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“All people enjoy health and love with Xinhua” Xinhua Insurance’s 23rd Customer Service Festival opens nationwide-Times Finance-Northern Net

“All people enjoy health and love with Xinhua” Xinhua Insurance’s 23rd Customer Service Festival opens nationwide-Times Finance-Northern Net

On July 6, the national opening ceremony of the 23rd Customer Service Festival of New China Insurance, “All People Enjoy Health with Xinhua Love”, was held in Beijing. Gong Xingfeng, member of the company’s party committee and vice president, Liu Chen, director of the company and general manager of the customer service department, Sun Baoshou, director of the company, general manager of the North District, secretary of the party committee and general manager of the Beijing branch, customer representatives of the Beijing branch and employees in and out of Beijing attended the meeting opening ceremony.

This year’s customer service festival responds to the healthy China strategy of “co-constructing and sharing the health of all people”, with the theme of “enjoying health for all people and accompanying Xinhua with love”, and carrying out nine series of activities with three main lines of “enjoying health, looking forward to the future, and enjoying life” to provide new and old customers Customers send love and care, so that customers can enjoy a better and healthy life.

New China Insurance will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, always strengthen political beliefs, always adhere to the people-centered development idea, serve the national strategy, closely follow the regulatory guidance, and focus on the company’s ” The 14th Five-Year Plan, build a health service brand, and practice corporate social responsibility.

“Enjoy your health” series of activities

Carry out a series of online and offline themed activities of “talking about health”, health cloud classroom activities, create online classrooms of well-known health experts, focus on special treatment of sudden cardiac death, sports health, life care and other popular health videos, making health knowledge within easy reach. For expert cloud interactive activities, remote video interaction with experts is launched to provide health support for various on-site activities, remotely solve medical problems of customers at the event site, and keep experts close by at all times. The health lecture hall activity invites well-known domestic authoritative experts to conduct on-site lectures, popularize health knowledge such as sudden cardiac death, daily first aid common sense, and epidemic disease prevention, convey health concepts, and arouse the public’s awareness of health management. The promotion of “Youke+” health value-added services, presents gifts to nearly 4 million high-end customers, and exclusively enjoys health management value-added services such as medical treatment, prevention and improvement, which makes the service more warm and the feedback more powerful.

“To the Future” series of activities

Carry out a series of health culture competitions, infiltrate health culture into life through interesting, informative and polite activities, and help the people feel a sense of participation, acquisition and recognition of health culture. “Health to the Future” Children’s Painting and Calligraphy Competition focuses on the physical and mental health of teenagers and children. Only a healthy body can lead to a bright future. It guides children to establish health awareness from an early age, and picks up a paintbrush to describe what they feel, see, and think about health. “Health to the Future” fun short video competition, centering on the theme of “health”, invites customers to participate in the shooting of short videos, which can be shot at will, and each customer acts as the director of his own life, arousing customers’ attention to health. The Health Management Service Brand Creative Contest invites customers to participate in the New China Insurance health management service brand online voting activity to promote the spread of health service brands.

“Joyful Life” series of activities

Serve the national strategy and people’s livelihood security, innovate service supply and service methods, meet the service needs of the people, improve service quality, and improve life happiness. The series of promotional activities of “Financial Knowledge Entering Thousands of Households” is aimed at key groups of people and specific regions, carrying out publicity and education activities, focusing on social hot issues and difficult issues reported by consumers, etc., and providing financial and insurance consumption risk reminders to help consumers improve their financial literacy and boost Consumers’ confidence in financial consumption will enhance consumer satisfaction and help build a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment; special care activities for the elderly at the counter window, and the “Silver Hair Service Station” will be upgraded to provide online remote services for special groups such as the elderly at the counter. Consultation and emergency guidance services; improve the emergency response capabilities of the window to protect the lives, health and safety of customers.

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