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An in-depth visit to Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui to interpret the experience of polishing the “differentiated business model”

An in-depth visit to Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui to interpret the experience of polishing the “differentiated business model”

Times are changing, and business is also changing. As an indispensable communication platform and display window for urban economic development and cultural image creation, business has always been exploring differentiated business paths in years of spiral development, absorbing the local legacy left by the past. culture, integrating advanced foreign trend elements, and striving to pass “Differentiated business model“Continuously inject fresh blood and dynamic content into consumers, cities and industries.

In this regard, Joy City Holdings Commercial’s new product line–Dayue Hui has the absolute right to speak. In July this year, the grand opening of Guangzhou Huangpu Joy Plaza, the first Joy Plaza project in the country, is still vivid in my mind, causing quite a stir in the industry.It is reported that as its “Twin Star” projectThe first Joy Plaza in the north——Tianjin Xiqing DayuehuiThe grand opening will be held on December 30, which has also attracted widespread attention and expectations from all walks of life!

Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui commercial building area is approximately133,000 square metersamong which Building A has four floors above ground and one underground floor, Building B has four floors above ground and is equipped withApproximately 1,500 parking spacesand introduced80% of regional first-to-market brandsandFirst brand in many cities,byDifferentiated market positioning,Differentiated scene power,Differentiated business content advantagesgive priority to seizing high-quality customers inside and outside the city, and create an all-round energy field of Xiqing quality life.

  Based on Dayuehui brand concept

  Leading urban quality upgrading with differentiated market positioning

As one of the two standard product lines of Joy City Holdings, Joy City Holdings inherits Joy City Holdings’ corporate mission of “creating sustainable value in the city and pursuing sustainable happiness”. Based on quality life culture, it takes “Rest, social interaction, life, taste” as the connotation, further amplify and establish new connection points with consumers, commit to meeting the better life needs of regional customer groups, and lead the upgrade of urban life quality.

In this regard, on the basis of inheriting the brand concept of Dayuehui, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui once again absorbs and integrates Tianjin’s local culture and humanistic characteristics to “Joy of Life and Love” is the slogan, and the project positioning is finalized as “Gather quality life“, with differentiated project connotations, we create a spiritual healing scene that is integrated and symbiotic with the city for high-quality families and young customers, incorporates life services that create high-quality social interactions, presents a high-frequency circle interactive experience, and uses the power of business to accelerate improvement. The life happiness index of residents in the region and even the whole city helps urban renewal and empowers economic development.

In our view, with the continuous upgrading of consumption, the material and spiritual needs of urban family customers and young customers are increasingly not restricted by time and space. Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui leads the way in its differentiated market positioning This provides strong kinetic support for the innovative management and scene creation of the project, and also makes the multi-dimensional innovation of the project more traceable.

  Differentiated scene power

  Let project functionality and interactivity go hand in hand

In a fast-paced urban environment, business scene creation is the most direct interactive window for consumers to contact and become familiar with projects. Personalized and differentiated consumption scenes can give consumers a lot of freshness to a certain extent and attract a large number of novelty enthusiasts. Check in. However, how businesses attract customers through differentiated experience scenarios puts forward high standards and requirements for the design creativity and planning capabilities of the project team.

For Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui, on the one hand, high-quality commercial content is more in line with the psychological pain points of the core customer groups, and it fully creates an emotional field of mental relaxation for them, which can fully mobilize the emotional value of consumers; on the other hand, On the other hand, the differentiated scene atmosphere can also allow customers to infinitely amplify the pleasure of social entertainment experience after consumption, form a cognitive label for the project in their minds, and use the spontaneous communication effect of consumers to efficiently attract more consumers to arrive. , injecting more new vitality and new content into the region and Jincheng.

  Optimize the “new” attraction of experience scenarios

  Fully mobilize consumers’ emotional value satisfaction

In terms of creating differentiated experience scenes, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui relied on trendy art and urban culture to create the Star Boat Art Sculpture and Breeze PlazaTwo theme squaresas well asThe largest naked-eye 3D screen in North Chinaa youthful and energetic atmosphere full of natural beauty at the architectural and functional design levels, consolidating consumer recognition and stickiness.

What is particularly worth mentioning is that the “Sculpture Building” was created based on the design concept of symbiosis between sculpture creation and business, combined with the history of water transportation in Tianjin, coastal cities, dock culture and other characteristics.Star Boat Art Sculpture” uses the language of design to concretely express the smooth sailing of flowing water reflecting nebulae and light leaves like a boat. It combines movement and stillness and ripples with new ideas. It not only inherits the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture through the power of business, but also endows the project with the homophonic word “xingzhou”. The market vision of “Sail with great joy and prosperous business” implies that all things will gather together and sail towards the great joy. The artistic form is used skillfully to show the cohesion of the project in gathering momentum and attracting traffic.

We also specially created a large-scale artistic style wind-driven device as the main element.Breeze Plazaorganically integrates nature with technology, sculptures and landscapes, and provides carefully designed leisure service facilities such as children’s entertainment, entertainment and interaction, to build a dynamic space full of inspiration, fun and surprises for consumers, and fully mobilize consumers’ emotional value and multi-dimensional satisfaction, infinitely strengthening the commercial attributes of natural healing.

In addition, there is also a giant screen with an area of ​​about 740 square meters.The largest naked-eye 3D screen in North Chinausing cutting-edge trend design to form an urban highlight label full of personality and fashion sense, using ultra-high-definition video technology to present consumers with a naked-eye 3D audio-visual feast, bringing unprecedented visual impact to consumers, and will light up new business cards in the city.

  Complement consumption scenarios with high energy

  Customize North China’s first cultural tourism-themed catering district to strengthen brand potential

In addition to creating an outdoor theme plaza atmosphere, as the creator and pioneer of “creative theme blocks”, Joy City Holdings Commercial took the lead in creating the first nationally renowned shopping mall theme block “Qi’e Commune” in 2013, and once Positioned firmly as a bastion of innovation on the block.Since then, the Joy City Holdings business, which has been making rapid progress, has also created a number of well-known neighborhood models, which has also created a new model for Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza.The first cultural tourism-themed dining district in North China——Restaurant PierInnovation experience and success factors have been laid.

It is reported that the birth of the restaurant pier is not only a product of the times, but also has profound historical origins. In order to enhance the attractiveness and core competitiveness of Tianjin’s cultural tourism, actively promote brand renewal and innovative marketing, and promote high-quality economic and social development in Tianjin, the Xiqing Government and Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui have established a “Government + central enterprisesA new model of government-business cooperationActively responding to and implementing the municipal party committee’s requirements to promote the deep integration of culture and tourism, and to use culture to shape tourism and tourism to highlight culture, the two parties work together to take “Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Culture” as the core and integrate the trinity economic model of “national trends, communities, and experiences”. Efforts have been made to build a restaurant pier, integrating the changes in Tianjin’s 600-year history into each scene step by step, achieving a perfect blend of food and beautiful scenery. The smooth street circulation also allows consumers to experience Tianjin’s profound and unique cultural heritage in an immersive street environment that combines Chinese and Western elements, ancient and modern, while checking in to share and taste delicious food, leaving behind exclusive memories of Tianjin.

Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui also enhances the core competitiveness of the themed catering district through a differentiated brand portfolio. In the collision and blending of exploring Tianjin’s food culture characteristic brands and introducing international catering brands, it focuses on joining hands with the first enterprises in Tianjin and Xiqing areas The brand, leading catering and host brands jointly create and develop, further strengthen the social credibility and competitive advantages of the project with immersive neighborhood interpretation and brand potential, and help optimize the soft power of the high-quality business environment of Jincheng commerce, which is expected toRestaurant PierCreate the first cultural tourism-themed catering district in North China.

  Create strong belonging in life scenes

  Accurately interpret the infinite possibilities of quality lifestyle

With the increasingly accelerated urbanization process, the urban population is becoming more and more concentrated, and the consumer demand for living and office work has become clearer. Business has also extended a more diverse and integrated themed business scene, with people as the core and social interaction as the main line. , using inspiration and co-creation strategies to accurately interpret the infinite possibilities of quality lifestyle indulgence.

Just like Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui, it has always been oriented to the high-frequency and better life needs of regional customer groups, providing more abundant and diversified life-oriented service methods to help improve the quality of regional life. In addition to the careful creation of hard space and architectural creativity, the project also pays more attention to the creation of a relaxing atmosphere for living and socializing. Focusing on the three major concepts of parent-child friendliness, sports friendliness, and pet friendliness, it focuses on segmented customer groups to truly create a different experience for consumers. A sense of well-being, belonging and spiritual well-being.

  In terms of parent-child friendlinesscommitted to meeting the core needs of family customers, introducing parent-child interactive business brands, further consolidating the diversity and richness of children’s parent-child brands, and promoting the upgrading of parent-child consumption; it also set up children’s entertainment facilities in outdoor squares, customized maternal and infant rooms and Parent-child restrooms create a comfortable, natural, and jointly participating place for high-quality parent-child companionship.

  On a sports-friendly levelwith an organic combination of sports + business, the Hippo Sports Theme Park is designed with an outdoor multi-functional comprehensive sports field and a professional venue that meets international competition standards. Under the collision of geo-culture, natural ecology and business creativity, more will be launched in the future. Sports, events, cycling and other circle activities fulfill the sports, healthy and natural lifestyle advocated by young customers.

  Implementation of the pet-friendly conceptCatering to the current booming pet economy, it provides consumers with a safe and comfortable “pet-walking” environment in commercial areas, sets up pet signs, sets up pet-friendly service facilities, creates resting and interactive areas for pets, etc. to carry out differentiated operations, and more A good experience of bringing pets into the store will attract more attention and visits from pet lovers, and a more relaxing play experience can also attract traffic and increase efficiency for other business formats.

  Use differentiated business content

  Fill the market gap for high-quality regional businesses

Tianjin City is one of the core strategic layouts of Joy City Holdings. The currently operating Tianjin Joy City and Tianjin Heping Joy City have achieved great success and have already become traffic benchmarks in their respective regions and even cities. Based on its professional layout and site selection capabilities, as well as its accurate judgment of industry and consumer trends, Joy City Holdings Commercial has determined Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza in the mature core living sector of Tianjin’s urban ring area after repeated consideration.Western New Town“Zhongbei Town, Xiqing District, has convenient transportation and strong project accessibility. The consumption potential of young customers, quality residences, and high-tech customers cannot be underestimated. Through Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui, in terms of positioning, scenarios and business content The differentiated competitive advantages will effectively fill the market gap for mid-to-high-end quality businesses in the region.

Faced with the endless yearning for a better life among high-quality, high-net-worth families and young customers in the region, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui also carried out renovations on the AB double halls.Contrast positioning distinction,Complementary advantagesamong which Hall A is committed to creating a new trendy and fashionable landmark, while Hall B aims to be a one-stop leisure shopping gathering place that “focuses on the common growth of family members”. It highly matches the brand value concept, in-depth increases the brand content, and focuses on the selection and introduction of Wanda products. Movie theaters, Qixian, Katooni Paradise, Miuka KTV, UR, Sisyphus Bookstore, Charles&Keith, UGG, Russian Kitchen, Dajili·Chaoshan Beef Hot Pot, etc., with high matching and distinctive featuresWell-known brands and first store brand clusterswith differentiated investment strategies, complete business format portfolio and brand potential to break the barriers of the track, is committed to presenting an interactive space with more urban exquisite slow life social experience, and leading the high-energy upgrade of regional business.

In the future, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui will also dig deep into local high-quality brands in terms of brand incubation to achieve symbiotic and win-win synergistic growth effects; in terms of member services, we will create a company adhering to the “Symbiosis with nature“Canal·Sen Breathing Theme Member Center with the concept of “Canal·Sen Breathing”, amplifies high-quality services and customized experiences for members; in terms of marketing, it combines Joy City Holdings’ commercial membership system, business operation advantages and strong resource endorsement to effectively link Tianjin Joy City , Tianjin Heping Joy City carries out multi-dimensional brand promotion, traffic support, and resource linkage to continue to enhance the urban influence of Joy City Holding Commerce in Tianjin and effectively boost the market recovery and economic development of urban commerce.


Since the opening of Tianjin Joy City in 2011, Joy City Holdings Commercial has been deeply involved in the Tianjin market for a cycle. Twelve years of operation accumulation and market insights have also provided a solid operating guarantee for Tianjin Xiqing Joy Hui’s entry into the market.

In the future, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui will not only provide more jobs in the city where it is located, but will also use the Dayuehui brand concept as a medium to provide more interesting life services for family customers and young customers, using differentiated scenarios. With the strong momentum of high-speed, high-quality and vigorous development, it has become an accelerator to promote the quality growth of Jincheng’s economy and the prosperity of urban commerce.

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