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Anchor the goal and work hard, Bank of China Tianjin Branch effectively promotes village assistance work in an orderly and effective manner

Anchor the goal and work hard, Bank of China Tianjin Branch effectively promotes village assistance work in an orderly and effective manner

In 2023, the Bank of China Tianjin Branch’s economically weak village assistance team in Ziya Town, Jinghai, closely focused on the “five increases and five improvements” work goals, cultivated internal strength, stimulated vitality, opened up channels, and effectively strengthened the collective economic strength. In order to do a solid job in this round of three-year village assistance work, we will continue to make efforts.

  Anchoring industrial revitalization and promoting strengthening villages and enriching people

  Commercial business boosts income.The task force established a strong village and rich people trading company for the assisted villages. In addition to using the unit’s consumption resources, it actively contacted food groups, municipal supply and marketing cooperatives, and other channels to seek business opportunities, and settled in the “Public Welfare China” consumption assistance platform. The WeChat mini-program store was opened for business, and new sales models such as live streaming of goods were tried, and it has now contributed more than 80,000 yuan in profits to the village’s collective income.

  Characteristic planting industry.The work team actively visited many assistance work teams in Jinghai, Baodi, Jizhou, etc., went to the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences to exchange fresh corn cultivation, introduced liquid mulching technology from renewable resource companies, and discussed ideas and practical projects for revitalizing rural industries. In 2023, 18 acres of high-quality sweet potatoes and 8 acres of specialty corn will be planted. After a bumper harvest of agricultural products, the work team actively participated in agricultural product matchmaking meetings at Guangyao Wholesale Market in Hebei District, Gulou Commercial Street in Nankai District, Water Park and other places, and visited municipal government agencies, municipal branch canteens and many sub-branch canteens, and the Tianjin Branch Museum. The unit carried out exhibitions and sales of agricultural products, achieving a collective income of 30,000 yuan for the village.

  Party building assistance increases vitality.In order to fully mobilize Bank of China employees to participate in the village assistance work, the work team planned activity plans and organized party organizations at all levels of institutions under the jurisdiction of Tianjin Bank of China to go to the assistance villages to carry out theme party day activities. Party building assistance has been carried out 7 times, and participants 120 people.

  Adhere to the sense of purpose and solve the problems of villagers

Last year, Bank of China Tianjin invested funds in village assistance and donated funds to complete the 400-meter drainage project on the main road in Panzhuangzi Village and the forest land consolidation project in Jiaozhuangzi Village, which solved the villagers’ travel problems in rainy and snowy weather and opened up new ways to increase income for the village collective. .

On the one hand, the task force actively recommends online and offline sales of specialty products of musical instrument companies in the village through the sales channels of trading companies. On the other hand, the task force includes primary agricultural products from the villages, especially agricultural products for low-income groups, in the purchase list to increase income for the needy. provide help. In 2023, 6 specialty planting jobs will be provided to villagers, with a labor remuneration income of 14,000 yuan.

  Build beautiful countryside and improve infrastructure

In 2023, Bank of China Tianjin will continue to support the assistance work of the village team, invest additional donation funds, and complete three projects including Panzhuangzi main road greening, garbage disposal, and Jiaozhuangzi villager square renovation, in order to promote ecological revitalization and create a harmonious and livable place. A solid foundation has been laid in the countryside.

The village-based working team of Bank of China Tianjin Branch will take improving people’s livelihood, uniting people’s hearts, and strengthening the collective economy as the starting point and goal of assistance work, make good use of resources from all parties, stimulate endogenous motivation, and support and lead the assisted villages to become rural A new journey of revitalization.

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