at the end of the journey, it gives people a sense of dreamlike space experience. At the end of this journey, Di Lieba invited the audience in front of the screen to enjoy and lead everyone through the live broadcast of this journey of the 99th anniversary of Luxembourg.

Caption: Daren walks the show

The opening video of Lux’s 99th Anniversary Ceremony—Memorabilia, a historical movie, came here in search of fragrance. It showed a wonderful youthful legend on the screen, and then the dancers presented a tense dance performance for the audience. This eye-catching and pleasant visual and auditory interactive performance allows the guests present to experience the beauty conveyed by wrestlers.

Caption: opening dance show

Afterwards, Di Lieba, the spokesperson of Lux, made a stunning appearance. Reba, dressed in a tulle dress, looked energetic and confident, showing off her demeanor. The concept of beauty coincides with each other.

Legend: Di Lieba made a stunning appearance (picture from the Internet)

The master perfumer invites the heroine Reba to make incense together, and experience the miracle of Lux’s fragrance through personal experience. Reba and the master perfumer search for, discuss and make incense together, and discuss the unique addition of Lux’s fragrance black technology, experience The olfactory enjoyment brought by the high-end fragrance. Lux has always been obsessed with the research and development of top luxury fragrances. The newly developed product formula – Lux Molan Neon Fragrance Shower Gel, continues the classic luxury fragrance, adds a unique rum fragrance, and has a 24-hour fragrance The fragrance black technology lasts for a long time, bringing all women a luxurious bathing experience at night, presenting a romantic gift exclusive to the night.

Caption: The perfumer explains the mystery of Lux product fragrance

Beauty keeps moving forward

This grand event specially invited the old employees of Unilever soap factory to tell the ingenuity stories of themselves and Lux ​​for so many years. In addition, the grand event also invited the director of Unilever’s supply chain to speak on stage, and invited the audience to witness the past decades. The beauty of strength persists.

Caption: Veteran employee/supply chain director of the soap field made a speech

In addition to sticking to the beauty of products and brands, since the beginning of 2011, Lux·Green Hada Action has also ushered in the 13th year. Dr. Wu Junxi, deputy director of the Tibet Plateau Grass Industry Engineering Technology Research Center, and Xu Guang, chairman of the China Environmental Protection Foundation, delivered speeches on stage. In the past thirteen years, Lishi has cooperated in carrying out ecological and environmental protection public welfare projects on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and has planted more than 12.4 million square meters of grassland. The ecological environment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is continuously improving. Contributed to the public welfare and realized the continuous expansion of the “green territory”. Spring, summer, autumn and winter go back and forth, night and day alternate, life is thriving, and everything in the world is in harmony. Lux·Green Hada Action upholds the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, adding a touch of green to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Caption: Operation Lux·Green Hada

At the end of the celebration, Unilever senior executives and Di Lieba took the stage together, and slowly poured the “Lux Fragrance” into the flower device; Ba invited everyone to shout out the theme slogan of the grand ceremony, “Lux 99 Fragrance Boundless and Great Beauty Blooms”. The enthusiastic and powerful sound of the audience showed everyone’s vision and expectations for the future of Lux, and the party came to an end smoothly.

The 99th anniversary gala was broadcast live online on multiple platforms, attracting nearly ten million viewers to watch, setting off a wave of beauty in front of the screen.

Legend: live screenshot

The picture comes from the Internet

Walk with Meili

Tonight Lux and many women jointly wrote this 99th anniversary ceremony. In the future, Lux will still walk with you, her, and beauty, so that consumers can realize what beauty is, shine with confidence, and be beautiful without fear of labels. block.

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